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  1. I've had recent success using the keyboard shortcut to start the battery (ALT+B if I recall correctly) rather than using the mouse. I can then turn on the generator with the mouse and continue with no CTD. I bet that now I have posted this I will CTD next start.
  2. To make the setting persist edit the .FLT file(s) and look for this section: [LocalVars.0] XMLVAR_LANDING_TAXI_OFF_Switch_Position=2 XMLVAR_FuelSelectorAuto=0 XMLVAR_TBM930_FrontDoor_Unlock=1 XMLVAR_TBM930_BackDoor_Unlock=1 XMLVAR_TBM930_FrontDoor_Init=1 XMLVAR_TBM930_BackDoor_Init=0 XMLVAR_TBM930_CargoDoor_Init=0 XMLVAR_TBM930_HidePilot=0 XMLVAR_TBM930_HideCoPilot=0 Change 0 to 1 for the Hidepilot entries. You can also set the door states here too.
  3. Thanks for looking into it. If it helps, this mod has the synthetic vision switch working in the G3000. With this mod there is another menu level after clicking ATTITUDE OVERLAYS. https://github.com/Smirow/msfs-navsystems-performance Regards, Serge
  4. Hi Rob, I also found these changes on the G3000 flying the TBM this evening. Thanks very much for including them. Regarding the synthetic vision, yes it is off by default and cannot be enabled. Following the buttons PFD SETTINGS and then ATTITUDE OVERLAYS nothing happens when clicking this button when attempting to re-enable it. Not a biggie but would be nice if it's an easy fix to implement. Also, is the Track Up on the MFD working on the G3000 as noted in an earlier post? I can't seem to find how to enable it with the G3000 and touch controllers. Thanks again for your (and the teams) great work with this mod. Regards, Serge
  5. Hi Roland, Thank you very much for this add on. I have just installed it in my PMDG JS41 and it works very nicely. I do have a couple of questions however. From the JS41 VC I can control the tilt and range with the mouse wheel but it appears it's not possible to control the gain. Is this a feature you can add or is it missing for a reason? Also, would it be possible to add a spot to turn it on/off? When the battery is turned on the weather radar powers up immediately. It would be nice to be able to control when to turn it on/off as per SOP's. Regards, Serge
  6. Anthony Lynch has done a very nice Freeware version of Darwin International which can be downloaded from OZx. http://aussiex.org/f...-international/ It is also available in a pack with many of his other excellent Freeware airports. http://aussiex.org/f...ports-complete/ Regards, Serge
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