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  1. BTW the gauge works perfect when using GSX opening both cargo doors is a push of a button. Same with the pax door. Bob
  2. Jim, I just installed the gauge into my 767w and it works just GREAT. It would be great if you add this to the LDS members download section. This is just too good and solves so many issues. Really great job.Bob
  3. Hi Jim does your gauge open the front pax door and both the front and rear cargo doors? Also can you pm me the link for the gauge also.ThanksBob
  4. I think jd does understand but he limits humself to basics. I haven't read the forum today. He did pin the ASE topic in which I explained that.

    I agree that you can't start having RC communicate directly with ASE or any other specific weather program at this stage. There is no guarantee that the ASE weather at arrival will be the predicted one plus the screw up of the AI patt...

  5. Ron, help me push JD into a better understanding of DWC with ASE. I thought Pete Dowson's comments were right on and should get implemented with FSUIPC, your thoughts.

  6. Hi Mike,I am a concession manager in Terminal D. One reason I am so amazed at it not being there. Everyday I watch AAL launch all those 777 and 767 to Frankfurt, Narita, Paris, and South America, Air Korea to Soul and then Lufthansa to Frankfurt, British Airways to London right in front of one of my stores. Terminal D is such a beautiful building, it would such a great enhancement to KDFW.Bob
  7. Dennis,Even though I know it looks weird can you send me that updated afcad file for KDFW with Terminal D.Bobbobbyoh1@verizon.net
  8. There was a addon in FS9 that updated KDFW and had a basic Terminal D addition along with the SkyLink trains. Is this FS9 scenery compatible with FSX?Bob
  9. I work at the Dallas/Ft.Worth International Airport. Having just installed FSX I was amazed to find that FSX did not have the new Terminal D modeled in the program. Is there a setting that I am missing or is there a patch that will add this magnificent building to the program.Bob JohnsonDallas
  10. I also use an external USB2 drive for my FS9 installation and it runs fine. I have 2gb of RAM so I don't need a lot of file access either.Bob Johnson
  11. The Jeppesen SIMCharts have parking locations for most airports on their CD for North America, Europe and Asia. I use them all the time. On the comment about ATC knowing where to park, that is not always accurate.Here at KDFW, I have listen to the tower often ask the pilots what gate they are going to. The AAL ramp control does control the movement of aircraft around terminal A, C and D.If you go to the airline web site you can usually find which gate a flight has been assigned to.BobKDFW
  12. Hi Everyone,Just did a long flight KJFK to KDFW with the LDS 767 and nVidia81.98 driver on my 6600 card with 256mb of memory and everything worked great. Like those before, if I used the latest drivers I got terrible cloud rendering in the distance, but with 81.98 it was great and really good FPS.Havins said that, is it a problem with the latest nVidia forceware drivers and if so, how do we let nVidia know that this problem is happening with their latest drivers?Suggestion would sure help. But thanks for the advice on the archive drivers, as I said sure works well.Bob
  13. FSBuild without a doubt is a great program for your flight planning needs.Bob
  14. Hi Jim,I sent Damon a note on this problem a while back when it was just an error being reported. With SU2 he sent me an exe file that he told me would report that there was a failure to download. I just sent him a note during the Super Bowl half-time show saying I have checked all kinds of options. One thing that is curious is that if I pause FS this failure to download message will always come up. Maybe a re-install will help. When this failure to download comes up AS6 will stop working, if I do a manual download everything goes back working fine with AS6. This problem did not occur with ASVBTW, you guys in DTW did a nice job hosting the Super Bowl (grin)Bob:-jumpy
  15. Hi Jim,This problem is happening while I am inflight. I only see it when I am closing down FS9 and open AS6 to close it. Last night I brought up AS6 during the flight and it was there. Any thoughts?Bob
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