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  1. @Dominique_K You have a system similar to mine. How does MSFS run these days? I didn't like it very much at the time of the Beta. PS: sorry for offtopic.
  2. Oh God... PS: Nothing against what you wrote but rather against what people are saying, that MSFS is a simulator. It's not... may be one day...
  3. These planes (this one and the one that came out for MSFS) need something like Accusim. They seem lifeless, you don't see a vibration, nothing.
  4. So, Madeira and Porto Santo from AeroMSFSSoft: Inside P3D folder: Ecosystem---->MadeiraXEvolution---->scenery, texture and LPMAConfig.exe ----->Porto SantoXEvolution---->scenery and texture folders. Effects----> effects files and a Texture folder. Scenery----> World-----> Scenery: two AFCD files: AFX_LPMA_ALT.bgl and AFX_LPPS_ALT.bgl How do I install this using the addon.xml method? I have doubts especially regarding the scenery/world/scenery folders. Thank you 🙂 PS: Porto Santo addon.xml looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>PortoSantoXEvolution</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Porto Santo Scenery from MSFSSoft</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Texture</Category> <Path>C:\Addons Prepar3D\Cenarios\LPPS - PortoSantoXEvolution\Texture</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Effects</Category> <Path>C:\Addons Prepar3D\Cenarios\LPPS - PortoSantoXEvolution\Effects</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Name>LPPS - PortoSantoXEvolution</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Porto Santo Island from MSFSSoft</AddOn.Description> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>C:\Addons Prepar3D\Cenarios\LPPS - PortoSantoXEvolution\Scenery</Path> <Name>LPPS - Porto Santo X</Name> <Layer>999</Layer> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> What about AFX_LPPS_ALT.bgl in Scenery/World/Scenery?
  5. Yeah, I saw that on simMarket too...
  6. I wish there was a possibility to pay the creator directly!
  7. No more of my money for them!
  8. The average xbox user doesn't even know what Navigraph is.
  9. Q&A with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D Team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4d0Xj3XUH4
  10. Speaking of LatinVFR, for v5.3 do you recommend using scenery with or without PBR?
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