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  1. Just had a thought regarding VSYNC and FSInn (before the tongue lashings begin, I do realize I should probably post this at the VATSIM forum)... So with very little computer knowledge here is my thought - I run FSInn in fullscreen with FSX. Without FSInn running, I have great frames... no tearing... exactly what I want... FSInn fires up and whenever the GUI is present, I get tearing... My thought is, could the FSInn executable be assigned to the same Inspector profile as FSX?... curing my current vsync issue? I'll defer to those more knowledgeable, as I tend to get frustrated by fruitless tinkering. Cheers! Bud
  2. Guys - Any of you all have VSYNC issues on Vatsim with FSInn? I've got beautiful, stutter free graphics offline but see huge spikes on Vatsim.... 30 fps, down to 6 FPS over the ocean and no vysnc.... Any ideas?
  3. The Kalula Movember paint would be amazing (basically the 'Flying 101' them with a white nose cone, and a mustache painted on it)... But it's my understanding that it's near impossible to paint on the nose because of the curvature...Cheers!
  4. Just downloaded this gem! Thank you Sam! She's a beauty!
  5. Awesome! Where are most guys uploading? I've been looking at AVSIM... Any other sites I need to look at?
  6. Absolutely stunning. Can't wait to have this one and all the other SWA special liveries in my stable... How about the original SWA too just for good measure? :)Cheers!
  7. To all the painters: THANK YOU!I've browsed the 92 pages of this thread, and it looks like some of the SWA state paints are being tackled, but lack of hi res imagery may be getting in the way. I have the artistic abilities of the average 3 year old, but wanted to contribute.Here is a link to the California state flag used in California OneAnd the Florida state flag...Both are 2000x? (so not 4096) but hopefully useful.Cheers!
  8. I really wish I would have kept track of all of the commercial birds I've been on... But as for planes I've logged hours in:7AC (Aeronca Champ)PA28 (Piper Cherokee 140 and 180)BE55 (Baron)BE58P (P Baron)PA42 (Piper Cheyenne I)BE20 (King Air 200)And my favorite.... The North American T-28CI'm hoping to get some time in a Lear 45 this fall Cheers!
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