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  1. Overshoe

    Dovetail Games Direction

    Some numbers to consider: People following THIS forum: 58 People on ALL Avsim forums right now: 626 People playing FSX-SE on steam currently (Last hour): 3348 Where do you suppose the DTG marketing plan is focusing?
  2. I just checked my xlive.log and it is essentially the same as the one above. Last lines: Initializing SQL Connecting to SQL DB Error: Failed to connect to SQL DB: Unknown MySQL server host 'flive.db.10499026.hostedresource.com' (0) Error: Failed to initialize Live...
  3. Non-GFWL My current version of GFWL is 3.5.0067.0/3.5.0095.0
  4. OK, I did that and got the same error. ----Quote---- Maybe someone could try the following - Close the dialog. Close Flight. Stop your GFWL service, (Task Manager - Services - wlidsvc - Right-click - Stop). Do not restart wlidsvc. (If Flight needs it, launching Flight should restart it for you.) Reinstate any disabled / deleted dlls. Start Flight. Does the error occur now ?
  5. Overshoe

    Can't Log In

    Thanks so much for creating the non-GFWL version. I created a 2nd profile and started from scratch also. I have collected 22 aerocaches but my experience points and flying hours have been reset to zero when I went back to that profile. My original GFWL profile I backed up and all the numbers have been preserved properly. I have the CORE - UI - Upgrade installed, but my level remains at 20 despite having 1670617 experience points (Level 26)
  6. Overshoe

    My 350th Aerocache

    I didn't get Curvature of the Earth so I guess I have them all. Time for some leisure flights
  7. Overshoe

    My 350th Aerocache

    I just got 350 today. Is that the official total?
  8. Overshoe

    Paint kit

    Carenado do not make or use paint kits. They provide a set of blank textures with each aircraft.
  9. Overshoe

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    Some of you guys keep confusing your wants with our needs. You may very well want a TBM, but WE do not need one or another PC-12 either.Leave those to other developers. I hope Carenado will go back to their roots and their market niche after the C90 aberration is completed. There are precious few developers making good GA aircraft. I don't want to lose Carenado to Turbo-Props & Jets. On the other hand I want a few Pipers (especially an Aztec) to go with my Cessnas but I am not going to say that we need those.
  10. Overshoe

    Carenado Cessna Skyhawk C172N ILS

    Let me add my thanks to Bliksimpie & Bert Pieke & bstolle for all their "aftermarket" improvements.
  11. Overshoe


    I'd like one of those too.
  12. Overshoe

    Caravan paints

    Thank you for these great paints.
  13. Overshoe

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    Flight1 are making a C182 w/G1000
  14. Overshoe

    Bugs List

    Hit Shift-3 and uncheck the VC Windows box. They will be clear as a bell.