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  1. Hi All, long time no speak.. Would anyone happen to have this AFCAD lying around they can put to a dropbox link? Ive had a few requests for this file but deleted it and since the upgrade to my new PC I have not kept anything FS9.. Maybe add my other fs9 ADE files for KMIA, KFLL TJSJ and KJFK to that list if you can.. Any help for your fellow FS9ers would be appreciated.. Flukey
  2. Does anyone here have the 767 series for P3D or FSX and thoughts on the overall sim? realism? and would you recommend it?
  3. Just to clarify you need to re-enter all fmc details first before doing as I have mentioned. It worked for me so hopefully it does for everyone else.
  4. Ive done this before were Ive had an issue and rather then just quit I preferred to fix it by just reloading the same acft/livery, input all details into FMC correctly only for the VNAV not to initiate, what you need to do is when in cruise put the acft in a HDG Hold, In the FMC go to DEP/ARR Page re-enter the dep rwy & sid this should initiate all your VNAV requirements. Then go to the leg page click on next waypoint you are actually flying to move it to the top execute which will remove all dep details and all should be sweet. Robert Fluke
  5. Ok so it happened again but through sheer coincidence I think I might have found the real culprit to my issue. Doing my current flight (today) flying NSFA - NZAA, Weather was good (despite a hurricane in the area near Fiji), everything looked normal then passing 18,000ft the plane again rolled over on itself to the right then did some weird rolls/jumps I paused the sim, checked the overhead and nothing was illuminated, while I received no warning notices. to stop this since I was unable to control the acft, I decided to just reloaded/re-selected the same plane/livery on climb, reset the fmc etc and despite a little teething I was again tracking as normal until.... I was switching on DATA, POS buttons to which I hit the TERR button on the PNF side and bang it started making those jerky moves to the right and rolled over to which it then proceeded to flip and skip in the air I turned it off and was able to get control of the plane this time. Switched AP back on after getting back to normal conditions, hit the TERR button again on PNF and the plane started to jerk to the right, I turned it off before it started to roll over and it went back to normal.. Programs I had running at the time were: ASN VPilot(flying online at the time) On the previous flight with no issue I may not of had the TERR button activated but I can't be 100% sure, but I know it was active for the initial part of this flight before the issue hit again I guess to be 100% sure I need to complete other flights with TERR active then if it starts to roll over switch it off to see if this is truly the culprit Robert Fluke So im still in flight and decided to test it again and if I hit the TERR button on both the left and PNF side the plane will start to make its jerky movements to the right, once I switch it off problem stops! Robert Fluke
  6. Ok so the flight was a success looks like it was (most likely) the visual runtime causing my issue. Lets hope it is no longer an issue for future flights..... Sorry to Hijack your OP Lucas, I just thought my issue was similar. Robert Fluke
  7. Affirm, start up with brand new setup each time, no saved flight But fingers crossed, Im 20min into redoing previous flight I did yesterday (from scratch) when those crashes occurred and so far so good. Im now at cruise, 37000ft, NZAA to NCRG TAT -16 (Still doesnt look right to me) Was a little nervous on climb as there was a bit of turbulence and couldn't tell if it was happening again or just the sim. So onto the issue and what I found were 2 problems but hard to tell which was the culprit.+++2008 x86 was faulty and not installed to the correct position (the one I had installed, to my F drive?) So i uninstalled and reinstalled to the latest version I went and got, so this could have been it? Other issue after installing +++2008 I satrted up a new flight and noticed an issue with my controller (Logitech Extreme3D pro) pulling acft right on taxi or in slew mode, uninstalled reinstalled, re calibrated and as I said so far so good. Will advise if flight is successful or not in about 3 hours Robert Fluke
  8. Sorry yes the plane rolls right not yaws. It does make subtle movements right first before it rolls over, maybe thats why I thought it yawed I wondered about the temp thing as I found it weird that it was in + degree when my activesky conditions for certain altitudes showed - I do have a saved load up to the main screen for when FSX starts but that's the Default cessna to my closest airport, nothing saved as in to go to flight. I checked all failures are off. I will have to watch the overhead if it occurs again as I didn't actually bring it up sorry, but I get no warnings I will try an run with Anti virus off (I only use the avast freeware) and see if this could be blocking the info provided from Activeskynext. Funny thing is it doesn't happen to my other Payware planes (non-pmdg) Here is a more higher res image
  9. So I just replicated the same flight again and this time it got a little further down the road before it started to yaw right. I switched of Autopilot and no matter what I did it wanted to yaw right on top of this the yoke was jumpy and no longer smooth despite the high frames. I even disconnected from activesky to correct the plane but it still wanted to yaw right. Here are some screenshots I took just before the problem and during the issue if it helps: What usually happens when its had enough fighting it just hits a wall and bounces around before falling out of the sky My CG is all correct so I dont think its a balance issue Robert Fluke
  10. I'm getting an issue similar to this as well I was just doing a flight took off AP set, then about 5 min later the plane started making right hand movements off the LNAV course, Yoke starts to do stutter/freeze motions then the acft starts to spin/jump on the spot at different angles then falls from the sky. I never noticed a cabin pressure issue. Im also using windows7 64bit. FSX activesky Next I have all run-times installed and even UIAutomationCore.dll at first because I did a fresh install I thought it might have been because I was missing UIAutomationCore.dll as it happened on an earlier flight but it still occurs even after I put this dll in to flightsim. PC Specs i7 4790k 4.0ghz overclocked 4.6ghz Maximus VII Hero Z97 LGA 1150 motherboard EVGA Geforce GTX980 ACX 2.0 Superclocked 4GB G.SKILL TridentX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 2400MHz 850W 80 plus gold PSU S840 evo 500GB SSD, - for FSX only S840 EVO 120GB SSD - Main C drive + 2TB STD HD Noctua NH-D15 Multi-Socket PWM CPU Cooler Just a note this is only happening to me on the 772LR, haven't flown the 773 to see if its on both I also run Windows mode Robert Fluke
  11. Just a heads up to my old FS9 buddies, the new AES 2.39 is now up, http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/97311-aes-239-released/ While you guys dont get too much joy at least those with Tallinn can finally have the AES treatment..
  12. No worries for me... i7 4790k 4.7ghz, GTX980 Superclocked 4GB
  13. My YSSY was apart of VOZ1.8 so just download the updates and add them incrementally.... that'll go for any of the others I have updated
  14. I dont use Ai as I only fly online these days that's why I didn't have any.... Plus I was just showing cmpbellsjc that Sydney the scenery from Flytampa was not an issue when it comes to FPS....
  15. An easy 30fps (locked) on a 4+ghz system, plus minimal VAS effect.. (and I run ASN, and very high FSX settings) The scenery is amazing!!
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