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  1. Turbulent Designs is indeed impressive..I was massively impressed with KMBS.. Especially when you are on runway for the take off roll.. The runway textures looked very real.. For me, they are on par with fly Tampa etc..
  2. From what I know of is that there weren't any technical complications in making it.. It's the licensing part of the data that would make it cost prohibitive.. The cost would go significantly high.. This is what pmdg had explained..
  3. I think p3dv3 had pretty much max 2 years to live.. After which ,developers will stop developing v3 add-ons...
  4. I think they use a compact SQL database from Microsoft to do their data management. So they will have to modify the code which handles the data operations to sql...
  5. Thats just the cost of p3d..You will have to consider your add-on's cost too along with it since you are on FSX..Or you could slowly build it up over time.
  6. OC complaining of orphaned texture folder found for p3d v4.. what to do?
  7. may be clear your browser cache and try..
  8. Is it a fps hit on the ground or in the air too?
  9. When you are involved with dog fights in a war you don't have time to appreciate what is realistic or not... So running the sim stutter free is more important than seeing trees and houses
  10. They don't need to see building and trees for their manoeuvres.. As long as they can see the sky and the ground they are ok...
  11. If you use windowed mode you don't need vsync.. It should solve your screen tearing issues
  12. Man I could get a PC, ACE yoke and perhaps throw some money to get a FSC throttle quadrant...
  13. Somehow we have forgotten to encourage people no matter how uphill the task is. May be he will/will not succeed. Atleast we could cheer for him
  14. Exactly..This is the cost of running a business..Else all we will see down the road is 2-3 developers left for flight Sims..To me logically, when a product is developed it's developed for one version of simulator..And any fixes are free for that version of simulator...That's the only implicit commitment from developer.And for any sim major version upgrade ,they can and should charge a fee. it will not be just porting your stuff to new version but also fixing bugs for it.And then another version comes along..Do we really expect them to keep porting airports, fixing minor stuffs for free all the while.When they made an airport it was for p3d v3...That's it..Don't expect free upgrades for v5/6/7 etc ..I don't expect them to charge full price.but a fair price for the amount of work needed to port and fix any issues for the life of new version of p3d.. Even if there are no changes needed to port ,I would imagine the below tasks that they need to be doing: 1. change the installer script to support new version. 2. make sure the installer works on a couple of systems atlas. 3. spend a few man hours to verify the airport in the sim. 4. Fix any minor issues, implement the dynamic lighting and test. In the best case, even if it takes them 8-10 hours to test they need to pay the developer/tester/distributor for it.A one man business cannot absorb all these costs unless they have sold a lot many copies. .....
  15. Maybe they just cannot be fixed without significant code change..
  16. And I fail to understand the importance of speed trees in the context of flight simulation..I understand a wind sock moving with the wind. But speed trees? And that was on the top of the list to be implemented..
  17. How come so many dynamic lights in xplane don't kill so much of fps in comparison to p3d
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