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  1. You ask a very good question. Let me start by saying that Radar Contact is a ATC program. What do I mean by that, first you can set it up to follow all your own instructions (which I do), I use weather programs to predict which way the winds are going to be at my departure and destinations. Knowing that I pick my SID/rwy at my departure airport and again going to my weather program I know what the predicted winds will be at destination, there for I pick my STAR/rwy. Using this method I am right about 90% of the time. Now having said that, one let RC pick both the SID and STAR. This is based on what FSX AI are using based on the weather, this works pretty well until you get to variable and calm wind conditions. FSX can select some wild runways, example at KLAX one can get winds of 090/05 and you will get rwy selection of all the east bound runways, when you look in real world they are using the westbound runways. I guess I flew to many years in the USAF, where I did my own flight planning so I don't like leaving it to a program. So an old school guy like me does all the work before hand. Now back to you question, no you cannot change the STAR enroute if you pick it, but if you don't select it Radar Contact will do it for you. Off the subject that someone put into this thread, let me vary candid, JD did not delay development work based on financial considerations, please don't make those comments. He did it for his family PERIOD. Thanks Bob
  2. I have been watching this very interest thread since the OP first put it up. As many of you might know I have been on the beta team for Radar Contact for years. So what I have to say is biased toward Radar Contact. So much of the comment have been on voice sounds,. First we had many real world ATC controllers on the team from the onset. Real world ATC procedures are not the same from FAA and ICAO. We made those differences part of RC. Next as you are flying, take note that "controls" are not the same as "centers" in the US. Next when you are within either a center or a control there are sectors that switch you from on sector to another. Radar Contact does all those. Also its ATIS is directed by the ground weather at the destination. During this discussion, everyone is harping about how a voice sounds. Do you care about real world ATC procedures? My voice is one of the voices in RC and I DON'T sound robotic. In addition I use pre-recorded ATC sounds in addition to my RC sounds and its very realistic since I have thousands of hours of flying in the real world. Here is a point that many have missed, fly across the pond at night and see who is following you. FSX default ATC requires you to sit in front of you computer to monitor messages, RC does not. Before we stopped development of RC v5 we were working on SID/STAR incorporation. There were many issues that needed to be worked through. For example I put SID and STAR's in my flight plan, others don't. Another potential issue, there are thousands of names for SID/STARs around the world, the correct phrasing is expect "XXXX arrival at XXXX airport". Were you going to phrase that phonetically or record the names. We had almost solved the altitude and speed restriction issues with every SID/STAR. Its very complicated, and if we continue, we will have this done. My last comment to everyone, ATC is very complex in the FS world and I could go on and on about all the issues, but will not, if you question that, look at the FAA ATC rules online, and that just for the US, Europe is even more of a challenge. For now, I ONLY use Radar Contact, IMHO its still the most accurate program available and it covers the entire world. Bob
  3. What a great thread and the comments are so informative. I have only one FSX plane addon in my hanger and that is the LDS 767. Yup its VC is very long in the tooth, but it is so bug free and flies like a dream. Now having said that I bought XPax had no technical problems with it, but was really disappointed with the functions. The developer has ended any support but for the low price was not bad. I have tons of airports and will be adding some more in the near future. I have Aerosoft's Amsterdam Schiphol and although I use it, its very hard to navigate around the airport for many taxiway signs are either hard to read or non existent I also have FSGenesis mesh and the plateau issue which I did have in FS9 does not appear with my FSX versions, maybe there was an update. All in all I am very satisfied with my FSX addons, this kind of thread helps me not purchase poor quality products, thanks OP Bob
  4. Hopefully MS will provide a clean migration path to W8. Following the old adage, if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. My current FSX installation is running just fine. Bob
  5. Is it possible to just do an upgrade to W8 without doing a re install of FSX? That would mean a week of work for me (yuck)
  6. I had a problem with a AFCAD at KDEN. Contacted Ray and he worked on fixing the problem for a couple of days. He really is a nice guy. Funny comments on our emails as I was going to bed he was just waking up. Ray has been such a great contributor to our community I too salute his EXCELLENT work. Bob
  7. BTW the gauge works perfect when using GSX opening both cargo doors is a push of a button. Same with the pax door. Bob
  8. Jim, I just installed the gauge into my 767w and it works just GREAT. It would be great if you add this to the LDS members download section. This is just too good and solves so many issues. Really great job.Bob
  9. Hi Jim does your gauge open the front pax door and both the front and rear cargo doors? Also can you pm me the link for the gauge also.ThanksBob
  10. I think jd does understand but he limits humself to basics. I haven't read the forum today. He did pin the ASE topic in which I explained that.

    I agree that you can't start having RC communicate directly with ASE or any other specific weather program at this stage. There is no guarantee that the ASE weather at arrival will be the predicted one plus the screw up of the AI patt...

  11. Ron, help me push JD into a better understanding of DWC with ASE. I thought Pete Dowson's comments were right on and should get implemented with FSUIPC, your thoughts.

  12. Hi Mike,I am a concession manager in Terminal D. One reason I am so amazed at it not being there. Everyday I watch AAL launch all those 777 and 767 to Frankfurt, Narita, Paris, and South America, Air Korea to Soul and then Lufthansa to Frankfurt, British Airways to London right in front of one of my stores. Terminal D is such a beautiful building, it would such a great enhancement to KDFW.Bob
  13. Dennis,Even though I know it looks weird can you send me that updated afcad file for KDFW with Terminal D.Bobbobbyoh1@verizon.net
  14. There was a addon in FS9 that updated KDFW and had a basic Terminal D addition along with the SkyLink trains. Is this FS9 scenery compatible with FSX?Bob
  15. I work at the Dallas/Ft.Worth International Airport. Having just installed FSX I was amazed to find that FSX did not have the new Terminal D modeled in the program. Is there a setting that I am missing or is there a patch that will add this magnificent building to the program.Bob JohnsonDallas
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