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  1. Santa dropped a new scenery which looks very good for us fs9ers, it's been uploaded in the avsim library yesterday, for those of you who might have missed it. Thank you Jonathan Gabbert :( http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=cyvr_release_v100.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search
  2. * sigh * There must be something else: I've tried to save and load a panel state, it doesnt help.Basically, the rings swithes off as soon as I change the fuel amount (or anything else)from the PMDG menu option (within FS).I suppose then I will have to load the fuel with the load manager before I start FS (which is annoying, since I always adjust the fuel on board from FS)Maybe Lefteris or Vangelis could throw some light in there?Best,
  3. Johnatan-Yes, I think what you report confirm pretty much my guesses that it has something to do with saved flight.I will try to save a flight with the 744 then and see what happens.If positive, I'll get back to you guys and let you know, just in case other fellows encountered the same issue.Thanks!
  4. Well, thanks anyway for your hints Ryan.Myself, I do have some idea why it happens. As I said, during an FS session opened and the PMDG 744 running, that gauge.ini file is permanently being written and read, for some obvious reasons.My problem must be linked somehow to the fact that I never use any saved panel state files, and that my default FS light opening is always with the default Cessna. I always choose the 744 from the menu prior to a planned flight. Maybe the reason hides somewhere there.And since we all have our habbits and personnal way to deal with FS and PMDG, this will happen for some of us like me and not for some others like you.I had hoped that there was a way to make that change permanent perhaps without having to always edit the gauge.ini file before launching FS - and I for one dont like to edit any files for PMDG planes.Ultimately, that could have been solved by inculding that 'show range rings' option in the PMDG menu options, just the same way as some other options can be choosen from that same menu according to users/airlines preferences (like the display of the round radio alt etc...)Now onto painting a new livery for the 744F... ;-)Regards,
  5. No, it switches back when I quit FS (once it's been loaded with the rings displaying ok), or, as I said in my forst post, if I change anything from the PMDG menu inside FS.For instance, I load FS and the PMDG 744, when I arrive in the session the rings display ok, and as soon as I change something from the PMDG menu options, like adding some fuel for instance, then the rings wont display anymore.
  6. Thanks Ryan,That's the way I did, actually, I edited the file without anything running. Yet, it still switches back to default settings everytime.
  7. Guys-I've read in another recent thread a nice and pleasant trick to make the range rings display on the ND. It's a pretty cool feature for me since I missed it and now I cant do without those rings.Here's my problem: I did not find a way to make this change permanent.Everytime I quit FS, the *.ini gauge file resets and if I forget to edit it before I laucnh FS it starts to get annoying. (I even noticed this file seem to be permanently written when FS and the 744 is running)Also, if I load FS and the 744 with the change made, the rings will display EXCEPT if I change anything from the PMDG menu.For instance, if I add some fuel from the PMDG menu, then the rings wont display anymore.Any kind soul willing to tell me how to make this option permanent?Thanks!:-) EDIT: sorry, forgot to mention I use 737s/744 and 744F all up to date.
  8. Ron,Make sure the model= line is correctly set. As for the 744s, there are three different models, one for each engine types (GE, PW and RR). This could be the cause of some textures not displaying. Pay a particular attention to the texture= entry also. Any typo there would cause a blank aircraft.Now, if you dont have any .txt file included with the feeeware repaints (and I feel guilty since I've just uploaded at avsim a repaint without any .txt file), simply copy and paste the previous [fltsim.x] entry in your .cfg file, and modify the few lines that need to be modified - again, make sure the model= and texture= file are correct.Hope this helps.
  9. Great Wall ran out out business monthes ago, the planes went back to SIA from whom it was leased.
  10. I have them both installed and they are both two different aircrafts with two complete different avionics set up. One is EFIS like, the other is all good old analogic instruments. Go ahead!
  11. Well, Joseph, as Sam rightly wrote, you must be aware that the 744F came with very significant changes made to the FMC coding as well, impacting the 744pax too. Fuel predicition improved and hundreds of corrected/improved FMC features, notably navigation routines.For this reason only, I can only but recommand you getting the 744F as soon as you can.
