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  1. nateanderson

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Dear Tom, Those are tough words to hear. You've always been very direct in your forum posts, and I can see the same directness in announcing your prognosis. I am praying for you and your loved ones to have more time together and to enjoy every minute. Thank you for a great website and the community that has grown up around it. I check nearly every day. My hard drive has hundreds (thousands?) of files which came from AvSim. What you have established will continue to be a part of our lives. May God watch over you! Ben “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.” (2 Timothy 4:6–8)
  2. nateanderson

    Killing long haul time

    If you are looking for "as real as it gets" then remember that countries and airlines impose restrictions on how long a pilot can fly in a 24-hour period. Often this is 8 hours, so it would be "illegal" for you to stay at your simulated long haul flight longer than that. What I often do is to take off and fly through the first step climb. then raise the simulation rate until an hour from landing. Obviously if you are online or that is against your VA then that won't work. Ben
  3. nateanderson

    FSX:SE Discounted Again (Encore Sale)

    Just picked up FSX:SE for $4.99. Not planning to install it until I need to reinstall FSX. I never got the Acceleration pack with my original FSX Deluxe so now will have it when needed (for a lot less than it cost originally). Plus now I don't have to worry about keeping my FSX disks safe and working. For those worried about Steam, there is really no problem. I've used Steam for years with various games including most of the COD series. The client is well-behaved and unintrusive. Ben
  4. nateanderson

    Flight Dynamics

  5. nateanderson

    Flight Gear v3.2 released!

    Great to see FG continuing to be developed. Every version makes it more enjoyable to fly. Thanks also for the vid. Ben
  6. I don't fly online, but enjoyed your flight plan in PNW with Carenado's Cessna 185. Thanks!
  7. nateanderson

    CS 777 v1.4 Released

    On the CS forums someone was having problems like this and it turned out their system font was set to large. I do believe this is some kind of font problem. Ben
  8. nateanderson

    CS 777 WIP Oneworld

    Looks good, Richard. I painted the Ethiopian 200LR and Freighter. The CS paint kit takes some time to become familiar. BTW, has anyone produced non-symmetrical wing textures that look real? Ben
  9. nateanderson

    Hong Kong FSX Live from Flightsoft

    Those vids are 6 years old and FS9. Is this a new product or an old product? Or an FSX port of an old FS9 product? Also, those vids are low quality and make it difficult to see the level of detail in the scenery. Ben
  10. nateanderson

    Hong Kong FSX Live from Flightsoft

    Could someone buy this and post a vid and review? The price seems way high. Plus it will have to compete with FlyTamps's VHHX which is one of my top addons. I wish someone would do a complete Singapore and WSSS in FSX. Right now I've merged Samsoft and Imaginesim but there are still a lot of anomalies. Ben
  11. nateanderson

    Captainsim 777

    CS does not release hotfixes with the 777. They would have already done so since the VNAV in the -300 is improved over the -200. There will be numerous fixes as in all their updates. I'm going to call their next update the Release Candidate. Ben I'm guessing Captain Robert S. Randazzo will be a whole lot happier when he has released something--anything. Ben
  12. nateanderson

    Captainsim 777

    The CS 777 is a beautiful plane in and out. The problem is that some of the systems are not complete. If you are waiting for a complete CS 777 then you should think this way so as to avoid becoming a beta tester: .xx Alpha versions (still adding features) 1.0 Beta version (this is what is out now) 1.1 Release candidate 1.2 RTM The CS will never have the same complexity in systems as the PMDG (whenever they get it released). Graphically, however, the CS is not going to be beat. Take a look at one of the many YT vids. So each sim pilot needs to figure out how they want to use their 777. Personally, I'm not interested in reading thick manuals and running through a bunch of checklists before anything works. So CS with another update or two will be exactly what I need. Ben
  13. nateanderson

    FS Genesis and FSX

    It depends on how and what you fly. Anytime you see the ground a lot, then FS Genesis makes a huge difference. At FL350 and visibility 20 miles, it doesn't make any difference at all. I like piston singles and FS Genesis is actually the only payware scenery add-on I own. It makes a difference also in the shape of distant hills/mountains, which adds to the familiarity of an area. Mountains actually look like mountains instead of rounded hills.The drawback of high res mesh is that some objects like airports and lakes end up on plateaus or in holes. FSG Version 2 has helped that a lot by cutting a hole in the mesh one km around airports so that the default FSX mesh shows through--which is level with the airport. Of course, it is not accurate, but it looks a lot more normal, and in some cases makes airports in holes to be usable.Ben
  14. nateanderson

    Default Mesh/ Genesis Mesh

    FS Genesis mesh is a definite improvement over the default. It is even more noticeable outside of the U.S. Adds sharpness and realism to the terrain.One drawback: Many airports will be on rectangular plateaus or depressions because FSX airports are always flat, unlike the real world and they don't blend in well with the more accurate mesh.Ben
  15. nateanderson

    Instant Replay and SP2

    Was your flight 52 seconds?