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  1. I hadnt flown with the rxp unit for awhile and i forgot you have to click on the way point altitude to set vnav it nothing to do with the rxp or any updates
  2. Admin you can delete this thread i figured it out thx
  3. caranado 208 Caravan integrated panels Xplane https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/55165-carenado-cessna-208-caravan-rxp-gtn-750-650/ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/55164-carenado-cessna-208-caravan-rxp-gtn-750/
  4. Hello All After i updated my 750 recently i noticed i cant get vnav for visual approaches anymore , is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a setting that got reset that im missing? thx im flying the caranado 208 caravan
  5. This is From Carenado 😟 As much as I would personally love to have us add GTN compatibility to the Caravan, I'm afraid we aren't planning on it. The Caravan's cockpit object is from a much earlier version of Blender and the Blender to X-Plane exporter script, so going back into the 3D files for older planes is a bit of a minefield. But at least in VR it's fairly easy to drag and locate the GTN pop-up onto the panel, as you've done in the screenshot. But I think that's the closest we'll get for this version of the Caravan.
  6. Id be willing to throw in a few $$ to anyone that can make this work http://s349.photobucket.com/user/FreightDawg/media/rxpcarenado_zpss9oq69pp.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  7. Has any got a config for the Caranado Grand Caravan for XPlane thanks
  8. Same here it was always asking for permission and one day it stopped out of nowhere and hasn't since, i dont know what happened
  9. All good Mark thanks for the help, For some reason i couldnt get the click spots on the simserver menu on my 4K monitor , i got the License for the EFB all working Great
  10. Anybody using RXP on the Aerobask Eclipse 550 care go share their config? Thx
  11. just purchased the rxp for the eclipse 550 and my question is when i load a flight plan on to the rxp is it suppose to also show up on the aircrafts MFD? im not getting the flight path or way points to display, i have the rxp set to master and connects GPS to copilot side true, maybe its not integrated correctly thx for any help
  12. Are there going to be any future announcements on product development for XPlane? Thank you
  13. I had the same problem with KSDF , i couldnt get any help on their forums so i just got my money back thru paypal , fsdt has the worst support of any developer i’ve dealt with since i started simming in 95
  14. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/123801-panc-update-for-v4/
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