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  1. Day 1 buy for me. The dc-6b will be my first add on for x-plane ever and i'm probably not the only one. Thanks for the update.
  2. Has the video been removed? As it doesn't show up.
  3. Thank you for the update. Can DVD users(fsx only) choose between a seperate FSX only service pack with the weather radar. Or is the service pack combined with the Steam edition update and the weather radar feature. So DVD users have to wait 4-8 weeks extra for the FSX weather radar update? Even if they don't want to use it on the Steam edition?
  4. The Steam platform app that needs to run besides every game eats 100mb extra memory. It's pretty useless to some. And the majority loves it. But these servers will eventually be gone one day. So owning a wide library of games is risky on the steam platform.
  5. This reminds me of the Ryanair CEO making a statement that co-pilots are not truly needed and only 1 pilot would be sufficient for a save flight. Forcing savings means cutting corners that can't be good.
  6. Active sky next (weather) combined with REX 4 (cloud textures) is a great combination. They had a massive ORBX black friday sale at some flight stores. You can also try out NL2000v4. It's a free high quality scenery from the Netherlands.(Europe) And don't forget to add EZCA camera tool. Furthermore Fs2crew with FSIpanel is great for IFR training CAVOK, CAT1, CAT2, CAT3 and NOVIS approaches. Congrats with the new system Don you should be good to go with these addons
  7. Just a quick list of some add-ons i'm using. Active sky next FSIPANEL GSX FS altitude
  8. It's no problem. Everything is working like a charm together. FSIPanel is a little tool for IFR training CAVOK, CAT1, CAT2, CAT3 and NOVIS in FSX. I'm only using FS2CREW at full flights so everything is working like it's suppose to. Although the fs2crew update voice yelled at me when the 1.1 patch was released so it's reloading the SDK after every new approach. Could explain the unannounced fs2crew voice message. Anyway a very happy customer overhere.
  9. I'm using a little side add on called FsiPanel. It's resetting FS2Crew 777 everytime on a new approach it seems.
  10. Flew an EHAM ILS 18R approach with the pmdg 777 fs2crew (version 1.0) yesterday on FSIpanel. All of a sudden an fs2crew voice yelled that there was an update to install. Scared the hell out of me Keep up the outstanding work Bryan
  11. Congrats with your son. Love what you did there with the car
  12. Saw the GTA V ps4 version wasn't all too impressed. The planes do fly like RC toys. The planes/choppers can probably be tweaked by a mod for realistic handling(pc version). They released car handling mods on the IV. Almost felt like my real car I'll keep it at FSX for semi-realistic handling
  13. Too bad the emergency version is nicher than niche. I hope that we will get an 777 emergency version.
  14. Had the exact same problem. Now everything works.
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