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  1. Let me add my thanks to Bliksimpie & Bert Pieke & bstolle for all their "aftermarket" improvements.
  2. I'd like one of those too.
  3. Thank you for these great paints.
  4. ""Hi, is that Cessna? Yes, hi, my name is Billy-Joe-Bob etc." Post of the week and it's only Monday. Thanks for a good laugh.

  5. Hit Shift-3 and uncheck the VC Windows box. They will be clear as a bell.
  6. I just finished 4 test flights with no further CTDs. I believe I had some problem RAM causing me to be out of memory. We'll see what tomorrow brings. One additional problem I had was MASSIVE yaw especially using the autopilot. The aircraft would climb like a banshee until it stalled and then dive until it leveled out at 110 and started to climb again, or hit the ground. With the autopilot on it ignored me completely.
  7. Well I had some of those :) When I did them all it worked fine. My OOM situation was probably RAM related. I can't say for sure but I have been robbing Peter to pay Paul here for a couple of weeks. My FS computer has tried to die twice since Christmas. In any case I do not use any of those addons and do not use RXP gauges so they are out of my picture.
  8. I've had 2 OOM CTDs so far. Will try again after dinnerI can't get the wheel chocks, pitot covers etc to display
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