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  1. Hi all, I lost a PMDG file at one time, just sent them an email. They told me about the extended download service, which was like $3 , bought it,, downloaded and all is good. Whats $3 ? As for charging? Bandwidth=$ Not trying to be a smart-a--, just offering my experience :) PMDG Rules !!! :)Larry Falcone
  2. Hmmm, no setting for "MS Flight Simulator 2004" ? That is how it is listed in the profiles. As for your driver version, how did you install it? From Win Update, disc, or Nvidia site? If you look in your control panel/system/hardware/device manager, then under display adapters you should see 8600GT, right click on it, then click properties. Look under the driver tab for the driver version number. Mine is . Post your number here.Larry
  3. Hi, that card oes not have a pciE power connector from what I've read. So he should be ok there. Have you tried modifing the FS9 profile in the control panel? Look under program settings, should be a list of games. Find fs9 and set it up there, then turn on AA in the game and see what happens. Also , look under image settings preview in the control panel and tick off use the advanced 3d settings. Not sure if this will help but worth a try. :)Larry
  4. Hi, I moved my keyboard to the desktop, then mounted the yoke to the keyboard tray. Originally the yoke housing we too thick to fit in the tray, so I just remounted the slides for the tray a little lower on the desk. Still had the problem of the tray moving around, but a couple woodscrews sent through the sides of the tray locked it down. Larry
  5. Just tried it, awesome program. Took a 15 minute flight around Hawaii, pretty cool not having to look at the monitor :)Larry
  6. OK, thanks. I'm in now. Go ahead and cancel the hotmail one.Larry
  7. I registered at your site, trying 2 different email addresses, but I did not get an activation email to either address. Is there a problem? Or does it just take awhile to get the email.Thanks, Larry
  8. I agree, if you read my email you would see the same ideas. However, the word I recieved is better than none at all :) I did not go into his reasons, problems etc as I feel that is none of my business. If he has a problem posting here, thats none of my business either. My main concern (and others here?) is if our purchases are safe. That we will not lose them or have to rely upon our own methods of backing up. He has stated that something will be done. I'm content with that.Larry
  9. With his permission, I've attached the email he sent me. I hope this calms some peoples worries here. I know it did mine :) Start at the bottom.With whatever problems Graham is having, I hope he gets it worked out and can return to us soon.LarryLarry thanks
  10. Personally I have no problem if they want to get out of the FS scene. Thats their choice. Real life gets in the way, people tire of the work etc. What I'm against is no word at all from them about whether they are going out and what happens to people who already bought the product? If the server goes down, someone along the line is going to get screwed out of their purchases. Like others here, I've backed up my files but I would prefer that PSS make somekind of installer that we can use, send us CD's, email customers etc. Anything would be better then the rediculous silence we get now. This is not right...I've bought many things online and worry "now" that someday I may not be able to use them. Ask yourselves if PSS goes down without making sure the customers have their products intact, could this set a dangerous precedent for others to do the same in our communittee?Shame on any company that does not step up and make sure their customers who bought their products in good faith are not taken care of. The owner or owners should pipe in here and say something to the loyal purchasers of their products..After all, these things weren't exactly cheap.As for pirating, never done it, never will. Its pathetic and the people who do it are pathetic...you can quote me :)As for posting these issues here, where else can we turn? Do they respond to emails? Do they have real support people here who actually work for the company? I, like others appreciate immensely the volunteers who stepped up to fill PSS's shoes so to speak and Avsim allowing these unofficial support forums so don't get me wrong. But my guess is that they (the owners) are reading these forums and the more we talk/complain/moan, praise, the more it will goad them into a response. If not, well, I wasted 5 minutes typing this :) I can afford it. LOLEveryone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc. :)Larry
  11. Same here...still working...Your internet working properly? Maybe they had a little outage or something.I do agree with one sentiment though...a word from PSS would be nice.Larry
  12. Dear PSS, I'm not here to beat you over the head, plough you into the ground, etc..Business changes happen, I fully expect that as do most people. Real life problems etc. can have a negative impact on companys such as yours being in a niche market, probably having other jobs and so on. Many of us being paying customers are worried about the purchases we made in good faith to you. We fully expected to be able to use these for as long as we cared to, EULA's not withstanding. You can stop supporting our purchases which seems to be the case here with the exception of a few brave souls who offer their time for free here, but if your site/store closes up, what happens to our well spent money? Are we to rely on backing up the files ourselves, with the presumption that it may not work correctly? Will you provide us with the files complete with an installer so we do not lose our purchases? All I ask, as a paying customer is what happens next? Is PSS closing? Are personal problems in the way? Please, a word from someone at PSS in an official capacity would go along way to easing some fears here, or at the very least laying this to rest. I can't believe this forum is not being read by those at PSS and ignoring it is not helping anyones cause here or at PSS. So please, do the right thing and chime in here with at least a kind word.Thanks for your time, Larry Falcone
  13. Just a lurker here, so my 2 cents aint worth much :) butttt...I think everyone needs to get on the SP2 bandwagon..Its not Accelerations fault, It's the SP2 update that is in Accel. that is causing the head aches. As Phil has stated, there will be no change between what is in Accel ie: the SP2 update and what will be in the stand alone Sp2. I'm a little disheartened to hear comments like these. I hope they all come to their senses and fix their models, add ons etc. I like Accel and the SP2 update and don't plan on giving it up. If PMDG, Eaglesoft can make their models work in SP2 at release, so can everyone else :) I hope :)Larry
  14. Hi all, just a lurker for the most part but being the owner of 4 PSS products, I'd be less concerned about what type of customer service we may or may not have had and more concerned if there will be more coming? In other words, I'd like to know if PSS is ever planning to reopen their store, are they closing up for good? If so, how do we continue to fly what we purchased? A statement from the higher ups would help to alleviate alot of worried people..well, at least me.. :)Larry
  15. I noticed the same thing myself but with the Lear45.gau gauge...I tried to bring the Overland Airbuses into FSX, but the panel relied on the Lear45 gauge. OK, the directions I had said drop the Lear gauge into the gauge folder and it will work. I did so but no gauges showed up. I replaced them in the panel .cfg with the new gauges for the FSX Lear so all is well now. Maybe SP1 screwed something up with the older gauge files??Larry
  16. Anyone check it out yet? Looks pretty nice and comes with an Airport... http://www.aerosim.co.jp/eigo/page1_e.htmLarry
  17. Try disabling vertical sinc in your video card control panel. I noticed a big jump in framerates when I did this at the cost of some texture tearing when panning around the cockpit.Larry
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