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  1. I have been simming for more than 35 years, and I fly them all. FS2020 will replace FSX and P3D on my system, but X-Plane, DCS, IL-2, BMS, Strike Fighters etc will remain. Outside of streaming scenery in real time and pretty atmospheric shaders, there isn't much that FS2020 is doing that others have not done. There is a lot to look forward to in FS2020, don't get me wrong, but those who think it will be the "be all end all" sim may need to manage their expectations.
  2. I glanced through 19 pages of this thread and came to the conclusion that people are more interested in voicing their opinions (right or wrong) than coming together to celebrate what is an exciting time for all simulation fans. For the people that see this whole thing as a competition - you are probably missing the point and missing out on some great experiences to be had in other sims. I fly all these sims and more. I rotate between them a few times a year as each offers something specific that the others don't. There is not such a thing as the ultimate sim that does everything. I may not be JV's biggest fan, but I am a BIG fan of the quality product they roll out, especially their airports. Being able to experience their great scenery in more of my sims is great news to me. It will also remove some barriers for people believing that sim P has greater scenery than sim X etc., that may be reluctant to try another product. And to everyone that believes that 64-bit is the next sound barrier in flightsim development; think again. Creativity and the sheer will to do better/improve is what is going to drive the next best thing; 64-bit is the gum the developers will be chewing while they are at it. Some people should spend more time flying that posting, myself included. :wink:
  3. Hi there,Does anyone know whether GMax will be replaced as the stock 3D modeling software for FSX? Seeing that official support for GMax is limited, any ideas if they will be going with a more 'accessible' package?
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