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  1. Hi Dirk, The easiest way I find to bring up the FMS is to hit "Shift +9" (9 on the top row of numbers, not the keypad). It brings up a row of icons, the FMC is the left one. If it doesn't come up with the VC, try it with the 2D panel. You can probably find it under the views/cockpit options along the top too. I keep the icon row showing when flying, makes it easy to access all of the sub-panels, especially when flying with the VC. Warren
  2. If you look under My Documents folder, you should find a folder named "Rikoooo Add-ons/Boeing 777-200ER Ultimate Pack/fmc docs". There are three files there to help. Warren
  3. Thanks Dave and Matt, I finally found the problem. I'm using FSX-SE and therefore I selected the FSX-SE option in the installer, so it created a new folder called FSX-SE and put the edit for the dll.xml in that folder. My default dll.xml is actually in a FSX named folder. So, after re-installing and choosing FSX (who would have thought?) as my default flightsim folder, it edited the dll.xml correctly. All seems to be working now, but not thoroughly tested it yet. Cheers guys, Warren
  4. I notice my FMC doesn't seem to be working fully either. I've read about the needed edits to the dll.xml (and maybe fonts needed too) but I don't think my installer has done this. Can you please point me towards the required edits? Warren
  5. I've also submitted a ticket now, since I still haven't received the email after two days. Warren EDIT: My account was activated almost immediately after submitting the ticket. Thanks.
  6. I'm having the exact same problem as Rich. Tried to register about an hour ago, and not receiving the activation Email. I also tried re-registering again, same result as Rich. I've decided to just wait until tomorrow and see if there may be a delay in their process. Warren
  7. Very nice to read a positive review of this Aircraft, loooong but well written, and most helpful. The only slight frustration is reading about people enjoying the "Extended" version, but it is not available to the general public (yet?).
  8. I found post this rather interesting, as I too made the same decision regarding Computer Pilot, and for the exact same reasons, about a month ago. I really enjoyed the Mag but of late, I have found little of interest now that it has moved to FSX. It's not their fault, but I haven't made the move to FSX, and don't plan to at this stage. I'm also a long time subscriber to PC Pilot, and decided to continue with it as my only Flight Sim mag now. Thanks to Avsim though for maintaining the interest with FS2004.
  9. Greg, Yes, I did read your post (several times). I'll try to explain my thoughts again because I still don't fully understand the problem. Since you have said that the problem also occurs with the default Cessna, it is not aircraft related, so I tried to concentrate on the problem using the Cessna just to eliminate one variable (the Concorde). When you say that the "ILS won't work", do you mean that 1. It won't show up on the VOR when tuned to the ILS frequency?2. The aircraft won't turn towards the ILS beam when intercepting the ILS?3. The aircraft won't follow the glidescope?With regard to the AFCAD's, I am not surprised that you don't have any AFCAD files in the Addon Scenery folder. The only AFCAD's in there would belong to Addon Sceneries. Since you have re-installed FS9 twice, I assume you should only have the default airports and default AFCAD's. It is highly unlikely that you have any faults with the default AFCAD's after two re installs.It really looks (to me) like an operational issue, but if you could explain in more detail what you are doing when the problem occurs, and what you see (or don't see), it would be really helpful in trying to help further.Warren
  10. Hi Greg and Ray, Hope you don't mind me jumping into this post, but it has me interested (as a new owner of the Concorde but not yet experienced enough to help much) since a fellow Aussie is having problems (I'm guessing an Aussie based on the sig). I'm not sure what Greg means by "the ILS doesn't come up" but I tried out KJFK ILS 31L (the one mentioned by Greg) using the default Cessna. I also only use the default AFCAD. Initially I could intercept the ILS ok but had quite a lot of difficulty locking onto the glidescope. After many loops I found I had to approach from quite a distance out, be very stable on the ILS beam, and very low to make sure I picked up the glidescope from below. In fact I found I needed to be at about 1400 ft to lock the glidescope. So, I was wondering if Greg means that he can't pick up the glidescope, or does he not even lock onto the ILS? If this is the problem, I know that many of the payware aircraft (including most PSS ones) pick up the ILS and glidescope very aggressively but the default aircraft can be much more hit and miss (especially if not below glidescope and not tightly on the ILS beam. This may be a complete red herring, but thought I would throw it in. Again, it might be helpful if Greg could explain further what he means by "ILS doesn't come up". Cheers,Warren
  11. Carl, Just checked mine and can confirm that these switches do not work. I'm pretty sure that it is not designed to include this detail in the panel.Warren
  12. I'm slowly working my way through many of the options provided by this great program. I have a question re the little pop up entry screen, where you input your revised destination code (during flight). Does this show up in full screen mode? I find that I have to hit alt+enter and reduce to windows mode to find it. Is this normal or do I have something configured wrong?Warren
  13. The critical fix is as per John Burgess advice as follows:"if you rename KPDX_28L_ILSFIX.bgl as !KPDX_28L_ILSFIX.bgl all may be well"This simple fix works fine for me. This is the steps I took:-1. Locate the file KPDX_28L_ILSFIX.bgl (It is located under FlightZone02_SCScenery)2. Rename it to !KPDX_28L_ILSFIX.bgl3. Launch FS9 to ensure the Scenery.cfg is updated4. Exit FS95. Launch Radar Contact 46. Click Rebuild Scenery DB to update RC4 data.The two programs should then happily work together.Hopefully John or Ron will comment if I have this wrong.Cheers,Warren
  14. Thanks Ron, this is a very good explanation. I have learned something new from this, and no doubt it will assist others. Thanks again for your help to understand this issue. As explained earlier, I am extremely happy with both Radar Contact 4 and FlightScenery Portland.Warren
  15. "But doesn't renaming this file also eliminate the fix? I know that the IOS for this runway is way off"Hi Greg, I assume you mean ILS (typo?) I have tested ILS28L with and without the "Fix" file, and without it the ILS and runway don't allign. However, with the "Fix" file renamed it seems OK to me. Therefore the renaming of the file seems to be an acceptable compromise.Ron, I also would prefer to have one single AFCAD which included the fix. I have looked closely at both files using AFCAD2 and there are a number of subtle differences, and I am unsure what to modify. We need someone who is familiar with the scenery and AFCAD's to help provide some help, or preferably a new AFCAD. I'm not sure that FlightScenery are willing to change their files for this issue. At the moment, it seems to be working ok for me since renaming the Fix file, although I have had one CTD when flying into KPDX. It has not been repeated though.Warren
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