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  1. The product page for the Early Access on Steam lists a minimum of something like a GTX-970 graphics card with 4GB VRAM, and I was concerned, that it won't run on my machine as it only has a GTX-580 with 1.5GB VRAM, but it does run, even though the sliders are a bit more to the left :-). Just wanted to mention this if anyone else hesitates due to the minimum system requirements.
  2. siggy

    Kyle's new sig

    Piegons and doves seem to be very similar beings, so pigeon[-tails] might be similar to dove-tails :-)
  3. siggy

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Tom, I am sorry to hear this, but maybe the following might help, although your description sounds very bad: This guy was written off in 2008 (he was given between 3 months and 3 years to live) and is still alive to my knowledge. My brother has also used this recipe successfully and a friend of mine was diagnosed with "cancer spread to the bones" in early 2014 and was given a few more months to live. She is still alive today and feeling better than ever. I cannot really comment on this as I am not a medical professional but whoever is interested, besides Vernon's web site, just do a web search for "cancer bicarbonate of soda" or "cancer baking soda". This is not medical advice, only a pointer to information. Regards, Siggy
  4. I agree that looks quite nice, but can anyone tell me why a scenery product needs .NET 3.0 installed ?Siggy
  5. siggy


    Nice to see some work in progress on Owen's blog on the V2.0 !Hope it will come out long before FS-11 appears on the horizon.Cheers,Siggy
  6. Hi, is there any roadmap (other than rumours) for Penryn/Yorkfield CPU speeds that are expected/planned for this year ?Cheers,Siggy
  7. Only guessing here but I would assume there is some sort of hysteresis (i.e. different thresholds) when flying to or from an object that defines when to load or unload an object. Otherwise if you flew along a circle at the threshold distance the object could potentially pop in and out a number of times. So maybe you'll have to fly away a bit further for the object to be dropped. Is that waterfall an effect type of thing ? If yes, are there no parameters in the effects that define visibility ranges etc. ? (Sorry, I have no idea on how effects are coded).Cheers,Siggy
  8. siggy

    Eaglesoft cj2 or beechjet 400A?

    May I ask what made you not to fly them again ? Any disappointment ? Or just too many 'toys' to choose from :-) ?Cheers,Siggy
  9. EU residents have to pay VAT (20%), that's why.Do US residents not have to add tax-free imports to their tax declaration each year ? I heard that when ordering things from another state, where no sales tax is then paid, officially this needs to be put into their tax declaration. Wouldn't wonder if the same didn't apply to tax-free imports ?Siggy
  10. Hi,I'm a bit confused as to what SDK to install after installing Acceleration ? There are two statements that don't really seem to agree with each other:On Phil Taylor's blog regarding the SP2 SDK I find this:"Acceleration users that want to target both Acceleration and SP2 should use this SDK.Acceleration users that only want to target Acceleration should use the Acceleration SDK."On the fsinsider page for the SP2 SDK I find this:"IMPORTANT: If you have already installed Flight Simulator X: Acceleration expansion pack, do not install the SDK Update for Service Pack 2."If I wanted to target the common denominator "SP2", which SDK should I now install after installing Acceleration ?Cheers,Siggy
  11. siggy

    New Game Engine?

    Hi Tim,You may remember this: in FS5.x some modules were encrypted (I think they had the extension .FSO). If you are allowed to say, I wonder why this was done ? Was that to prevent anyone else than BAO to come up with extensions/addons or more to protect IP ? BGLs were not encrypted and I think that started the 3rd party addons.Cheers,Siggy
  12. siggy

    FSX Module Loading Question?

    Sometimes DLLs don't load because they have dependencies on other DLLs. You could download depends.exe from and check whether the DLL in question has a problem loading a DLL it depends on.Cheers,Siggy
  13. "But I think I will wait for the Boxed version"I would not recommend doing this. If you look at the special offer today, if you had bought the boxed version last time - as I did - you most likely cannot benefit from the upgrade discount. I now regret that I bought the boxed version back then. Buying the boxed version, you pay the man in the middle and accept the potential disadvantages later.Cheers,Siggy
  14. siggy

    FSX Expansion In AUS 1/11/07

    Should you want to check prices available in Oz,go to and enter:Flight Simulator X: AccelerationSiggy
  15. - Cessna Caravan Amphibian (esp after the Caravan was renovated for FSX).- Rain Drops on windscreen.- Snow looked better in FS9 IMHO.Hope some of this can come back via the DX10 update, but I'm not holding my breath.Siggy