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  1. This is an "oldie" but good... https://xtremeprototypes.com/en/product_20series.asp Clive
  2. Ah, I wonder if you are still keeping FSX installed along side FSXSE? Clive.
  3. Hi Tom I installed the pfcfsx.dll into the modules folder (created by FSUIPC) and then make sure the correct com port is selected in the pfcfsx.dll when it runs on startup. Same as we did for FSX before. Regards Clive
  4. 'Here here' totally agree… just the VAS problem is the new headache! Now using the totally brilliant 'SimStarter' even the VAS problem is easier to manage. Clive.
  5. Hi all, Merry Christmas to everyone... My Graphics card is the GeForce GTX Titan Black 6Gb, Driver is version 344.75 I am using REX4 TD with 'Bright - Clear Coral' texture set and for the animation I'm using 'White Caps' Looks okay most of the time, somtimes I let the real world weather (Themes/Weather Tab) generate the textures and go with whatever it chooses. Cheers Clive OEDF
  6. Hi all "Velly interesting" I have just taken a couple of hours to read through this entire thread, and I am very glad I did. I want to thank all the "testers" for their time and effort and all the information gathering done by others. I was going "nuts" trying to decide what could be causing my OOM so quickly, but with this new found knowledge I will sleep well tonight! Once again thanks guys. Regards Clive.
  7. Rob, I used twisted link chain (probably way too strong for a 30 kg TV), and large flat washers on the mounting bolts. Using chain made the job of alignment (I used data from MyCockpit.org for a Boeing flight deck setup) a lot easier. I hope to receive a touch screen frame to stick on it this week! http://db.tt/tKunPzPc http://db.tt/bzHqQFn9
  8. Had the original "Buttkicker" for years... took everything to a new level by mounting all my hardware on a false floor! way to go! (see photo). Mounted the transducer onto a steel bar bolted inside onto the top floor and that floor is rubber mounted (door stops) to the base.
  9. Well guys I am very happy thanks very much Johan and Pete. Just taken all my aircraft out for a test flight and have to say things are a lot better for taxying, takeoff run and landing. Makes one look like a pro instead of weaving down the runway! Cheers Clive Northrop OEAB
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