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  1. Very sturdy yoke, plug and play. Works with X-plane, P3d and MSFS2020. More pictures on request. Can be picked up in the Netherlands. 400 Euro's https://ibb.co/wh37gzx https://ibb.co/MVCzcpd https://ibb.co/sQpjLyn
  2. Curious why the SSG E-Jets 170 Evolution is supported, but the 195 Isn't. Also the Toliss 319 and Rotate MD would be great adds.
  3. Thank you for your response. Very helpfull
  4. Hello, I was wondering: will there be an update for the FFa320? MCE doesn't work anymore and crashes X-plane
  5. I am 47 now, and the years have taught me not all new things are necessarily better... If you look at the Russian space program, they use the same technique since the 50´s with very little changes.Compare that to the space shuttle.... My point is, slowly but surely it does improve. Last version was a small step back when it come to VAS management, but this hotfix will - hopefully - take care of it. There might be better software coming out, XP11 looks promising, I've tried it and yet I come back to my old love.... it's like my old Morgan. It can be a pain, sometimes I am afraid it will let me down, but in the end it is worth it and I wouldn't trade it for a brand new car....
  6. Only corrupted files and now the server seems to be down. Can't reach the forums either...
  7. Here's another one.... http://elmikey.wix.com/hangar226#!pmdg-737-700/c1zsc 737-700
  8. I'd like to join the ranks, if it is not to much bother. Thanks in advance :)
  9. Is there anyone who would consider painting a KLM 736 and a Norwegian 736.I know either airline uses them (KLM used the - now retired 734 and Norwegian the 733, still in service)Because there are no planes that even come close to PMDG, so I'd settle for 736 :)
  10. You mean this one? http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxacrp&DLID=163408
  11. Wow, 19hrs... Buy it shows! Awesome paint, awesome pic too.
  12. Seems like it's not the only skill you lack. Subtlety and politeness would be another....
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