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  1. pasterke

    onedrive and w10

    it all started with version 1803 , going back to 1709 is what I did homegroup is no longer supported from 1803
  2. From the ASCA manual : Global Automatic Theme (Requires AS16) This dynamic theme includes automatic weather influenced support for all content categories. When activated, ASCA and AS16/ASP4 will constantly communicate with each other and load new content on-the-fly when weather changes dictate. When a change occurs, the new content will appear at various intervals slowly to prevent instant transitions as much as possible. This theme is called “Global” because the cloud textures applied over the cloud structures will be duplicated throughout the entire scene, similar to the default simulator and/or traditional graphics add-ons. The textures will change periodically through the flight, but when they change, it affects the entire scene.
  3. pasterke

    Trees on taxiways

  4. pasterke

    Trees on taxiways

    do a search for "KMCO trees" on the ORBX forums : there is a fix for this
  5. pasterke

    Can I use ORBX FSX products with FSX:SE

    ORBX products will run OK with FSX:SE
  6. there was a heavy storm over Belgium yesterday with heavy gusts air traffic has even been shut down for a while as real as it gets
  7. pasterke

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    had problems with update 1709, reverted back to 1703 and all is OK
  8. pasterke

    Upgrade to FSX:SE Questions

    Here is the guide I used for the transition :
  9. pasterke

    Can't find "Search" forum option

    it's up right under your username
  10. pasterke

    A software to save your panel position

    is there anyone who has this program working with FSX-SE in Windows10 ?
  11. pasterke

    New files in the lbrary.

    thanks Chuck, to bring the library in the original state
  12. pasterke

    Active Camera

    Hi Tony, it's been years since I've used this software. But maybe you can use this email address to contact the developer