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  1. Hi all, Merry Christmas to everyone... My Graphics card is the GeForce GTX Titan Black 6Gb, Driver is version 344.75 I am using REX4 TD with 'Bright - Clear Coral' texture set and for the animation I'm using 'White Caps' Looks okay most of the time, somtimes I let the real world weather (Themes/Weather Tab) generate the textures and go with whatever it chooses. Cheers Clive OEDF
  2. Hi all "Velly interesting" I have just taken a couple of hours to read through this entire thread, and I am very glad I did. I want to thank all the "testers" for their time and effort and all the information gathering done by others. I was going "nuts" trying to decide what could be causing my OOM so quickly, but with this new found knowledge I will sleep well tonight! Once again thanks guys. Regards Clive.
  3. Rob, I used twisted link chain (probably way too strong for a 30 kg TV), and large flat washers on the mounting bolts. Using chain made the job of alignment (I used data from MyCockpit.org for a Boeing flight deck setup) a lot easier. I hope to receive a touch screen frame to stick on it this week! http://db.tt/tKunPzPc http://db.tt/bzHqQFn9
  4. Had the original "Buttkicker" for years... took everything to a new level by mounting all my hardware on a false floor! way to go! (see photo). Mounted the transducer onto a steel bar bolted inside onto the top floor and that floor is rubber mounted (door stops) to the base.
  5. Well guys I am very happy thanks very much Johan and Pete. Just taken all my aircraft out for a test flight and have to say things are a lot better for taxying, takeoff run and landing. Makes one look like a pro instead of weaving down the runway! Cheers Clive Northrop OEAB
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