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  1. Are you running P3D in administrator mode. Not sure if it will help but it may be causing you registration problems
  2. Yes a very good idea. I can't see it happening in the current ops centre as I think I remember Robert talking about a v2 in the works with more functionality so maybe it will come.
  3. As I understand it from Roberts post you will see the problem hasn't been solved they have just disabled it so you can't use the PFD popup. If you want to use it you have to re-enable it in the settings.
  4. Are we there yet! Are we there yet! Are we there yet! Lol. Like many others I wasn't in a rush to get this one until I just saw Roberts Intro and those amazing pics.
  5. My personal opinion would be too make the change. Even running at half settings v4 will be better than FSX. I have found P3D much more immersive with the shadows and other features that have been added. V4 is so stable its made simming a joy for me again. I was getting so frustrated before with instability if it I'd managed to keep the VAS from running away something else would seem to screw up, I rarely got a flight completed without a CTD. I have had a couple of crashes in v4 but they have been when using old stuff (mostly scenery) not ready but put into the sim anyway and even then it generally seems to cope with it most of the time. This topic from Robert is very imformative Personally I have not had any issues with the Dynamic lighting but it is easily turned off in the settings as is most things. Another big benefit with P3D is the logging built in which makes it much easier to find a problem if you are having one. As others have said you will have to purchase a new license to use the NGX in P3D and purchase the upgrade for AS16. GSX works and the upgrade is free, along with all the FSDreamteam, Flightbeam, etc Scenery. Navigraph is unaffected really works the same just make sure you have the latest updates to the FMC manager and it will recognise any addons in P3D v4. Vpilot works fine. I have done lots of flights on vatsim with it and had no issues. I don't know what you use for traffic, I'm using My Traffic 6a and It works fine just needs to be manually installed. I can't comment on EZDok as I don't use it. I would be very surprised to find you regret the move.
  6. Going to be Norwegian Manchester to Malaga for me
  7. I could be wrong but im sure I remember Robert saying the 787 is a no go as Qualitywings are doing one and it should be PMDG level, but even if I'm wrong on that. If the Qualitywings one comes true which hopefully it will soon, I don't think it would be worth PMDG doing one. As much as I love PMDG, if I already had the Qualitywings one and it was up to scratch I wouldn't buy it again. I'd love to see them do the 75/76. I use to love the Level-D one until I got spoilt with PMDG products and the current Qualitywings 75 leaves a bit to be desired but the main aircraft I want to see is the T7-200ER and now Norwegian are flying the 737max across the pond I'd like to see the NGX updated. Although my wants are irrelevant as whatever they do I will probably buy it and have hours of fun flying her.
  8. As i understand it they need to push an update out through the ops center as it was disabled in the original release for P3D v4 due to RAAS not being updated to v4 yet.
  9. I'm with Kyle on this one. I have completed a few flights in the T7 and the 74 and not had any issue with the parking brake. My suggestion would be to remove all keys (In P3D and FSUIPC if you are using it) that activate the parking brake in the controller settings, for all controllers and keyboard and see if it still happens . My quess would be that it won't happen anymore. Then just assign the key command / controller buttons etc that you require
  10. Was hoping to get the queen up and put a few miles on the clock as I'm off work till tuesday but hopefully this will help the teams understanding of V4 and speed up the process with the other birds. As much as I love the Queen I will spend most of my time in the 737.
  11. Amazing shots Jorge. I got sunday and monday off work and hopefully set for some fun in the Queen and P3D v4.
  12. P3D here. It may still have many issues from FSX left but it's still being developed and with the upgrades LM have done so far in my opinion it is much more immersive. Plus it's still being worked on so can only get better
  13. Personally I'm just looking forward to whatever it is. By the time it's released we could possibly have a P3D 64bit version and the scope this would give the PMDG guys is beyond my comprehension. Having said that I would like to see the T7 updated with the other variants, particularly the 200ER
  14. Not 100% sure but I believe Robert or someone on the team addressed this before and the verdict was if you can fly the NGX and the T7 without issues then the new 747 should run fine.
  15. Great work Guys. Just heading out of LHR for YYZ and spotted first ships in Milford Haven. Easily installed with the new update.
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