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  1. Excluding all particle effects doesn't work in my case. I have tried that before to no avail..... If using a 4 engine jet, frame rates will suffer greatly. 2 engine jets not much of a problem.
  2. Keven, for some odd reason the effects are creating horrible performance mostly with 4 engine aircraft....contrails to be precise. I uninstalled and re-installed the effects and still have the performance issues. I suppose I won't use contrails when flying 4 engine aircraft. 2 engine aircraft contrails don't hit the performance nearly as much. Steve's Fixer doesn't help the 4 engine contrails one bit.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, Keven. I was aware that 1.2 was mainly for P3D and that is why I was taken aback by the sudden performance impact on FSX. I will uninstall the software this evening and re-install it. I will let you know the results.
  4. Hi, I have been using this software since it was first released and have had no issues with performance while using Steve's DX10 fixer. However, after updating the software to 1.2 via the PrecipitFX interface, I have noticed significant performance impact. I keep FSX locked at 35 and see a drop to 18 FPS once the effects take place in the sim.....on the ground and in air. If I use a 4 engine aircraft and the contrails develop, frame rates stay at a horrible 18 FPS with no deviation from 18 FPS. Yes, I did run Steve's scenery fixer after the update. Deselecting the PrecipitFX effects brought the sim back to solid 35 FPS in all regimes of flight. Should I uninstall PrecipitFX and start all over? Thanks, Joe
  5. I did get to fly the T7 sim for 2 hours back in February of this year (along with 3 other co-workers of mine). We did all takeoffs/touch-n-gos/full-stop landings and ILS approaches at VHHH...google map overlays for visuals were awesome. The only system on the airplane that we used to control anything was the autothrottles. Yes, the airplane was very easy to hand fly and land. One person landed so hard that it shut down the visuals in the sim. Mx had to come and reset the simulator :lol: . The only time I had to manipulate the rudder was during takeoff/landing roll. That's it. Had to work the trim quite a bit though during all phases of flight. Most of the approaches I flew were at 135 Vref + 5 knots (140) and made 3 nice landings. Also, the T7 handled a 20 knot crosswind like a boss ^_^ The PMDG T7 does replicate the actual airplane quite well, so I commend PMDG for a job well done!
  6. Hi Jim,Thanks for the quick reply. I did do a reboot of my pc after the problem began but the problem was not solved that way. So, I did uninstall AS6 and deleted the remaining folders, reintsalled AS6 and now the problem is solved. I can now access AS6 without issues. I can't even begin to explain why something like this would happen. It's as if the AS6 .exe became corrupt for no apparent reason.Thanks again!
  7. Hi,I have been using AS6 for quite some time now. This morning I was able to open AS6 and make one flight with FS9.1. This afternoon I wanted to make a flight using FS9.1 and Active Sky will not even open. I get thiserror:"Only part of a read process memory or write process memory request was complete"I have not changed anything within FS9 or AS6. I do have FSUIPC 3.75 and am a registered user, so this error has me befuddled. All other applications open fine and work properly. Should I uninstall AS6 and reinstall? Why would this suddenly happen?I have Windows XP Pro SP2 and AS6 has the latest update.Thanks,Joe
  8. >Hi,>>That is why some users have switched to an external flight>planner. >>The key to any of this is to have FS04 closed when submitting>textures. After this point, it really doesn't matter through>which program you submit your textures.>>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/Jim,Do you know why GE Pro would have a Wx Control function if it doesn't work? Again, I'm curious because it makes no sense to have that function within GE Pro if it cannot load the textures based on the flight plan. That would suggest that I paid for a program that is not fully functional.
  9. >Hi Joe,>>Is this still happening, today?>Is it the same error message as in post #1?>If FS04 is running you are not getting any updated textures>because textures need to be loaded BEFORE starting FS. So the>possible steps are:>>Plan>Export Plan>Import into AS>Use the Auto Submit on Plan option in AS to run GEP>GEP runs. Answer yes, no, yes and FS will be started.>>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/Jim,I tried a flight from FACT again tonight. This time GE Pro actually decoded the METAR string without showing an error message as indicated in post #1. I had been getting the error message for 2 days in a row prior to today. I will try another location tomorrow and see if I get the same message.Frankly, I didn't realize there is only one way to get the correct textures to load in FS9. I have done the procedure you described before and thought it to be a fairly lengthy process....start FS9, open FS Nav to plan flight, export plan, close out the aforementioned, and then go through AS as you mentioned. Since GE Pro has the Wx Control function, it seemed easier and faster to keep FS9 running. So, you are telling me that the Wx Control option is not the better option? Just curious.Thanks!
  10. Jim,Specifically, I tried from FACT, HESN(not sure if this is the correct ID...going by memory, which isn't good these days ;oP ), HLLT and SBGL, for examples.After I would compile a flight plan within FS Navigator and export it to FS9 (with AS6 already running), I would then open up GE Pro. I would always get the opening message asking if I wanted it to decode the latest METAR string and would select ok. When it's working normally, GE Pro would decode the METAR string, but now I get the error message. Once I close out the error window, I go directly to Wx Control and select the FS9 flight plan. It does load all of the waypoints, but I'm unsure if GE Pro is loading the correct textures based on the wx for all of the reporting points. At any rate, you get the idea.Thanks,
  11. Jim,I had tried getting GE Pro to decode the Metars in several different locations. The error occurred while in Africa, Libya and then S. America. I have never had an issue with decoding errors while in S. America region and have flown extensively around there. Granted, Africa doesn't have that many reporting points for AS6, so I suspected that would be reason for the first decoding error. However, I was really surprised when the error happened while decoding METARS in S. America.I will try another area in the US this time. If the same error occurs then there is a definite problem.
  12. Same here. Just started getting this error after opening GE Pro to decode the latest METAR string. I even went to the HiFi website to download the latest service pack for AS6.5 but still have Build 552 and the same error.What's going on here?? It's somewhat workable even after going into Wx Control and loading a FS9 flight plan but the longer route is to work up a flight plan, save it to FS9, close out FS9 and then open AS6 to load GE Pro textures. So, someone tell me where I can find this Build 553 that is suppose to solve this error message upon opening GE Pro. It seems to be eluding me.Thanks!Joe
  13. Ahhh, I see that now. I'm just wondering if there is a way to include additional Max Vertex Levels for the different sizes of terrain mesh. Maybe that would help in the loading of textures during a flight.
  14. I have had the same issue, as I seem to have the same setup as you. Even using Nhancer and trying the latest graphics drivers from Guru3D do not solve the "split screen" effect. If I have the FS Navigator window open while in VC(with any aircraft)then switch to an outside view and pan around, the screen will "freeze" to the point where FS Navigator is residing. Even having the Nhancer profile set at 4xS AA doesn't solve the issue. I don't think there is a solution to the screen problem when you are viewing other utilities like FS Nav or even when using FSinn for that matter. Nvidia has got to do a better job on the drivers problem. I have seriously entertained the idea of buying a different type of vid card.
  15. I was wondering about the Max Vertex Level myself. Since I have various levels of terrain mesh from FS Genesis along with UT-USA and Europe, I would assume that I would have to manually enter those items for each level of mesh? If you have several Max Vertex Levels in the FS9 .cfg file, will that not cause some problems? Maybe I'm not fully understanding this, as I do have blurred scenery when doing external panning. I have tried different settings to correct this but I haven't found a resolution to it yet. Possibly your suggestion may correct the issue, but I want to make sure I do it correctly.
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