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  1. Just a heads up as I came across this last week but not seen anyone mention it here yet is that a PFPX performance file for the JS41 has been released and availble from here: http://airlinerperformance.net/ There is also an updated version of the Q400 performance file available which includes better climb, cruise and descent profiles. Please note that you will need the latest version 1.22 of PFPX to use these perfomance files. Cheers, Serge
  2. Here is the file Steve was referring to (I'm not sure if you need to be registered to access this). http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/2428-aircraft-template-beech-b60-duke/ I have used it however there is an error with the cruise tables. Although the values were obtained from the performance tables supplied with the aircraft, the author based the cruise fuel flows on a single engine which is how it is noted in the tables. I contacted the author about this and he said he would update the file but it hasn't been done yet. If you do download this file you will need to edit it and double the fuel flow values for the cruises tables. The taxi fuel values also seem a little high so you may also want to adjust these values too. Apart from that the profile seems pretty good. Regards, Serge
  3. Hi Roland, Thank you very much for this add on. I have just installed it in my PMDG JS41 and it works very nicely. I do have a couple of questions however. From the JS41 VC I can control the tilt and range with the mouse wheel but it appears it's not possible to control the gain. Is this a feature you can add or is it missing for a reason? Also, would it be possible to add a spot to turn it on/off? When the battery is turned on the weather radar powers up immediately. It would be nice to be able to control when to turn it on/off as per SOP's. Regards, Serge
  4. G'day Ric, You might want to check out this page. It appears someone has done the work for you. http://www.bleedair.de/ultimate-traffic-2-fsx.html I don't have these installed however so can't say if it works as advertised. Regards, Serge
  5. Hi, Any news to report on the progress of the JS41 PFPX performance file? Cheers, Serge
  6. Interesting you mention this. I too thought the earlier versions of OpusFSX had better and more accurate weather than the later ones. I switched over to Active Sky Next some time ago and am quite pleased with the results. You might want to check your Active Sky Next settings regarding the updates on arrival. There is a setting for that (can't remember the exact naming though, maybe no updates on approach or something similar). Also, you can still use you Opus cameras in conjunction with Active Sky Next, as I do. Start Opus but uncheck the weather engine option. Cheers, Serge Edit: re-read your post and it appears you do have the Opus camera's running with ASN.
  7. Has anyone had any issues with their Buttkicker Gamer 2? I purchased mine back in January after seeing this thread. In late February it developed a problem where the amp wouldn't come out of standby so it was replaced under warranty. A few days ago the replacement amp developed the same problem; it won't come out of standby. I'm waiting on the store I purchased it from to resolve the issue however I thought I’d check here in the meantime to see if I’m alone with these issues. Regards, Serge
  8. Anthony Lynch has done a very nice Freeware version of Darwin International which can be downloaded from OZx. http://aussiex.org/f...-international/ It is also available in a pack with many of his other excellent Freeware airports. http://aussiex.org/f...ports-complete/ Regards, Serge
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