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  1. I only use AIG Manager for online flying (vatsim) anyone know of any GA packages that have 172,s pipers, bonanzas etc. not necessarily correct liveries that other vatsim users are in just the models that can be added though AIG Manager. Or a package/model library that can be used with MSFS that I can then generate a VMR file for vpilot Cheers Riche
  2. Let us know please , I’ve been tossing up weather to buy opus for the homemade buttkicker I have. I used to use opus with p3d it worked really well 👍
  3. Anyone else noticing high ping rates from all servers last few days ??? Lowest I’ve gotten is 90ms it’s in the blue , can normally get 10-20 normally. my internet connection is still working as it should 52Mbps solid. Is there a way to check outside the sim the ping rates of the servers ?? Cheers.
  4. Hi there, so is opusmsfs now working like it did for P3D?? I used to use it with a USB sound card , a car amplifier & a bass shaker (transducer which is virtually same as buttkicker I think). Worked great. Just been holding off opus msfs as could not really confirm if would work yet.??? Not worried about the other features of opus just the sound part. cheers 👍👍
  5. I’m getting voice switched to offline while listening to atis , then the voice changes from azure to offline sound , but in settings still saying azure???
  6. Not the best promotional video is it. 😳. Wonky !!! But suppose he is using an Xbox controller to try & fly a plane🥴.
  7. Thanks , just one issue I have , it's the cloud.fx file I get error saying it's not the original, when trying to apply , not sure where the original cloud.fx would have been backed up to, have been using RSP & Rex Edit: Fixed by going into Rex & restore default cloud shader.
  8. I had another vatsim member fly 8000ft below me today in the opposite direction vpilot using UT2 & fsfx & there were contrails but very short & disappear very quick didn't spot them till he was bout 4nm in front then it was gone , would be good to have them fixed.
  9. Thanks for this , should we also set CDD in P3D too 130 as well as ASN.? Cheers
  10. I'm using simstarter NG for starting p3d mostly for different scenery selections , but have used it for the AM & FFTF now, but when changing the shadow num cascade values manually in cfg when using simstarter it puts the values back to 4 5 7 12, anyone know how to get around this? Cheers Riche
  11. So i have HT off on a 4790K OC to 4.7ghz no AF Mask in cfg, SLI 2X gtx970. im using process lasso to put a few addons on cores 1 & 3 keeping them off core 0, Now i do get a bit of slow texture loading , but sim is acceptably smooth with few micro stutters. I am using SimStarter NG which allows you to tweak the cfg from there, ive tried AF mask of 14 or 15 but didn't really make much difference, but would changing the FFTF make a difference to texture loading, (do find it hard to judge) or would i be better too reduce OC & use HT on , then with a AF mask?? Cheers Riche
  12. So Sli here 2x gtx970 4790k 4.7ghz HT off p3d v3.2. I've been running process lasso for a while now , but don't think I have it right what cores should I dedicate for trackir,vpilot, & other utility's I use for fs. & then also what cores for p3d . Cheers Riche
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