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  1. For the little I have done I've used Gimp. Available at https://www.gimp.org/. It's free and from what i've heard it's as good as photoshop.
  2. Alpha channel on the tree textures aren't solid black. Probably a very dark gray.
  3. Not that I know of. Autogen is set to appear and disappear in the sim at a certain distance from the user aircraft.
  4. Setting your VC and Spot view to 0.50 zoom is what I do. it don't eliminate it but it helps a lot, especially under 10,000 ft, over that there's not a lot yo can do, thats just the way the sim is. Over 10,000 you have to play with weather and visibility to get desired results.You cal also try locking your frame rate to 30 to give it more time to load textures.
  5. If it's in typical MS fashion it'll be 10 yrs before you could even buy parts to build a computer to run it.
  6. Scorp


    Just FYI, X-Planes initial release was in 1995.
  7. I've had this happen many times, the only way I know to fix it is to open it and save it with DXTBMP. I don't know what causes it, but that works for me.
  8. A few things I can see from your panel.cfg is [Wimdow06] should be right under [Window05] in the panel.cfg not at the bottom. IIRC FS9 has to have all sections in the order they are in the [Window Titles] section. Also i have never seen an always_visible= or zorder= entry in any FS9 panel.cfg. try removing those entries, it's also missing the position= entry,which should have a number 0 through 8 for that entry. Then cut/paste the [Window06] section to under [Window05] section and see if that helps.
  9. Bert is right. The only way you can change the glide slope angle is to open the AFCAD and change it there. Most are set at 3 - 3.5 deg. by default.
  10. This will also happen if there are two parking spots on top if each other in the AFCAD.
  11. Where would any FlightSim be without AFCAD, SBuilder, GMAX, and ADE. I also like AI Aircraft editor, Model Converter X, and though not specifically made for FS, GIMP, and Google Sketchup.
  12. Premier Aircraft Design's Turbo Beaver, Twotter, and CTSW. Sikorsky S-39, S-39, S-42, and JRS by George Diemer. Lynn and Bill Lyons free Goose and Waco. Overland/SMS MD-11. Former payware CLS Piper Arrow. C-26 by Nick Pike is pretty cool. (C26.zip) Shakey Jake C-195 by Joe Binka. A1-A Skyraider modded for FS9 by R. Spaan. Northrop P-61B Black Widow by Kazunori Ito. Socata TBM700 by TBM700 Team.
  13. With the mentioning of KPHL, I have to say KLGB, KONT, KORL, KSNA, KBUR, KHOU, KPSP, KTOL, AND KTYS by Shehryar Ansari (Shez). Also, PADU, PAMR by Roger Wensley. Delblond Christian's Caribbean sceneries. Glacier Bay by Holger Sandmann. Come to think of it any of his sceneries. Toni Agramont's sceneries. Toni Hiltunen's city enhancements. El Formosa Taiwan. Terra Brasilis Sao Paulo and Rio. FreeFlow sceneries. Japanese Cities at http://fsx.o.oo7.jp/ by Shigeo"shige"Ishii. Manila, Kualalu, and Shanghai by Nestor D'Angelo. City of Edmonton by Brian Sturton. Furnace Creek by Ron Ezra. CYYJ by Don Grovestone. AlphaSim has a lot of free military airports. John Stinstrom has done several nice military airports. I'm really surprised that this thread is over 3 yrs old and only 2 pages.
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