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  1. Do we need FreeMesh in v5.3?
  2. Wow, @johncott thank you!
  3. What we have in V5 is bad but the MSFS clouds sometimes don't convince me.... I haven't tested what Adam did yet but I'm curious!
  4. Even the antialiasing problem seems to have been fixed!
  5. Certain scenery/addons and antialiasing seem to work better with EA turned off.
  6. If I one day switch to MSFS I will keep my "ban list" for sure.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMgDQZKQFSt3HScgaAuCITQu9RhCkvD6P Yes, it´s a playlist.
  8. Maybe I'll wait for the update before I make my first flight.
  9. They had a platform with loyal customers who want and need (like me) an ATR and we were left without it... and now this happens.
  10. NGXu 800 vs iFly MAX-8, same settings, same location, same local time, same camera angle... iFly External view: ~38 FPS, 3.3 VRAM PIC view: ~40 FPS, 3.0 VRAM PMDG External view: ~69 FPS, 3.0 VRAM PIC view: ~46 FPS, 2.8 VRAM It's not scientific: it's just put one plane in, look at the data, close P3D and open again with the other plane.
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