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  1. JayBirdski

    Engines won't start

    The Isolation valve would be your culprit.
  2. JayBirdski

    Manual DME update (CIVA INS), why?

    Have never tried what you are attempting. Given that SOP is to start with entering PPOS and align, I suspect you're attemting a procedure it cannot handle. And, the INS remembers where it was last, which is why it will give you an error that must be cleared after enter PPOS if you have teleported to another airport somewhere. Sounds like something whacky in loading saved states. You might check at the simufly forums and ask them directly there.
  3. Well the saga continues. I did get an email from my CC company saying a credit had been issued but no correspondence from PCA at all. Plane still flies. When I pulled up account info in control panel, it said I was in pending verification. Pretty sure I would be screwed were I try to re-install. Unfortunate they're actively trying to void those purchases but I think we all knew this was likely a mistake within their system we took advantage of. Perhaps it was just a bit too big of a hit to take even for the very short time it was on sale.
  4. Same. Just tested again and it appears my activation is still valid in that the aircraft still loaded. I guess we'll have to see if they start forcefully de-activating if such a thing is even possible after its already installed.
  5. Been waffling about this for awhile but at this price it was a no brainer. Thanks for the heads up. And yes it looks like the price got jacked up back up to $59.95US again but my original download link still appears to work.
  6. JayBirdski

    What do you use to calculate fuel?

    4 out of 5 dentists recommend Simbrief as do I. http://www.simbrief.com/
  7. JayBirdski

    How to tell if INS is working?

    Its been quite some time since I used INS (Think back to RFP, but thats a different and sad story) and it was the CIVA which what I think you are probably are using although I am not a ConcordeX user so excuse me if my assumtions are incorrect. You could check present position against your flight plan, as you progress are they getting closer to your next waypoint coordinates? When originally entered did you verify waypoint distances in the INS against your FP? As far as I am aware, there are no offsets when using INS, its point A to B to C, etc. If a mistake was made at the gate, you might be in deep yogurt although I think you would've noticed that pretty quickly if your jet turned to an unexpected heading when you engaged INS nav. As for a quick way, Can you see yourself on some sort of moving map like VatSpy or an equivalent and are you where you think you are? INS also has a tendency to drift over time, an enroute update periodically is recommended but you must be within distance of a VOR for several minutes in order to do so. Here is my cheat sheet for that procedure, I think you might also have to have at least dual INS in order for this to work though. +++++++++++++++++++ CIVA INS Update Procedure Tune Nav2 to VORDME selector (on INS 1 or 2 only) to Waypoint select WP # rt click 7 then 9 to enter Longitude key enter coordinates then Insert Rt click 3 then 9 to enter Alt Press 2 then alt insert (1.5 = 1500) selector to dis/time, check distance with vor selector to WP, waypoint chg then WP# insert ins update flag should light and PI should decrease +++++++++++++++++++++ The CIVA INS was both the most satisfying and at times the most frustrating gauge I have ever used and is not user friendly whatsoever. I hope this helps in answering your questions.
  8. JayBirdski

    Simply giving up...

    You're not alone Heronjr. I pretty much as SOP must do a save before TOD and reload FSX and the flight, that gets me to the gate.
  9. JayBirdski

    SSD Woes need advice

    Might be unrelated but I had a lot of boot issues with a Samsung on a new install not too long ago that magically went away after I installed the Samsung Magician software..
  10. JayBirdski

    Converting Fsx Flightplan To Fmc

    Might I suggest you take a look at Simbrief and let it create your desired flight plans in any number of different formats, PMDG included. Highly recomended by 4 out of 5 dentists. http://www.simbrief.com/
  11. JayBirdski

    Flight Level.

    You're a good egg Kyle, we still like you and appreciate your insights. Keep on squashing the FUD.
  12. JayBirdski

    PMDG 777-300er Update Download Error

    Download the 300 base installer again and run it.
  13. JayBirdski

    PMDG 777-300er Update Download Error

    That seems to have done the trick, thanks for pointing out the solution Mike. It was rather unintuitive though in that http://forum.avsim.net/topic/448775-08aug14-sp1b-for-pmdg-777-200lrf-and-300er-released/ says SP1b should update the 300 as well. But there is the little paragraph below that does say: +++ UPDATE YOUR 300ER AS WELL: We made a few minor cosmetic changes to the 300ER models and textures as well, and updated the 300ER installer that is inside your account at our ecommerce system. These updates are mostly really minor, but if you want the very latest please feel free to grab another copy of the 300ER from your download account. +++ Was really suprised the 300 base installer was required again and still available to me as I did not purchase the extended dowload.
  14. JayBirdski

    PMDG 777-300er Update Download Error

    I am in agreement with KrazyK, something is amiss here. I get the same version warning within OC. Have re-downloaded and installed SP1b, it of course said I already had it but re-installed anyhow. Restarted OC (Run as administrator of course) and it still says the 300ER is only at 6036 and that a new update is available, however, clicking ok to install update doesn't apparently do anything. When I load FSX, go to the CDU>PMDG Setup>About. It just shows v1.1 so not enough detail there to really say exactly what version of the 300ER I have. And as an aside I still do VAS out regularly with the 300 as well towards the end of long hauls which is what I typically fly but exiting FSX and loading an autosave from fsuipc towards the tail end of these flights gets me back in pristine shape so I can finish my flights without incident. The symptoms I hear when I know it's likely going to bomb out on me is what sounds like a repeating cabin chime every few seconds but no other visual cues. Win7 Pro x64 SP1 3770K 8GB GTX 560 (314.22) Asus P8Z77-V Pro/Thunderbolt