  12. Joseph-Because I felt a bit worried about your sayings that lateral navigation was eratic after N82, I made a short test flight earlier today. Took off from Thule AFB, and flew along 060W longitude to the north. Fortunately, the lateral navigation, my end, worked perfecly. Untill I reached 89.30N's wall, but that's not a surprise of course.I got the SPLIT IRS OPERATIONS message, and the plane kept straight on track.No lateral deviation. So I have no idea why you encountered this problem.http://a.solvay.free.fr/Pics/8930.jpghttp://a.solvay.free.fr/Pics/fmc.jpgHope this help somehow.
  13. Hey Sam,I've done that when fs9 came out, with the defaut 744, since I've been waiting for this to be fixed since many years. (see that post, made three years ago on another forum! http://forums.ai-aardvark.com/showpost.php...04&postcount=1)I'd be interested if you could try this in FSX with their defaut 744 and see what happens.On a side note, Joseph seem to say that when nearing the pole the LNAV navigation becomes eratic? Is that true?I recall the wall is located at North 89.30, whatever the longitude is, and I recall doing this test in fs2002 with the PSS744, and the navigation on track up to 89.30N was good.I might give it a try myself maybe, thinking about it, that will be my next flight. T's been a while I havent flown the Wall :-) Regards,
  14. Vangelis-Thanks :-) Perhaps Robert will see this thread and enlighten it by confirming your sayings.As the phenomena is consistent (been observing it more than once, and only when the tanks are fully filled), I conclude it's as on the real bird.Paul,Nope, the switch you're talking about indeed takes place when flaps are set to more than 10 before take-off, for some known reason.What I am talking about happens only 6-7 hours after take-off when the main center tank is almost empty (less than 2.000 kgs) and when the remaining of its fuel is transfered to main 2 tank. It's anyway only a small amount of main 1 and 4 tankers.Thank you all...Regards,
  15. Well,Q, again, thank you :-) I assume that's the end of the thread then, as I also believe PMDG did model that Fuel Synopsis page 'weakness'.I feel more confortable about this now that I am about to proceed to my last World Tour leg (Shenzhen, China, back to London-Stansted).(The trip was EGSS-KMIA-MMMX-MMAA-SAWH-YSSY-WSSS-RPLL-RCTP-VHHH-SGSZ-EGSS aiming to fly over the biggest mountains on the planet).The PMDG 744s is really an outstanding product, and coupled with Walk-and-Follow and a nice personnal worldwide AI set-up, it really gives something very cool.Best regards,
  16. Q,Thank you: this makes sense to me indeed.Yet, my question still remains: where does that fuel go from main 1&4? Because, as you say, the fuel synopsis doesnt show it feeding any engine.
  17. Gentlemen,Here I am again. I am actually flying, notably for test purpose (and also in order to complete my endless 'world tour'), from Sydney Australia to Singapore with the 744F.Took-off at max take-off weight, and loaded 137.000 kgs of fuel.I noticed that when flaps are set to 20 prior to take-off, the fuel tanks, as a matter of fact, switch from the main 3&4 for engines 1,2,3,4 to center tank feeding engines 1,4. As in the manual.Main tanks 1 and 4 quantity on the other hand, remained unchanged (their max capacity 13.6 tons) untill the center tank read less than 2.000 kgs. Once the center tank went below 2.000 kgs, the main 1 and 4 fuel tank quantity start to decrease, while no transfer is indicated no-where, and I cant see anywhere where this fuel goes as engine 1 and 4 are still feeded by the emptying center tank.http://aiarnaud.free.fr/pics/fuel_b.jpgSo here's my question again: where does that fuel from main 1&4 going?I shall repeat again that, during all my previous flights, with smaller amount of boarded fuel, this never happened before.Hope you will throw some light here.Regards,
  18. Thank you guys,I understand that my knowledge of the 744 fuel management is poorer than I thought :-) , and understanding this is a good thing!Following Ryan's indictaions, I've read all Chapter 11 of the ops manual, page 46, and they indeed clearly mention it.However, I'll have to read it again, because it's not still clear to me.The fact that fuel from main 1 and 4 is being burnt right before and during take-off when the Center tank is filled is something I didnt know.As I said, I hardly need to fill the center tank since I usually do only shorts flights, that's probably the reason why I had never witnessed this before.Thank you again for your replies.
