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Are you getting even usage across all Cores?

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Gonna bring this thread back up

Hey Steve - I was reading this page on your site to figure out best usage of my cores +HT in P3Dv4


Would AM 1360 or 1372 be suggested for i7-5820K or best bet is 340

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Refined P3Dv5.0 HF2 Settings Part1 (has MaddogX) and older thread Part 2 (has PMDG 747)

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Hey Skywolf thanks for mentioning! Yes, things have changed, with v4 it's different for a lot of reasons. We want more LPs assigned to the sim than we did with v3 and we can give more cores to rendering.

i7-5820K? Nice.

We generally might want to use all six cores but we have lots of options with five - depends on preferred settings and combination of hardware. Looking at 1372 that bunches the wrong pair of jobs onto a core, however 1360 is OK but can be improved on since that only has four LPs. Instead try to arrange the three main rendering jobs a core to themselves. The rendering jobs don't all come out in single file order but with 10,11,11,01,01,00 = 3028 gives the rendering jobs each separate cores on LP2 (core 1) , LP4 (core 2) and LP11 (core 5) and four cores doing the loading.

Steve Waite: Engineer at codelegend.com

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...oh yes and don't forget to keep addon exe apps off of those cores with v4 on AM=3028 we can use core zero LPs 0 and 1 are completely free for those, and we can also extend them onto cores only used for loading by utilising LPs 6, 7, 8 and 9 without interfering with the background performance too much.

Steve Waite: Engineer at codelegend.com

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On 6/7/2017 at 5:04 AM, denali said:

I've been using Process Lasso to set all other programs that use higher CPU percentage to use all other cores, and run P3D4 on high priority, some mem tweaks in there too.

yep one of the best purchases I have made. I was stuck at 100% on all cores flying pmdg over orbx and remembered I bought process lasso so downloaded it and upon activation it immediately reduced the CPU load. It also tackles memory in a similar way

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Similarly we can enable Game mode in latest Win10 versions - this really subdues all other processes, although you may have addons that will require setting to Game Mode as well depending on the way they work or communicate with SimConnect, they can act strangely and pull the sim back because they don't get enough priority. As such when setting P3D to a higher priority this can also place it waiting for processes providing resources from the O/S dragging it back, this reduces the CPU loading as well. Another way to reduce the loading on the sim is use the NVidiaProfileInspector fps limit set to a frame rate that can be maintained combined with P3D Display Settings to Unlimited VSync=On.

Steve Waite: Engineer at codelegend.com

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5 hours ago, SteveW said:

Yes, things have changed, with v4 it's different for a lot of reasons. We want more LPs assigned to the sim than we did with v3 and we can give more cores to rendering.

Steve could you be more specific please about whats changed, and what the impact is for us in terms of how we setup our systems?  Ive been using the standard v3 understanding with v 4 so far, but am I going wrong?  Cheers K

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Hi Steve,


just read your suggestions for AM-setting in P3D4 and find it very interesting. Great work! (as always :wink:

I already tried AM=85 (programs on 3,5,7) and 116 (programs on 0,1), but with 116 it feels not very fluid and with 85 I have the feeling texture/mesh loading is kind of slow. (i7 4790k, HT On)

So I will try setting AM=245 for P3D as it seems to keep the rendering core completely free.

But my question is: Which AM-setting should I choose for the other programs running?

I thought about AM=248 to keep all things off core 0 and hope the scheduler will do the work for the other cores. Do you have any recommendations?


Thanks for your help!


Marc Weber

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Hi Marc, you got to have reason to use 116 in that it breaks the sim into four and uses only three cores. Great for FSX and P3Dv3 when we want to give up an entire core for other resources. 85HT=On and 15HT=Off work well with FSX and P3D, but also P3D v4.

With only four cores we have to share other activity, addon exe apps, with jobs of the sim. We keep them away from the rendering jobs for best results. We can share cores with the background tasks of the sim because they take seconds to complete.

Here's some examples...


four cores no HT:

1111=AM15=AM0 or no AM with four core non HT simulator

1100=AM12 addon apps give at least two threads


sim  works the same with HT enabled and four LPs AM=85:

01,01,01,01=AM85 with four core HT enabled

10,10,00,00=AM160 addon exe apps two logical processors at least


AM116 four core +HT:

01,11,01,00=AM116 - sim

10,00,00,11- addons



11,11,01,01=AM245 - sim

10,10,00,00=AM160 - addons



6 core no HT

011110=AM30 - sim

100001=AM33 - addons


6 core HT enabled:

00,01,01,01,01,00=AM340 - sim

00,11,11,01,01,00=AM980 - sim

11,00,00,00,00,11 - addons


v4 specific 6 core +HT:


00,10,10,00,00,11 - addons


Steve Waite: Engineer at codelegend.com

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