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  1. YBCG. Gold Coast Would be nice to see done, now they have finished the new terminal. The market place version isn’t very good at all.
  2. Same here east coast Australia been more frequent recently 😤😤
  3. Anyone had extremely slow download speed while trying too install GSX with universal installer. I’ve been though the FSDT forums & done all the recommended fixes ( firewall , defender off , allow Addon folder etc etc) but it’s still slow. My average connection 90Mbps I’ve had it installed once but now trying to install again it’s just not happening, very very frustrating, I seem too remember similar problems with GSX back in the P3D days. don’t have problems installing other things just GSX 😡. I’ve read about the cloudflare thing & nodes etc , seems like I’m running out of options , any ideas???
  4. Will the ground crew give you a load sheet after loading the aircraft with a close calculation too let’s say how much you loaded in simbrief?? Really looking forward to release 👍👌🤙
  5. YBCG With new terminal would be nice 😁
  6. Apparently this has fixed the drop in fps over a period of time for some people: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ndu-registry-change-increase-performances-immediatly-amazing-tested-and-aprouved/504551
  7. You press one of these to silence I think : http://www.b737studyguide.com/B737NGiPad/B737/RightForwardPanel/Annunciator_Lights/copy_of_AP_Disconnect.html
  8. If render scale is not set correctly I’ve found it can give me CTD when using a 1080p HD TV. Couldn’t work it out for ages then set that back to 100 & no more CTD,s. Just a thought or to anyone else who has this setting above 100 and having problems good luck👍👍
  9. https://flightsim.to/file/9529/global-ai-ship-traffic-msfs-v1
  10. I only use AIG Manager for online flying (vatsim) anyone know of any GA packages that have 172,s pipers, bonanzas etc. not necessarily correct liveries that other vatsim users are in just the models that can be added though AIG Manager. Or a package/model library that can be used with MSFS that I can then generate a VMR file for vpilot Cheers Riche
  11. Let us know please , I’ve been tossing up weather to buy opus for the homemade buttkicker I have. I used to use opus with p3d it worked really well 👍
  12. Anyone else noticing high ping rates from all servers last few days ??? Lowest I’ve gotten is 90ms it’s in the blue , can normally get 10-20 normally. my internet connection is still working as it should 52Mbps solid. Is there a way to check outside the sim the ping rates of the servers ?? Cheers.
  13. Hi there, so is opusmsfs now working like it did for P3D?? I used to use it with a USB sound card , a car amplifier & a bass shaker (transducer which is virtually same as buttkicker I think). Worked great. Just been holding off opus msfs as could not really confirm if would work yet.??? Not worried about the other features of opus just the sound part. cheers 👍👍
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