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  1. Calvin had it right when he said that life needs a rewind/erase button.I tried a flight once again and discovered that, yes, the Vista reinstall DID fix the tracking problem too.My mistake was expecting a huge airframe like the 747 to track "on a dime" to the GPS/FMS without taking into consideration the effects of wind and weight. After looking closer at the readings, PMDG has appears to have very realistically duplicated the true effect of flying the plan by FMS: the turns are slow (as they should be) and if the wind is blowing hard it will take a while to drift back into the track.I'm afraid I have gotten a little jaded over the years in FS, being used to airplanes that turn a perfect turn at a bank angle of nearly 45 without shaking and doing this at Vmo. I should have known better: I am even more impressed with PMDGs modelling.Yes - there WAS drift before I reinstalled Vista - but what drift there is now is to be expected given the effects of wind/weight etc etcNow - for those who dislike the thought of a "reinstall" - I was able to do this WITHOUT doing a "clean" reinstall of Vista - which meant that I did NOT have to locate the install files and reinstall all of my programs or my data. -->You should still back up your data before you do ANY reinstall!<-- But simply reinstalling the O/S and the updates is a lot quicker than having to do a complete reinstall. (A few hours as opposed to a few days).The reinstall also significantly improved other aspects of FS.Good job PMDG!
  2. I did that - it did not solve the tracking problem (although it did fix some other problems).
  3. I loaded the Cessna default on JFK 31L and the compass (plus the electronic versions) read 315 on the nose. Loaded the 747 GE PMDG house model and it read exactly the same.Switched from "N" to "T" and the compass rose did indeed rotate to 301. (The "whiskey" compass did not but that one shouldn't as far as I know).Is there another parameter we should be looking at?Also - if the magnetic deviation were the problem, wouldn't that also cause the waypoints to be missed entirely? The waypoints themselves are being reached.It seems that the tracking error has something to do with the difference between the orthodromic course and geographic course perhaps? ("straight line" as opposed to "round world")?BestBrian
  4. >Hmmm... >>Are you guys who are having this problem running Windows in a>non-US English locale?>>I seem to recall, in the past, math bugs related to locale>(due to differences in decimal place character).>>- Bill>No - US English without a doubt here.
  5. The EICAS electrical display constantly shows AC amps at 0 - no matter what buttons are pushed or BUSses are powered.Should this be happening? And if not, would this maybe be part of the problem with blank comm/chron/mcp displays?FSX SP1Vista 32Athlon 64 Dual4 GB Ram512MB Graphics (ATI)
  6. Same here - comm/chron/mcp digits are blank in the 747F - comm/chron are blank in the 747 (both for FSX).Rebooting seems to have no effect.
  7. I have not been able to get any of the comm equipment to display properly in either model (including the chronometer) - and the same thing is happening with the freight model: radio/MCP displays are dark regardless as to whether power is applied or not.The solution of cycling the standby button does not have any effect.
  8. True enough - even with the few quirks and bumps - it is an awesome model and well worth the wait. You all have done well.
  9. Actually my installation sent it to FSX but to the WRONG folder (and I did check FSX). Copied it over and everything worked fine. It is possible that some parameter isn't set correctly and it could be either on the NaviGraph end or mine.It's an easy fix though.
  10. Actually this is occurring all over the place. The virtual NTSB is out at PANC right now trying to figure out why the pilot tried to land fifty feet to the right of the runway.
  11. The same problem here as well - the airplane will track between the waypoints - but it does not follow the flightplan path (the magenta line) and the deviations are severe enough that FS ATC issues course corrections when on an ILS flight.Brian Monroe
  12. Outstanding! Best news I have heard all year.Brian MonroeKSHN
  13. Unfortunately there is NOT an easy solution.For example, you could save a default flight in a cold-dark state. This would work for most of the default aicraft. But if the aircraft you are flying has its own "ini" file (such as the Feel There aircraft), then the "ini" file for that aircraft will override the default flight file. The only option at that point is to edit the "ini" file (which is usually done through a setup utility provided by the developer).Good luck. :)BRIAN
  14. I run Vista Home Premium on a AMD 64X dual chip with an ATI Radeon 1650 - and FSX runs fantastic. A couple of caveats though:1 - Despite the fact that this is a power system, you cannot set all the sliders to maximum and get any kind of performance. Tweaking is the only way to get anything to work in FSX. As someone said elsewhere - they haven't made the computer/graphics card powerful enough to run FSX with the sliders to the max. (Which seems a little ridiculous - how on earth could they have tested it? But it seems to be true).2 - You MUST keep up on the drivers! ATI frequently releases updates (often without any fanfare). Had I not double checked the updates, I would have made a fool of myself at a tech support forum when the problem was the graphics driver - not the product.3 - FSUIPC and the drivers are related - somehow. If you have problems with FSX check to make sure that FSUIPC is up to date too. (I use the payware version so the freeware version may not be so picky).Hope this helps.Brian
  15. I recently installed the new CH update for Vista on my machine.Ever since then, if I open FSX and DON'T start a flight, the configuration file (standard.xml) reverts to the "default" settings. As long as I start a flight and actually leave the airport the file remains untouched - but if I simply open the simulator and start a flight without leaving the airport (usually when checking a new AFCAD), the configuration file reverts. It does this when FSX is CLOSING.Unfortunately, I do not know for certain if the new CH software has anything to do with this - but I do not remember noticing this happening before it was installed.This happens whether it is a default flight or add-on.Only workaround thus far is to keep an extra copy of standard.xml and put it back in the folder whenever it gets overwritten.Details: AMD dual-core 64x 5400; Vista Home Premium; FSX with SP1; 4 GB memory; 200 GB HD; ATI Radeon X1650.Brian
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