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  1. Yep same here, weather reported on asn not looking same in p3d, It's not that certain things are not displaying in sim for me , just not matching what asn should be. All so found a few times if I close asn while sim is running you get clear sky's ( normal I think ) but then start asn again same location ( sim not touched ) I get a different asn report ??
  2. When you guys use 2xSGSS do you also use 2x in p3d, i do see the trees shimmering a lot without using NI
  3. I had similar but asn reporting rain, but nothing in sim , I have asn running on a client pc. I installed all simconnect versions on both sim pc & client & it seemed to get me the rain back. Might work for you ?? Worth a try. If not I would uninstall & reinstall asn . Good luck
  4. Seems like the feature would not be included as a vpilot extra, http://www1.metacraft.com/VRC/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3997 we have to disconnect if we are going to be away for a while,never mind was just a thought. 😫
  5. Thanks for reply kingm56 Yep have posted over at vpilot forums just waiting too see if anything comes of it , would be great feature. Cheers
  6. Thanks Henry Yep maybe something like this for iPhone would work, But think a notification of a msg on vpilot to iPhone , if you are within wifi on same network , is what I would like to see. Because yesterday I did a flight where a controller decided to do extended coverage hence I received a contact me via vpilot, now I do monitor online activity with apps like vatraffic & vatmap which will show you when a controller comes on. I'm no programmer but think it could be a neat feature 😉
  7. Great to see in the second shot that the baggage handler is lifting correctly (knees bent) :smile: Great shots ,, Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hi Guys Not sure if right section for this post so sorry if not. I am wondering if there is anything out there that can notify ( iPhone or iPad ) when you get a contact me or message from vpilot. Now i know on vatsim they prefer you to stay in front of your flight deck the whole time, just in case a controller does comes online. But if you were on a long flight & just being around the house within WiFi distance is there anything out there??. I thought maybe using a remote app on iPhone to connect to my vpilot PC , i could then see if i get a message, but didn't work very well. Anyone have any thoughts ? Cheers Riche.
  9. Thanks , just one issue I have , it's the cloud.fx file I get error saying it's not the original, when trying to apply , not sure where the original cloud.fx would have been backed up to, have been using RSP & Rex Edit: Fixed by going into Rex & restore default cloud shader.
  10. I had another vatsim member fly 8000ft below me today in the opposite direction vpilot using UT2 & fsfx & there were contrails but very short & disappear very quick didn't spot them till he was bout 4nm in front then it was gone , would be good to have them fixed.
  11. Thanks for this , should we also set CDD in P3D too 130 as well as ASN.? Cheers
  12. .. <Path>C:\My Bats\addonstart.bat</Path> ?? Sorry Steve my tiny brain can't work that one out. ?
  13. So using a .bat with A0 to start add ons & AM=85, HT on 4790k this seems the best configuration I have found for my system so far, my question is add ons like UT2.services & GSX/Couatl.exe start with p3d how would you start those like I start the other add ons with a .bat Cheers
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