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  1. A nice selection of airplanes to compliment our line of -400's. Would look good in the Ops Center. Have a Merry Christmas!
  2. Then I don't see a reason to as well. I also think it affects several other systems as I had a list of weird stuff going on. I just figured it needed to be reset.
  3. Great, so I'm not crazy...now, is it a BUG or did they build it like that for some reason. I'm thinking it is a bug. Support ticket will be forthcoming.
  4. All, I am getting this weird behavior out of the airplane that I discovered when I got a failure. Can any of you see if you can replicate or is this my issue? With APU AC PUMP 3 (under fuel failures) failed, my fuel load goes to 203K and will not move. If I have 70K on there, it will jump to 203K. Also, despite fuel dumping, the gauge never comes off of 203K. For continuity sake, I am flying the Delta livery from PMDG. *Also, this is with FSX and even trying CLD and DRK start to make sure my panel states weren't corrupt.
  5. I will add to some conspiracy theories. The end of the post spoke about their deliveries for 2018. I can't help but notice the MAX on the front of the envelope, which others have spoken about, but there is also the wing of a 747 classic (I can't tell if the JT9D's are -3A's for the -100 or -7's for the -200) in the frame and I could see that as not being an accident. While highly unlikely, it would still be a good story. There is also the nose of another 747 at the top which could be a regular -400 or -8 which would be accurate for a delivery in 2018. That's all I have...
  6. It's just not one of the parameters that the VFE controls or looks at. I personally wish it would, but nobody has asked my opinion.
  7. I have worked around this by opening the 2D to get the cursor up and then I will deselect the 2D, type whatever I am wanting to type, and then reselect the 2D and it is perfect.
  8. An easy way to test this is to drop the temperature in the sim and do a takeoff. Can you do that and report what happens? I know on the A2A connie, that is a problem you have to be aware of. Maybe there is too much of a spread on the DC-6 to ever reach that point. I can't say I've noticed. I flew the XP version in the winter conditions but have not done it with the FSX version yet.
  9. I'm about 90% sure that the ones without the spinner were a different propeller. They had the Curtiss electric propeller as well as the Hamilton standard. The Hamilton is on PMDG's. While you certainly could do it for visual reasons, you know as well as I that PMDG does not give you options just for looks when it is a different system all together. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have both propeller options but I don't see that happening.
  10. Yes, IRS. I am not debating that map shifts are possible based on whether or not it has a radio source vs the IRS, but I am saying that I don't think that it is required to have one of your FMC's on POS INIT 2/3 for it to happen. It will only show DD IRS(3) when I am on that page. When I go away from that page, it reverts back to just IRS(3). I think this would be an automated feature. That's my issue.
  11. So I am simulating a non-GPS aircraft by failing the left and right GPS's and disabling GPS position updates. I have some funny things happening with the tracking of LNAV. With the radios in autotune, on the ND it just shows INS(3). When I go to either FMS and select POS INIT 2/3, then the NDs show DD(dme/dme) and INS(3) below it and the aircraft seems to be about 5nm off course and the aircraft turns to correct that. As soon as the FMC page leaves POS INIT 2/3 (either 1/3, 3/3, or another page altogether), the DD leaves the ND and the aircraft turns back to the original course. When the GPS is operating, GPS is always displayed on the ND. Is this a bug or does the real aircraft actually act like this? The manuals don't seem to speak to this in too much detail other than confirming DD,GPS, or nothing on the ND depending on what the primary update source is. Ideas?
  12. Update. I followed PMDG's instructions and deleted EVERYTHING they told me to, redownloaded the installer, reinstalled, deleted the OC and reinstalled as they instructed and I am left with the same problem. I have updated my ticket and we will see what they say.
  13. From what I understand, if you re-downloaded then the 747 should be as up to date as the hot fix through OC. So if it is still showing bad, then maybe it is a problem with the OC. They are having me go and delete the OC and start over there too.
  14. I'm just going to do as they say. I'm not happy about it but it is what it is. I'm doing it now. I will report back when I finish.
  15. PMDG Support wants me to delete EVERYTHING concerning the 747 and OC and start fresh. While that is generally the first go to fix, I am not happy about losing hundreds of hours of 747 flying I have done. Can I at least save my panel state or times so I am not starting with a zero time airframe?
  16. I think it is comparing apples to oranges. I have the x-plane version of the DC-6 and most A2A airplanes. There are things I like and dislike about both. I will say that with the x-plane DC-6, when I am in the cockpit, I feel like I am in the plane. Same with the 747. I don't get that same feeling with the big A2A iron. I think both companies are very good at what they do. If I could hang four accusim'd R-2800's on the PMDG "6", I may die a happy man. Either way, I cannot wait for this to come out for FSX.
  17. Ok, I seem to have an issue here. I have FSX (not SE) 747. Updated OC as stated. Restarted and it showed 747 needed the update. Clicked update, it downloaded (and said on this page that the page would disappear when update installed), DOS window opened and ran a few things then it disappeared along with the update window and all notifications cleared. I went to 747 page and clicked on version and it still showed old version installed. I restarted OC and now the notification is back that I need to update the 747. I tried it again and got the same result. I made sure I turned off all virus protection so that shouldn't be it. Thoughts?
  18. The QRH says that a GPS has failed. Have you checked your PMDG failures page?
  19. Also, double check your legs page for any discontinuities. When you load a departure or arrival after the fact, depending on what you had already loaded, sometimes it will has a discontinuity in it and that will cause it calculate fuel wrong.
  20. Almost always C IRU due to power interruption.
  21. My first load up in this thing I couldn't get the A/C unit to disconnect. Me thinks it was because in an effort to leave quickly, I was releasing everything super fast and it probably just got hung up. I reloaded the airplane and have several flights that it has connected and released appropriately.
  22. I have had it happen both ways so far. Different weights, different speeds. I am going to assume they have a retraction schedule and that PMDG knows exactly what that schedule is and has it correctly programmed. They are going to tell you to produce something other than videos.
  23. Not so much an easter egg as it is air dynamics, but as mentioned in another thread, I forgot to turn the aft cargo heaters on (those temps were -1/2 respectively) and realized zone D and E of the pax cabin (right above after cargo area) were SIGNIFICANTLY colder than the rest of the cabin. Once the heaters were turned on, it made the cabin come up to the normal temp. Again, not an easter egg but still cool how it all works together.
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