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  1. I backed down Precision X and verified boost clock settings now don't disappear. Never saw FSX run the card at 100% load (stayed at 40-60% throughout) or run max clocks for more than a few seconds here and there. Results are essentially identical even with boost kicking in to 1324 (boost plus 200 offset) occasionally around the course.
  2. Apparently the version of Precision X (3.0.2) I am using has a fault where it won't maintain OC's on 680 cards. This could explain why my GPU clock never exceeded stock boost yet memory did. I am going to revert to MSI Afterburner and retry since I have not changed my FSX yet.
  3. Open the spreadsheet and highlight only the cells you want then hit copy. Open MS Paint (the greatest paint software ever ;) ) and paste the cells. Then just crop and save as a jpg. It is just a quick and easy way. You can also use PS or Gimp and do the same thing.
  4. Here you go. I ran the complete cycle twice and on the second brought up monitoring on the GPU. Like my tests last night the GPU never stressed over 60-65% and the GPU clock was no where near maxed. GTX680 results in this test look identical to similar clocked i5's. Sorry again about missing that line. I must fault a good bourbon for the snafu.
  5. I see it now. I apologize. Will reinstall later tonight and test again.
  6. Sure but I didn't see that in the PDF instructions. Did I miss it? I was under the impression it is suppose to be a vanilla install with no tweaks besides the ones from bojotes site.
  7. Thanks Ben! I will say I am really pleased with the power and temps tbh. No longer feels like I have a reactor is sitting in my case. Running at 30fps with vsync has been great on this card. IMO it is much smoother than the 580 especially in panning around the vc. This could also be new toy joy! But I am still tweaking and playing with the card so we will see. I am creating a test flight around KSEA to test the card and tweaks.
  8. No it wasn't. Cfg was left at stock except for bojotes online tweaking tool and settings from the fsxmark11 instructions.
  9. Here is the GTX680 on my i5 system. The card was OC'd in Precision X to an offset of 200 on the GPU and 527 on the memory. Adaptive Vsync was turned off during these tests. After running the 4 tests I decided to see how much of the GPU is being used. I performed 3 more flights (with Precision X frame rate goal of 120) and used OSD to watch the GPU clock, GPU load, and memory clock. During the run the GPU clock varied but maxed at 1013mhz (far less than the 1324mhz it runs at max stable OC). The interesting part was the GPU load never exceeded 65%. FPS were similar to the regular 4 test flights. Here is a log from the last flight. One nice thing you will notice the temps (bottom) stayed at 50 degrees throughout the flight. I am going to load in REX, FTX and the J41 then bump the settings in inspector to see if I can max the GPU.
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