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  1. Hi All, long time no speak.. Would anyone happen to have this AFCAD lying around they can put to a dropbox link? Ive had a few requests for this file but deleted it and since the upgrade to my new PC I have not kept anything FS9.. Maybe add my other fs9 ADE files for KMIA, KFLL TJSJ and KJFK to that list if you can.. Any help for your fellow FS9ers would be appreciated.. Flukey
  2. Not a problem mate.. Let me know if there are any others as Ive purchased a few airports over the years and have redone a few of those AFCADs to try and keep them as up to date as possible (even freeware if I have it)... For recent additions I updated TJSJ recently which is worth a look, http://forum.avsim.net/topic/442829-latinvfr-releases-san-juan-for-fs9/
  3. Give this a shot, https://www.dropbox.com/s/he5mz3v8zvdyi4g/ZSPD_ADE9_ADE.BGL
  4. Hey guys As per my screenshots above for those that have the Fsdreamteam JFK & KFLL plus Latinvfr KMIA V2.x see links below KFLL - https://www.dropbox.com/s/okn7h6w1sxcd3q2/AP_KFLL.BGL KJFK - https://www.dropbox.com/s/jov7jx8txgf00xc/AF2_KJFK.bgl KMIA - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ls0bqgc3ydc2yh9/KMIA_ADE9_RF.Bgl Remember to back up previous AF2 files (for KMIA File is KMIA_ADE9_RGM.bgl) Flukey
  5. Careful using AFX if the files are made by ADE as AFX can delete things done by the ADE program due to the features available with Airport Design Editor... Its free and probably worth getting to replace AFX as many developers today use the ADE program when doing AFCADs
  6. Okay so in the Interim until I decide what I am going to do try this for KMCO.. Back up current AF2 file from your T2G Orlando scenery folder before adding this file just in case you do not like it. On top of my earlier post this will also include the Mountain air cargo C208s parking at the FedEx ramp. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdky6ol893xd129/KMCO_AF.BGL File is made by ADE and came up with zero errors when I scanned.... Regards Flukey
  7. I was actually thinking of doing a massive Payware & freeware upload of all my updated AFCADs for various developers... I'm a little picky when it comes to getting the AI parking spots as close to the real airport (using the Airports website or Wikipedia). Not to hijack but here are a few I have done over time.. Fsdreamteam KFLL - Added Silver s340 parking spots to the united terminal (does knock out two jet bridges but makes the airports more realistic) and updated the FedEx parking for Mountain Air cargo's C208s Fsdreamteam KJFK - Hawaiian & Aer lingus relocation to Jet Blue term, while USair and many one-world partners have moved to the American Terminal Latinvfr KMIA v2 - Includes airline parking for Skyking 737s (on the left of pic 1) and other Caribbean/South American Airlines Does anyone have a request? LOL (I have a ton of purchased airports, hence my reluctance to go to FSX, as Ive spent too much money )
  8. Hey Guys Just an FYI I will be uploading my AFCAD for KMCO to avsim shortly so you can all enjoy this wonderful scenery with the use of your AI. Now it is nothing major only Gate updates to allow Heavies to Park and some minor airline reassignments to the best of my info. Shots below prove AI will park "close" the right spots A1 - American, Jet Blue and International incl. Aer Lingus A2 - Airtran, Southwest and Virgin America B3 - United, Silver, USAir, Spirit, Bahamasair B4 - Delta, Frontier, Sun Country, Air Canada, Air Canada Rogue and Euro Internationals included Thomas Cook (and Norwegian Air Shuttle which will begin at the end of May but unsure on which terminal it'll use) Just got to do a few minor updates but will hopefully be up by the weekend if not earlier. Regards Flukey
  9. Now that this has been out for a few weeks now, does anyone know if Taxi2gate have been happy with sales on this airport that they will look at continuing FS9 production?
  10. Looking forward to AES becoming available for this airport... Just feels like Im missing something when flying in and out of it atm LOL Would be good to actually know the numbers and if they are good enough for LTBA to be transferred, plus it will show some other developers who may be on the cusp of moving away from FS9 themselves that there is still life in her yet...
  11. Air Tran and southwest operate out of the same terminal satellite, but I have included the TRS code so Air tran AI can still be used while operating.. I did however add the SWA code to those spots as an addition as the merge into one continues... As for my AF2 file its nothing special, its just the Taxi2gate one with slight modifications to aircraft radius/spots only so nothing to do with runway operations
  12. Same, so ive already gone through and updated all radius sizes and updated a few airline terminal moves such as Air Canada from A1 to B4, plus add a couple of airline codes missing from the af2 file (soon to be Thomas cook transfers to MCO from SFB and a couple of seasonal carriers).. Now she's looking the part , just need to add a few more FedEx spots that where missing and fix up that side of the field!!
  13. +1 here but still a 5 star airport and well worth the purchase..... Florida is now stacked and was kind of the missing airport in the area when you have latinvfr KMIA & KEYW, Fsdreamteam KFLL and Flytampa KTPA...... I have purchased my copy and recommend all FS9 users to do the same as sales on this will determine whether we see their LTBA converted for FS9!!
  14. Has now by the look of it , http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6150
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