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P3D AFCADS ? do i need to check

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Onlly had time to make 1 flight in p3d, but had it almost 2 years now.


In FSX I had to start checking both from and dest airports had correct ils, runway heading etc, to avoid surprises on approach and landing.


Just checking if I still need to do this for p3d as well, or have p3d airports been updated to ensure what your instruments tell you is the same with airport on the ground. 



Or do I need to to reinstall my ADE for incorrect airports


Not looking for uptodate real world afcads, just one that means instruments match airport data in p3d.



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P3D has the same data as FSX, circa 2005/2006, so all the same old problems persist

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Can we use AFCADs made for FSX in P3D v2? if not, is there a may for us to make them work easily?


Ron Hamilton


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would pay good money for addon that resolves this afcad problem


currently brushing up on ADE on YouTube. focusing on hot to update ILS, runway heading, radio codes etc.


The name of the game is, flight planning checklist includes ensuring airports are up to date.


P3D really should provide a way of allowing you to automatically update airport from navdata.


ADE is not bad though, but don't need another learning curve after new install



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I quite deliberately use navigational data that matches the sim, since it is impractical at best, impossible at worst to keep the sim synchronized to current conditions.


The way that Microsoft/ACES scattered the aircraft facilities data throughout hundreds of compiled .BGL files is just too clumsy and inefficient.

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My solution in FSX is too just download new AFCADs, usually Ray Smith's files, for the departure and destination airport.


I'm really surprised to see Lockheed not even bother updating the AFCADs. That's a bit disappointing.

Daniel Moser



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Somebody more usefull than ought to put up a vote surbey thread see who is sticking to fsx 2006 navdata and those choosing the update to current navdata path.


after years of pain I too like ngix have voted to stay with fsx  or default ped data.


Does this mean I have to start editing navdata for addons like pmdg, flight1 gtn etc.


I still have not figured out how to change garmin trainer navdata to p3d default, at least on per flight plan basis.


What I mean is, if you staying with original fsx nav data like me, how do you stop this being an issue for addons that come out the box with current navdata, examples



2. FLight1 gtn

3. FSCommander




But I do have to give thanks and plenty much thanks to makers of freeware ADE and ILS inspector, very helpful in combating this nav data   problem.


I hope p3d provides a solution, else the sim is not designed to work with addons

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I just update Navdata with Navigraph in my Q400 and Pro ATC and run Peter Dowson's Make runways as part of it. never have a problem and I fly for 3 different virtual airlines. 

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