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  1. Gdavis0101

    X-Plane 11 pb15 is out

    PB 15 made no difference for me so I ended up deleting my preferences folder and had it rebuild itself. That has corrected the problem with with the stuttering.
  2. Gdavis0101

    X-Plane 11 pb15 is out

    I am still getting the pause and go problem that was introduced with Threaded Optimization being turned ON, it is turned off Globally but after installing PB 14 this problem is back, PB 15 did nothing to rectify it. In between pauses the sim runs fine and it ran fine before PB 14. Submitted bug report, will hope for the best.
  3. Gdavis0101

    X-Plane 11 b14 is out

    When X-Plane 11 was originally released I encountered horrible stuttering until I turned off the Threaded Optimization option on my video card, now after this new update the stuttering is back and I am not sure what needs to be changed? I tinkered around with my video card settings but to no avail I can't good the performance I was getting before this last update. In between the stuttering it runs fine. Ideas? Ran fine yesterday.
  4. Gdavis0101

    Will PMDG update the MD-11?

    Its to bad its gone. I was watching Air Disasters last night and got a bean up my butt for an MD-11 and decided that I was going to go ahead and buy it.. I know, a little to late! If they aren't going to sell it why not just make it freeware (wishful thinking)?
  5. Gdavis0101

    Question about Aerosoft A318/19

    I run a 3 monitor set up and I am having a problem with the cursor flickering, I found some information on the web regarding the Airbus Extended package but none of the changes seem to help. This problem starts immediately when entering the airplane. Does anyone know what portion of the Panel.CFG file needs to be changed? I have tried several, but nothing seems to fix it.
  6. Gdavis0101

    Windows 9 To Be Free Upgrade!

    Free?! Guess that means they have to start giving them away for people to use them..
  7. Gdavis0101

    Razbam Metroliner Released

    Had the same problem, the PWR Fail Light would not go off nor would the annunciator panel work..I found that FSX had dumped my modules and they weren't loading with the sim. I just happened to notice this when I went to check FSUIPC and it wasn't there. I reinstalled FSUIPC and after rerinstalling it all of my other modules showed up again and I was asked at the launch of FSX to accept them again.. Strange, but afterwards the Metroliner worked like it was supposed to so my guess is that it has its own module and it didn't load properly or whatever I did by reinstalling FSUIPC fixed the hangup at launch. Hope this makes some kind of sense, kind of late!
  8. Gdavis0101

    737 PIC For FSX

    I was quite surprised how well it works in FSX..
  9. They did fix it.. Sometimes my video card seems a little slow and it renders effects like lights or smoke as black squares until the program is fully loaded.
  10. Gdavis0101

    Desert Textures

    GEX all the way!
  11. In my opinion yes, I went from CH Yoke to the Saitek Yoke and throttle setup because my old yoke was starting to wear out. The throttle quadrandts are worth their weight in gold as it doesn't cost much to buy a second one thus giving the user easy access to four engine operation. Setup is easy and the Yoke is just nicer to use, it feels more fluid and conforms to whatever aicraft you want to use with it. Built in on the front is a clock and stopwatch which is a real nice addition and adds a lot ot the quality of this entire product and when you look at the price its very competitive.
  12. Gdavis0101

    PMDG 744X is OUT!!!!

    With the LEvel D bird I get about 25-30 FPS, in the VC on the PMDG 747 I am getting between 9 and 12...I did go through the direction and did change some of the performance settings, but that didn't help much.
  13. Gdavis0101

    What has FSX done to our hobby ??

    I have found that everytime I have myself talked into upgrading to a DX 10 card and Vista for FSX, I end up going back to FS9 and find that I really don't NEED to make that step. Though I do like FSX, it isn't what FS9 is for me now especially with add-ons like the PMDG 747!I have decided that I am going to just wait it out as far as going to DX10 simply because I am tired of spending more and more money on hardware..As for the new add-ons, I still prefer buying for FS9 and if it is available for FSX that is just an extra bonus.Happy Day!
  14. Gdavis0101

    Dornier Do 27 or SF260

    I like both aircraft very much, but I would probably go with the SF260 if I were in your shoes.. It is really quite excellant in FSX and being a FSX model makes it well worth it!
  15. Gdavis0101

    Any news about RealAir Scout 2007 for FSX?

    I have been waiting for this one!