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SR22 HSI/CDI Fix with GTN750 panel

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This panel fixes the out of sync PFD and replaces the MFD with the F1 GTN 750, and is for version 2.1 of the Carenado SR22 GTSX Turbo.  

For the MFD, the first soft key will toggle the trim/engine tab on the sidebar.  The second (from the left) activates direct-to on the GTN unit.  The right arrow button just below the Nav dial will open the 2D GTN.  The default MDD has been disabled as it causes major issues with the link to the PFD.

The installation method that I am using does not overwrite any files and can be easily undone if needed.  If you do not want to edit any files, rename the panel folder from panel.gtn to just panel and replace the files in your install directory.


1.  Copy the panel.gtn folder into your sr22 install folder (this may be different if you use the addon.xml method):

...Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado SR22_GTSX_Turbo\

2.  Edit your aircraft.cfg to activate the new panel.  Each livery has its own [flightsim.x] entry in the config.  Where it says panel= change the entry to panel=gtn.  You must do this for every livery that you wish to change.



    title=SR22T Cirrus N8872B
    ui_type=SR22 GTSx Turbo
    ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop"
    description=Carenado SR22 GTSx Turbo

Images (top image is non-gtn fix):





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