  19. Gentlemen,I have recently noticed something strange on the 744F: when I load an important amount of fuel (always using the PMDG menu option to do that, of course), before start-up, the main 1 and 4 tanks would always and normally read their max capacity (13.600 kgs each). This is normal.Then the center tanks are filled etc...What I have just noticed, and twice, is that few hours after take-off,and long before the tank to engine procedure, the main 1 and 4 suddenly read only 12.700 kgs, when I never touched anything.As you see on that screenie:http://aiarnaud.free.fr/pics/fuel.jpgIs this a known fact? And, is this normal? I think not, in fact, as I havent read anything about it anywhere.I made quite lots of flights with both 744 and 744F and I remember well the amount of fuel in main 1 and 4 just before the tank-to-engine switch was always 13.600 kgs.Any help would be appreciate here. I have no clue why this suddenly happens (I suspect it's linked somehow to the high value of fuel I boarded on my latest flights, because usually I cant do flights longer than five or six hours, and now I have the opportunity to do some ten-eleven hours long flights).I am planning on making some tests and see what happens on the next flight, like keeping an eye non-stop to the fuel EICAS page...Since 'loosing' 1.300 kgs of fuel for no reason annoys me.Regards,
  20. As you guys bump the thread indeed, I thought I'd let you know that it is a consistent issue. As I am on vacations, I started a World Tour with the 744F.So far, flew London-Stansted/Miami(Florida)/Mexico/Acapulco/UshuaiaCape Horn)and am right now flying from Ushuaia to Sydney Australia, nearing New Zealnad coast.Quite long legs as you see, and the chrono issue is happening on all of those.Perhaps it's been discussed already, but although I browse on a regular basis this forum I dont recall anyone ever pointed it yet.Regards,
  21. Hi,Although I know since a long time MS Flight Simuator minutes are shorter than real minutes (60 FS seconds are only 58 real seconds), I noticed today only that the PMDG 744s chrono jauge is wrong as well.If you look at this screenie, taken at the end of a flight from UK to Miami, you'll see what I mean:http://aiarnaud.free.fr/pics/chrono.jpgThe chrnometer was started exactly at 11.00Z, just when thrust was applied for take-off. Exactly 8 hours and two minutes later (see the time UTC on the FMC), the chronometer shows 08.15, which is 13 minutes more).Any way to fix that, Lefteris?or maybe I am already old fashioned with FS9, and maybe FSX fixed those too short FS world minutes :-) BTW, one of the worst flight I ever made: 40 minutes after that screenies was taken, I landed in Miami Intl with less than 4.000 pounds of fuel, and was taken to the local FAA authorities who immediately suspended my licenses. Once finished with the FAA, I ended the day in the airport's jail with the first officer.Just kiding, but I really had wet hands untill I touched down.Really awesome PMDG products.Thanks,
  22. :-) Thank you Sir !Nice week-end in sight indeed. So, to sum it up: thanks Pete, and a warm welcome to Armen (I've already gladly exchanged few posts with him earlier today about his nice work on the sound update)Best,
  23. Armen-I do appreciate your explanations, and am learning how limitative FS9 was. It's nice on the other hand is to read that FSX will allow more sounds realism.As I'm quite well used with fs9 I've also been playing around with spot plane view distances, however I still find the normal jet wine to be slightly too high in the trebbles, compared to the 744F updated sounds which I found to be perfect.Thank you Armen :-)
  24. Yes, a great 'thank you' to PMDG for the new Sound Update, which I just got installed an hour ago.However, and most likely it's me only, but as a person who worked many years as a ramp agent, and whose environment was crowded with 744s (in LFPG), I think the external sounds engines for GEs were more accurate before the update :-hmmm The perfect mix of bass and trebble was actually nothing but perfect(prior to the update), I now have the feeling there are too much trebble. I am talking about GE and PW external engines sounds only.All the others tweaks are just very nice, except this. Thought I'd share this here, in case there would be other people like me.The infamous question (which I understand might drive the developper mad) would be: is there a way to restore the previous ext sound and at the same time keep all the other updates?With regards,
  25. There is another 'legal' way to modify the FS weird friction coefficient, without touching any PMDG files. I've read somewhere that editing the SIM1.dll in the FS General Module folder helped some folks.Dont ask me how, just search here in the avsim forums.I agree I am for one annoyed by the fact I burn twice the fuel I'd need in reality to taxi the plane to the runway, but I leave with it.I dont pay for the fuel anyway :( EDIT: oops, sorry, I missed Martin's post about the SIM1.dll
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