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  1. LOC position - lateral mode APP position - lateral and vertical mode
  2. It should be as I said. This is Cruise Climb, so you need more power that cruise which is 155. You get there by setting AR and increase MAP and RPM.
  3. We already have a view defined which was just made for that situation. You see the AP interface and the main flight instrument. I flip to that turn the knob and you quickly get a feel for the bank angle you want. Switch back to looking forward and stop the turn in advance of target heading, switch to it again to put the knob back to neutral.
  4. Most common I use: MAP/RPM/BMEP for standard conditions and altitudes TO dry 53/2800/197 --- alternative TO setting from the RedBull plane METO 46.5/2600/196 max CLB 42/2600/174 crz CLB 39/2400/177 CRZ 1100 HP 34/2000/155 in AutoRich --- varying MAP to keep 155 DES 23/2000/90 with a lowest 21/2000/80
  5. Peter FL200 is the most upper limit for the plane. Check out the charts we provide for cruise at the end of the handbook. You need to stick to these settings to avoid any engine issues.
  6. All I did was recognizing that the 4000 nm that I, as a developer, put into the line on performance was a general value. I will correct that in an update... I then related it to a simple calculation on actual performance data which are correct and very close matched by the modelling. For proper flight calculations you can use the performance data delivered by the manual.
  7. I think you mixed something up. It should read: I set each to "Throttle#"...
  8. Frank, you need to apply that sequence Check that selector switch is all left on Gyro HDG knob is centered Switch on AP power Switch on servos which gives the AP HDG and pitch control Switch on ALT hold when you within 50 ft of desired altitude
  9. Okay, I have taken the general DC-6 info (which is a theoretical value) into the performance text and the PMDG aircraft has 8 tanks only. By that and about 2000 lb/hr and taking 1 hour reserve you can fly 9 hrs. That gives you a true range of 2115 nm.
  10. Like mentioned in the other throttle discussion: Do not use throttel axis set. Use the first line of selection an select Throttle1 to 4. No calibration on those axis. Click in the setting of the DC-6 to reverse throttles as they may move the wrong way around.
  11. Not sure what the issue is. You can assign throttle 1 to 4 in the sim or via FSUIPC? For the later you should not be using calibration but that is not an issue as in reality the throttle levers are never ne same position when engines are running equal setting.
  12. Just tried and no issue to use F1to F4 for power control.
  13. I have 6 levers on my throttle quadrant assigned via FSUIPC without calibration (important). I use the most left one for engaging the reverser lever, then 4 throttles and most right for RPM. Mixture control is done by clicking from autorich to autolean to autorich. This change is onle to be done twice: once you reach cruise and second time when you plan to land.
  14. Thank you, will do that! BTW Excellent tutorial video. I'm just learning to fly her!
  15. Hi, since a flight into KDEN I have this 60 ft missmatch between the ALT bug and the indicated altitude. On the tarmac the aircraft was indicating 60 ft above the ground with baro set correctly. Is this a simulated baro sensor or indicator error?
  16. Hello, At one point of you approach, typically when established on final, you need to change current set ALT to missed approach ALT. When I fly an ILS approach and the G/S is captured I just can turn the ALT up to the desired value and the T7 stays on G/S captured. Flying a RNAV approach I would need to do that change after the last WPT with a vertical restriction. Now what I experience is that when I change to the higher ALT quickly, the T7 stays on VNAV and continues, but when I just change over slowly it may initiate a VNAV capture. Is that the real behavior you need to pay attention to?
  17. I just have tested it and it is still 59 sec (P3D V2.4)
  18. Hello, As the title says, I have next to the right EGT display graphic a message which reads *FMS in white. I could not find an explanation in the handbook as it is difficult to search for that term. Anyone knows what it means?
  19. Very sorry to hear that he passed away. He was so helpful and tought me many things in flight dynamics developement.We will remember him with every plane we do.
  20. Tim, thank you very much for your repaint...in the progresss of installing.
  21. As Hans already mentioned, the boxed is without local taxes you need to add when buying at a local store. In sum it will be about the same as the download.
  22. Hi, looking for talented painter who could do the famous and still flying German registrated DC3 based on the MAAM model. Here is a picture of the real onehttp://www.airliners.net/open.file/1053988/M/ Drop me an email if you are interested.amm at iprolink.ch
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