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  1. Since PMDG have made a BAe before, how about a BAe 146, it has four engines
  2. If I remembered correctly the JS4100 was VC only.
  3. Does this mean that you are working on it?
  4. I have had this problem too, loosing speed during climb, and overspeed during descent. The Auto throttle is active but the throttle is not moving to correct the speed, this ending in stall and crash. I noticed too that I could move the throttle and it would respond to my input. I don't know why it happen, it seem to happen sporadicly and not on every flight. It might be that there was a rapid change in wind speed and direction, but I can't confirm this since I don't have this problem anymore. It seem to work fine after I reformatted my hard drive and installed it again, but it didn't work by only reinstall the 747 software, I tried that a several times with no luck.
  5. Am I the only one with this problem?- Stian Beinset- Norway
  6. Hello fellow airmen.I have a problem with my PMDG 737-700 during preparation for a flight. I have PMDG 737-600/700 and 800/900 installed along with the 800/900 model patch (optional).When use the overhead panel in virtual cockpit the panel lights automatically turns on when I turn on the logo and position light switch. When I try to turn the panel light switch off, while the logo and position lights are on, the overhead panel gets messed up. It looks like merge between the 737-700 and the 737-800 overhead panel, i think. This only happens in virtual cockpit and not in 2D cockpit. If I turn on the logo and position light switch in 2D mode, with the panel switch off, the panel switch will automatically turn on when I switch to virtual cockpit.Is there a simple solution to this problem?I have experienced it every now and then over different reinstalls, but not always. Might it have something to do with the 800/900 model patch?Thanks in advance!- Stian Beinset- Norway
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