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Where can I read about projects undertaken?

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I've read on another forum the v2 of 747 is being developed but assume this isn't serious.

Are there anywhere reported the present/future plans?

Alexander Zar

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Of course it is very serious, and I am eager to get it :-)


Meanwhile, they're working on making the J41 and NGS FSX-SE compatible, and also porting those add-on to Prepar3d, and there's also their X-Plane 10 project, not yet announced, but already in the works for quite a long time, I believe....


A nice 787, and the 748 also being ported to version 2, but all of the sophisticated ( including 777-like FBW ) systems would also be great to have :-)

Main Simulation Rig:

Ryzen 5600x, 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti, 1 TB & 500 GB M.2 nvme disks, Win11.

Main Flight Simulators: Prepar3d 5.4 and 6, MFS. 2020 (and looking fwd into FS2024)

Specifically for the A320: Airlinetools FlightDeck A32x


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Hi Alexander,


it is true. They are developing a Version 2 of the 747.

They had a lot to do with the 777 for P3D and also creating Updates for the compability for FSX SE.

There is no plan when they will release the 747v2. But they are developing one.


True story. Search for Roberts threads .... somewhere you will find it.

Marco Kaufer

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There are several pinned threads at the top of this sub forum that would give you an update on everything we're working on.

Kyle Rodgers

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Not going to lie I am dying for the 747v2. The original is so dated now! Definitely a launch day customer.

Chris Brand

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A nice 787

A link to an announcement by PMDG, please.

Michael Cubine

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Thanks guys, interesting...

I use iFly 747 but will replace it with PMDG's when that comes out.

I hope it won't be toooooo good and extensive because then you will want an 737NG v.3 -)))

Something within the 737-777 standards will be nice so the others won't seem/feel outdated.

Alexander Zar

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