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  1. I understood it as "voice cognitive services"
  2. In mild turbulence one might be able to keep his fingers on a knob, so this could perhaps be implemented in the sim too. But even if not, the mouse pointer could perhaps be made to stay relative to elements in the cockpit unless the mouse was moved. So in turbulence the mouse pointer, with the mouse resting, would move around with the turbulence. Of course, I have no idea how difficult it could be to implement something like this.
  3. I will miss this one as it is often used for transatlantic ferry flights (e.g. "Premier1Driver" on YT used that one to take his Premier 1 from Berlin/Germany to the US).
  4. In the "Feature Discovery Series - Episode 6" they showed how they derived the data for runways and taxiways, aprons etc. using Bing imagery and their tool to trace the various polygons. And somewhere else it was mentioned recently that a lot of that work was outsourced to two companies, one of them being ORBX, the other was not named. This other company probably simply had to skip what was blurred out in Bing maps. It is strange that the airport is blurred out as the airport company even publishes nice aerial photography of the airport, but who knows, there might be a secret dog shed behind one of the hangars that cannot be seen on these aerial photos, but Bing maps would reveal it :-). Here is a link to one such photo that they publish. I simply hope that this area is not permanently disabled for any scenery that could be built on it. The default buildings are probably unsatisfactory anyway and we need a 3rd party product. I haven't bought a license for the sim yet but because my former home airport is not there at all I am in no rush now. Cheers Siggy
  5. This would suffice for me, at least for a while.
  6. Jeff Favignano has broken down the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4f8-Dxaeho He has pointed out things that I have overlooked.
  7. I wonder, how could they get so many aircraft developed? Could some of them perhaps come from partners? The product description page mentions, besides Aerosoft and SimMarket, also Carenado and JustFlight. Were these partners perhaps allowed to contribute a few "light" aircraft from their repertoire for in-sim advertising in return for advertising the simulator on their web sites by linking to Microsoft's order pages?
  8. For me it is the extra high-quality airports and maybe the extra aircraft (where we don't know yet whether they are Carenado level etc.). Even the extra airports for an extra US$30 is worth it and we also support their future work to enhance/improve the sim into the future.
  9. When it became possible I uploaded a dxdiag file from a Windows 10 machine, so dxdiag-wise it should be ok. It's probably the other part that you fill in at the beginning. Back then I had a monthly data limit of 200GB an I was honest. But now I cannot amend this. It doesn't matter, no work for me, and it is only a few more months to release, we hope.
  10. Good luck getting into the alpha or beta, Dominique. In contrast I will click that button that cancels interest into participation. The process of applying for the alphas was a bit flawed. You could update your dxdiag from time to time, but you could not update your answers to the questionnaire. I applied when they said the sim is based on DX11, so I thought maybe with my Windows 7 machine I may have a chance. Later I updated the dxdiag on the Windows 10 machine, but I could not update the questionnaire, which showed that my monthly download limit was maybe a bit low. Even though it is no longer, I cannot change this and I am sure they have removed me from the from the pool. I am not sour :-), and by not participating I still keep the "Christmas gift" effect for when it is released and I see it running for the first time. In the meantime I might try learning a music instrument instead of testing software. It's probably enough that I have to test my own software every day :-). Good luck!
  11. Not everyone seems to like seeing moving trains in a flight sim (won't quote anyone), instead people seem to prefer seeing passengers walking into their aircraft, luggage being loaded, catering being loaded. Some may feel that moving boats on a lake are a must, others may want to see birds flying around, and perhaps even to try recreate the 'going down in the Hudson'. IMHO, but of course your mileage (or kilometrage, if you live in a metric country 🙂) may wary, for instance, the trains in the Inn-Valley in Aerosoft's or ORBX' Innsbruck scenery, add to the liveliness of the place. They run often enough so you can see them from the airport. Ideally, the sim would have options that allow you to turn on/off certain scenery features. E.g., I would not want environmental sounds such a birds tweeting, if I wanted this, I just would go outside where they tweet all year. But the bush flyers may want this, not sure. Besides options for AI air traffic, there could be options for the following categories to turn on/off: Highway traffic Street traffic Trains Boats (none/static/moving) Stars (none/pseudo/correct) Moon (none/correct) Roaming animals (with or without their sounds) Flying animals (with or without their sounds) At the airport: Luggage vehicles Catering Vehicles Freight vehicles and freight loading Buses Monorails (e.g. at SFO or SIN) Passengers Outdoor furniture, e.g. at visitors terraces at airports With these and possibly more options, everyone could tailor their simulator world and their frame rate to their heart's content. I would certainly turn a number of them off, but not the trains, for me, they add to the liveliness.
  12. Just saw an article here (in German) that is about someone reporting that the "Ingame-Shop" would be called "Flight Marketplace", which allegedly would have freeware and payware content and the currency for payments would be called "Flight Coins". The article also says that last night the "Flight Simulator Partner Program" web site had been online but has been taken down again.
  13. You are right, I remember now, we have seen this, e.g here: (this is from the May 7th update)
  14. Thank you Dominique for your investigation! It is good that they are not shy showing us non-perfect screenshots, so we know that we will not, at least not straight away, maybe never really, have a sim where everything looks close to being perfect. Wonder whether the shadows are also removed by the AI and then the scenery render engine adds them back dynamically according to lighting conditions, or whether they are baked into the landscape? As long as we can also choose a winter landscape, it will be fine 🙂 .
  15. In the above mentioned screenshot, the snow-capped ridge on the right hand side that goes down to the "HUD meters" on the bottom right corner, its snow cover ends all of a sudden on its left hand side. It looks as if some generic texture is overlaid there. Anyway, probably not much to worry about 🙂 as things will improve in the future.
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