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  1. Would also be great to see the RealAir Duke picked up by another developer. I really love that plane... Maybe the Vancouver for FSX V3 as well. I enjoyed it in FSX but its a bit dated for P3D. I know the developer passed a few years back. This is a beautiful part of the world to explore!
  2. DownDiver

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I had to uninstall the VRS Superbug F-18. A popup box the first run of an updated (not full install) , P4.3 client and content stated incompatibility.
  3. DownDiver

    Study Level A380!!!
  4. This would be pretty cool.
  5. DownDiver

    REX Worldwide Airports - Support Needed

    On the first downloads the file sizes weer a bit small. I redownloaded one at a time and saw 512M files (which were the correct size). The addon loaded properly with these files and I configured successfully. Loading up the fisrt flight out of Socorro NM right now to take a look at the changes.
  6. DownDiver

    Prepar3D V 3.4 Released

    Downloaded and am prepared to install once the release notes are posted. Kind of an over site not putting up the notes with the release. Unpacked both release and SDK looking for release notes but they don't exist. And....there they are Nevermind
  7. I've flown the length of Route 66 (The Mother Highway). San Diego to the Olympics along the Pacific. New Orleans to Key West via Orlando/Cocoa Beach/Miami/Fort Meyers/Tampa San Diego/Tuscon/ShoLow AZ/Socorro NM/Albuquerque Fly the Interstate Highways Lots of great places to explore on those flightplans
  8. Sure, I'd buy a very well made MD-80 series for P3DV3.1
  9. I asked the same question of Carenado. Apparently the 2015 fleet is compatible... December 13, 2015 11:00 Hi, Would you have a list/spreadsheet of all of your products that have an updated installer for P3DV3? I’ve purchased everything you (and Alabeo) have made over the years and have forsaken FSX for P3D. It’s very nice that you are offering these upgraded packages with the V3 installers. That kind of customer support will keep me purchasing your aircraft for years to come (along with them being pretty complete and cool!!!!) Over at AirDailyX there is a list and it states whether these are P3DV3 compatible but not if they all have native installers for P3DV3. This morning I went through the list and noticed that, of the aircraft I have that have been updated there is a new, shorter license key. Is this the case with all of these aircraft with native P3DV3 installers that a new license is cut? Thanks Carenado SupportDecember 14, 2015 18:32 Regards, All our 2015 fleet are P3Dv3 compatible including the CT182T v2.0 and CT206H v2.0 Regards, Carenado.
  10. DownDiver

    ORBX Airport Migration to P3DV3?

    I've been keeping up with what is ready for V3 here:
  11. DownDiver

    Prepar3D released

    I just tried the Client only install for V3.1. Went into Programs and Features and uninstalled the V3.0 client Installed the V3.1 client only P3DV3 started up the first time, threw an error about the ORBX objectlibs, which I said load anyway (my bad) I picked an aircraft, loaded up a favorite flight plan (NXAA to NXWN) And....CTD I should have known for a full reinstall....such fun!!!! All ORBX sceneries that are P3DV3 compatible All Flightbeam, Sim720, and about 30 other airports and sceneries. Not to mention PMDG 737,777, Carenado, Alabeo, MilViz, A2A, etc aircraft. Plus, add in ASN, FSFX (all)... I just wanted to fly NZ again... Grrrrr
  12. DownDiver

    ORBX Sale – 35% Off Everything!

    Jut my luck...bought two airports yesterday...
  13. DownDiver

    F1 KingAir B200 for P3D V3?

    I had problems getting the original P3D version of this aircraft installed and working. Never was able to get in a single flight with it. But, installed the latest in the P3DV3 and spent all of 5 minutes (had to go to work) this morning. So far so good. Looks great and no OOM, stutters or low FPS. But that was only a cursory 5 minute eval. Will mess about with it more tonight. System: AMD FX-9370 4.4GHz, 16G RAM, Asus Crosshair V Formula Z, AMD Radeon R9 290x, Windows 64-Bit 10 Pro, Coolermaster Cosmos case, 1200W PSU, 1-256G Intel SSD, 4-512G Samsung 840 Pro SSDs, 1-1Tb Samsung 840 Pro SS, 6Tb+ external USB disk space, Prepar3D V3, All MegaSceneryEarth, REX OD
  14. I installed the new New York V2.0 this weekend wit the full textures. Took a flight from KPHL in the F-22 towards the new scenery. Granted I was at FL400 @ full throttle... I saw the city start to come into focus. The buildings started to load (black boxes all) then the OOM bell, the CTD out of memory. Reloaded the package to the Lite textures and flex from KPOU (Poughkeepsie) in a GA problems. Flew around Manhattan with a couple of touch-and-go's at KEWR, MT6 running with 10% traffic settings, REX/ASN and all was fine. Some jitters after switching views but those smoothed out. Beautiful scenery...Will explore more this week.
  15. DownDiver

    P3D V3 & ShadersHLSL

    I removed the newest version (15.x) of the AMD Catalyst driver and went back a rev to 14.501.1003-141120a-178000C. P3D started up with all defaults and most sliders to the right and I was getting around 20FPS with the F-22 out of Norfolk. Took off with full after-burner and climbed to around FL470 before she ran out of go then circled around to land at some out of the way air strip. All the time the FPS were above 16 and the sim was pretty smooth. It's apparent that the new Catalyst 15.x drivers for Win 10 are suspect.