Preflight Checklist and Engine Start issue

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I have 2 issues in P3Dv4, which may be related. During the preflight checklist, on the last item "Engine Start Levers", I say "Cutoff" and the FO always responds "Are you sure?" then says preflight checklist complete. The engine start levers are of course cutoff.

On starting the engines, I start engine 2 first. Once its started, I command the FO to start engine 1. He clicks the starter switch to GRD to start the engine, then immediate begins acting like the engine has already started. He begins his before taxi procedure before the N2 on the engine has even begun to ramp up. Because of this, he turns the engine start switch to CONT, turns the packs to AUTO, turns off the APU bleed and the APU itself, tries to put GEN 1 on the busses although the engine hasn't started, and blanks out the bottom DU. This causes the engine start to fail as its lost the bleed air it needs to start, and I cannot even get to the point where I need to move the fuel control lever to idle detent.

Any help here would be appreciated!



Chris Lezama

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Hi Chris,

This be your solution here:

Question: During engine start, the FO says "STARTER CUTOUT" way too soon and starts his after engine start procedure before I even started the engines.

Answer: You have a button or hardware lever assigned to the FS "MIXTURE CONTROL" command/event.  Delete that.  FS2Crew reads the position of MIXTURE CONTROL to determine the position of the Start Levers.

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