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  1. Why "controversial"?
  2. otreblA

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Questions: -AIRAC compatible? -panel states (or starts in cold and dark state)? This or another business jet for v4?
  3. otreblA

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    Amazing news 😮 Thank you RealAir!!!
  4. Que novidade, Nuno 😮 It's the same old and boring FSX scenery from... I dont know, 2008? Image from Air Team Images It's identical!
  5. Porto Santo (LPPS) Dublin (EIDW) Santiago (SCEL) Montevideo (SUMU) Bogota (SKBO) Caracas (SVMI) Madrid (LEMD)
  6. Muchas gracias Nicolás. Working fine here. Finally SCEL in P3D v4!!!
  7. otreblA

    Clean Cockpit Textures?

    I would like to have this option. The NGX flightdeck is disgusting.
  8. otreblA

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    Oh... I have the Pilot Edition (no HUD). Thats why.... Thanks @Sethos1988
  9. otreblA

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    Do any of you know how to solve this? It's the default Majestic Q400 profile that comes with Tomato Shade.
  10. +2. Love my Sidewinder Force Feedback 2.
  11. otreblA


    So far I haven't had problems.
  12. otreblA


    I believe I will skip version 5. I am very satisfied with v4.3. v5 will have to bring something very good that will make me change.
  13. otreblA

    NVIDIA Control Panel settings for P3D v4.3

    One thing: in NCP, maybe it's better to use "Clamp" in Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias.
  14. otreblA

    NVIDIA Control Panel settings for P3D v4.3

    @kevinxu8 That's why I do not want a 4K screen 😉
  15. otreblA

    NVIDIA Control Panel settings for P3D v4.3

    Hi @eXpress48. As I said, I stopped using NI. Here are my settings: Some examples: If you see any setting that can be improved please tell me 😎 My system: 4790K in default speed. 16GB RAM GTX1070. 1080p 23 inches 60Hz monitor. 512GB SSD. P3D 4.3 EnvTex, EnvShade, FTX Global, FTX openLC Europe, FTX England, AS for P3D4 and ASCA. No p3d.cfg edit or tweak.