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Royal go around above Juneau

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Hi all


I just wanted to share my last flight from Valdez to Juneau. Your usual 2 hours biturboprop flight, except for the ice cold temps.


But this time, after following the RNAV approach, passing through the clouds at MAP and while taking manual control of the aircraft, I found myself in short final right behind a Cessna Citation.


I tried to reduce my approach speed to ~110 KIAS but I was ordered a go around - had to climb to 9 000 ft, head West to CHILL climbing to 9 000 ft. 


All in all a nice flight !









































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Thank you all !


About irony, believe me or not. But right after MENAE, breaking through the clouds, right after seeing the Citation in front of me, I saw a kind of warning Intersection point on my right on the GTN.




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Nice angles on the pictures!


I see you have two GTNs in the VC. Is that a weather radar on the right-hand GTN? Probably a really stupid question, but how do you get that active?


I also have the Flight1 GTN and the Real Air Dukes, both the piston and turbine variants... one of the nicest GA aircraft ever made for FSX...



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It is limited to ASN users. If you have ASN :


- download the weather radar gauge from the library


- setup your Royal Turbine for 2 GTN units (Realair Tool), but do not enable the 2nd GTN to save performance (F1 tool)


- modify your panel.cfg as below, where xx is the number following your last gauge (it should be 20 if you did not modify your panel.cfg previously)


gaugexx=RolasnRadar!ORadGauge, 398,563,390,460, sweep|beam|icing|nogps


This integration perfectly fits and works, but you have to click on the radar screen as there is no button. Upper right tunes the radar range, upper left the angle of scan, and left middle cycles between power off / test mode / normal mode.

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Great shots.


Just flew the RNAV RW 8 approach yesterday. Low cloud cover and windy - A real challenge, especially with a B737!

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Yeah I dont recall the exact figures but about 30 kts front wind. I think I stopped within 150 ft. But the approach itself wasn't an issue with the GTN following the glide to MAP. Just had to take control to align on the RWY and land at a groundspeed of about 70 kts.

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