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  1. Regarding ATC pronouncing waypoint names, go to translate.google.com , select "English" as the language, type in a few of the waypoint names, one per line, and click on the play button. Even bing translator can produce something similar.
  2. As we have the intelligence to try pronounce these 5-letter 'words', maybe they find a way in the future to have the 'artificial intelligence' (AI) work out how to pronounce them too. Don't know whether the TTS only allows one to use regular letters as input, if it also allowed the International Phonetic Alphabet (that you find in dictionaries), the TTS system could then also pronounce these somehow.
  3. This episode's video was so fast-paced, I had to watch it a few times, and I am sure I still missed things. Amazing, what we will get, almost everything has been improved so much compared to our current sims. Even if ATC has not made a quantum leap, what will they be doing in the next ten years as they mentioned that the plans are to keep developing this product for the next ten years? If that one are has not yet improved, I would expect that in the next few years it will, even though we all want it now :-). Should seasons not be included initially, I am confident that they will follow. They have shown us already that winter landscapes are possible. Anyway here are a few observations from watching the video: On the world map: Airports with the black star in a yellow circle, do they indicate that these are detailed airports? At 2:25, the altitude profile goes from 39000ft at HSTIN to 36850ft at ZZIPR over a distance of 111NM, this looks a bit weird, one would assume that the 39000ft are left shortly before ZZIPR. From 2:52 on and later, the mouse pointer seems to be an inch or two to the left of where the user clicks or rotates the knob. At 4:16 the user clicks on the "CDI" button but the mouse pointer is to the left of it. From 4:28-4:33 the internal shadows across the standby instruments are jagged and flickering as what I have seen in P3D and also XP videos, but then the shadows seems to get out of focus and hence become smoother. Nice that you can remove the Yoke for full visibility of the instruments. What are those 4 orange/brown things on the taxiway opposite the runway at 5:51? At 7:49, for a fraction of a second, we can see the top-level menu icons. From left to right we see: - Camera Symbol - Tick Symbol - Yoke Symbol - Pilot's Head Symbol - Something that looks like a weight - Compass Symbol - List/Menu Symbol - POI Symbol (?) - Map/Document Symbol - Cloud Symbol - Cogwheel Symbol (Settings I guess)
  4. This is regarding key assignments. As I am not an alpha tester, I don't know what might be there or not. A very long time ago, there was a sim by SubLogic called "Flight Assignment A.T.P.". It had very useful key mappings. The keys were sub-divided into categories and categories used one of the shift-modifiers like Shift/Ctrl/Alt/None. Their categories were: Aircraft Controls (no modifier): e.g. pitch/roll/yaw, thrust, flaps, gear, etc. Aircraft Simulation Controls (no modifier): e.g. pause,etc. Navigation Controls (Shift modifier): e.g. NAV1/2, setting their frequencies and OBS etc. View Controls (also Shift modifier), e.g.: Shift-<NumPad> to control view direction Communication Controls (Ctrl modifier): e.g. tuning the COM radios Simulation Controls (Alt modifier): e.g. quiet, slew modes, etc. This used only the basic modifier keys. However, we could now distinguish between left Ctrl/Alt/Shift, the not so useful CapsLock key could be used for a purpose, The Windows key and the Menu Key could also be used as a modifier and maybe combos like ctrl-shift too. With a system like this, for those who want to use this instead of hitting small mouse rectangles in the VC, one would have much easier control over everything. I guess the sim will have a well-known keyboard map, but I hope one can create a 2nd map with fresh more logic assignments.
  5. What the SDK will provide (this would be very late, close to release I guess) What the "In-Game" editors will provide What the file/directory/folder structure is Repainting of aircraft
  6. If they are willing to do more "Feature Discovery" videos, the user interface, including the flight planning part, has not been covered yet. For instance, in one of the screenshots I saw a separate map window been shown. And we saw snippets only of where you can define your flight origin and destination only, where a cloud covered globe was visible. Then the questions arise, can this be shown without clouds, can airways be displayed on that map, can that map window mentioned above be drawn out to a 2nd monitor, etc.
  7. I was a bit short and too technical with this, sorry. What this could do is, someone posts a screenshot, and you would like going there in the sim, so in the menus you would go to something like World/Location/GoTo and open that screenshot. The image would not be shown, but the position would be taken from the extra data in the screenshot and then the simulator would position your plane at the same location, possible with the same pitch/roll/heading, but definitely at the same altitude. It could be an easy way to pass on the location etc. via screenshots. What type of GPS data this can include (some don't make sense for a flight simulator) can be seen here: https://exiftool.org/TagNames/GPS.html GPSLatitude GPSLongitude GPSAltitude GPSSpeed GPSTrack I have seen GPSPitch and GPSRoll mentioned, but they are not in the list at the link above, so they might be non-standard fields.
  8. It would perhaps be useful, should the simulator create the screenshots, and not via 'Print Screen'/Clip Board, that it could save the location/GPS coordinates in EXIF meta data inside the .jpg files. But maybe only in the released version, otherwise we would lose the fun in the "In-game VS Satellite" thread :-).
  9. An A380 will be added to the fleet and to test it there will be an open beta.
  10. Any addon without a de-install option (needs to undo what it did at installation time).
  11. Generic landclass textures where roads run criss-cross through houses, not even in offline mode please.
  12. Very interesting, that page talks about 49 other languages, which is great, but I wonder whether it would also allow English with 49 different accents for ATC?
  13. When I saw the screenshot by 'WhiteLight506' where the TBM landed on an alpine meadow with the door open, I thought that's a picnic trip, but then, there is ice on the windshield, too cold for a picnic in the mountains, it was probably an emergency landing due to the icing :-).
  14. What would be nice to see, and I think we have not seen this, if a 'spot plane camera' sees the flown plane disappear into a cloud and reappear from it. Going through a cloud looked not too bad in FSX from the cockpit, but the 'spot plane' always saw the flown plane, even in the thickest cloud. This should be gone with volumetric clouds, but I haven't seen this for the new sim yet, or I can't remember where.
  15. Looking at the Chicago screenshot, it is amazing how detailed and accurate that bridge (I think it is called the "Outer Drive Bridge") is modeled. If I recall correctly, initially they said that 400 objects in the world would be hand-modeled. So would this be one of them or can this be derived from photogrammetry data including the beams under the bridge's surface? Perhaps they found that the 400 hand-modeled objects is not really sufficient?
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