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  1. Coqui297

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    I'll and report thanks Ed
  2. Coqui297

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Hey Ed can you send the ISG1 panel.cfg for P3Dv4. I would appreciate it . Thanks
  3. Coqui297

    Approach and VRef speeds

    Thanks guys, will try those. Carlos
  4. Coqui297

    Approach and VRef speeds

    Anyone have the Approach and or VRef speeds on this plane. Could not find them in the manuals. Thanks/ Carlos .
  5. Coqui297

    EADI / EHSI / GTN readouts updated

    OK got it. For the Ailerons freezing as above, I have submitted a support ticket to Carenado and is independent of your updates . Thanks.
  6. Coqui297

    EADI / EHSI / GTN readouts updated

    Thanks for your wonderful job and updates. I have several questions. When installing the gauges folders do I put them in the P3D gauges folder o leave them in the panel folder ? I have a strange issue, when making the final app to the airport (I have the F1GTN 750) the Ailerons freeze and can't be moved ar all. Thanks, waiting for your input Carlos..
  7. Coqui297

    EADI / EHSI / GTN readouts updated

    PM sent. Thanks !
  8. Another user ( me) with the same issue as all you guys !
  9. Coqui297

    Dornier DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D

    Do you still think the issue I just described is related to the Startlocks ?
  10. Coqui297

    Dornier DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D

    Yes I agree is related to the Startlock system described in the video tutorial. But with the plane cold & dark the right side throttle lever moves by itself forward ! Once engines started the same issue persist. I use FSUIPC to assign axis and calibrate them. FSX controls are uncheck so there is no interference with FSUIPC control.. Any suggestions ? Thanks Carlos...
  11. Coqui297

    Can't stop flying that Aerosoft A320

    Totally agree, one of the best Airliners addon in FSX. The inmersion is incredible.
  12. Coqui297

    Michael Greenblatt - FS has lost an Icon....

    Sad to hear the passing of Mike. Personally, I learned a lot thru his advices, experiences and extensive knownledge in MSFS and the computer world. He was a unique character. We indeed lost a FS icon and a friend. RIP Mike.
  13. Oye *******, estos FSX cfg tweaks se pueden usar en Win 32 & 64 bits o solamente 64 bits ? Gracias