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  1. Hi, Just wanted to report back that I have sorted the issue with the "Fuel Flow" gauges that I reported yesterday. It really does help if you turn on the "Engine Inst" switch located in the overhead by the engine start switches. Something looking back I might have thought the Flight Engineer might have covered in his checks, guess not. So the issue isn't an issue, just an very incompetent pilot. If any admins here wish to delete this thread then please feel free, or leave it as information to others if they search this topic in the future. Best regards,
  2. Hi all, After a spell away from flying the DC6 I returned to it the other day and noticed something I hadn't noticed when the aircraft was first released for FSX. Whilst in flight, either with or without the AFE helping I noticed the fuel flow gauges on the panel weren't reading anything, for all four engines, just stuck at zero. Before I started writing this post I had a look on the web and found pictures other folks had posted of the DC6 panel, which also showed the same zero reading, although they weren't pictures about this issue. Can anyone help as to whether I am missing something or they don't work in FSX, which I don't imagine is the case at all...........Maybe I just forgot to switch something on, although would have expected the flight engineer to have pointed something like that out. Thanks for any help,
  3. Hi Jim, I will have a look at your comments above tomorrow. I have been flying this last week by just leaving that one scenery .bgl renamed and adding a few freeware airports to fill the gaps. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Hi Jim, I will have a look through the library. I am not sure what happened exactly to my original scenery file, and typically the first time I forgot to make a copy before doing anything..............Lesson learned. At least I can fly again, if not at Johannesburg for the minute, while I find out what has gone on. Thanks for your help, really appreciated. Regards. Dave Phillips.
  5. Hi Jim, Well I just hate having the sim out of action, especially if I don't know the cause. I found some time to try your recommendations last night. I renamed the scenery cfg, fsx cfg and .dll files so that they wouldn't work, but nope I still get the "out of memory error". So this got me thinking about what I had done just before the error started to happen, and I realised that whilst trying to see if it was possible to get all AI traffic to go to the new FAOR scenery instead of FAJS I had done something really stupid. I had used that little program to redo the AI flight plans from fs9 to fsx is it EIFP13 or something like that, to find out where the default scenery was located. FSX/Scenery/0605/scenery/apx55410.bgl..............Anyway thinking I was being smart I scanned through this file and looked for FAJS which I found and changed to FAOR. It didn't work so I changed it back to FAJS. Now is it possible to have corrupted this file in some way just by changing that one name? Experimenting last night I found if I isolate this one file by changing the .bgl title the sim starts up perfectly but Johannesburg is no longer in the airports list, which I would expect as I turned that scenery off effectively. If there is some way my messing, which I have to say I am reluctant to do in fsx to this extent usually, has caused this file to be altered can I change it back or am I able to somehow get a downloaded one from somewhere. I should mention perhaps I have boxed fsx acceleration if that helps. Regards. David Phillips.
  6. Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply. I am thinking the memory on the motherboard is ok, as Xplane works fine, so I will try the other option first and look at the dll files, although it will most likely have to wait until the weekend as I am now back at work for a few days. Regards, David Phillips.
  7. So yesterday I flew from Nairobi to Johannesburg in the MD-11 recreating the second flight of the recent Air-Clips MD-11 video on Youtube. I had a great flight and all was well, not one issue. I had the freeware Nairobi airport scenery installed from here, and on landing decided to download some Johannesburg scenery also from here, which also changed the airport designater from FAJS to FAOR. However after finding I was unable to redirect all of my World of AI traffic to the new FAOR airport changed it back and removed the Johannesburg scenery. Today I started up the sim and I am getting "Your computer has run out of available memory error" even before the sim has loaded up. I think it got to 17%, and after a frustrating day cannot figure out what has happened. I am running windows 7 64bit with 8gb ram and an i3 with nvidia 5770 graphics card. There is more than enough memory on the main hard drive, and FSX is installed on a separate internal drive of 1tb which isn't even a 1/3rd full yet. I know my spec is quite old now but it does work and reliably which means I keep using it. I use AS16, GEX and UTX along with FSUIPC4 and Track IR. I read your CTD guide and removed the fsx cfg file as suggested, although not sure if I did the scenery one thinking about it now, I may have. Anyway every time I started the sim I got the same warning, so put things back as they were. I tried the event viewer and Appcrash program you suggest but nothing from today. I have checked through the forum and can only find similar problems when others are landing at large airports after long flights, which I know is an fsx issue. Just to test my system I ran XP10 which I do struggle to run well, but it does run and that worked fine, so I think the issue is a program related one maybe. Anyway, I hope someone here might be able to point me in the right direction. Best regards. David Phillips.
  8. I think I have it sorted. Checked through FSUIPC and found in the Throttle Calibration two throttles had the "filter" box ticked and two didn't. Unticked them all and seems to work now. I just repeated the same test as before. F4 and engines off in the VC and nothing, no movement of the aircraft. GSX works too. I guess having a throttle filtered caused the aircraft to detect a slight throttle response from the Saitek throttle and keep the engines running. Anyway thanks for your help Kyle...........Much appreciated.
  9. I moved the FSUIPC ini file to the fsx root folder and as you predicted GSX is working now, although I only loaded the aircraft at TNCM as I had it before, started the engines using the VC controls and moved a few feet forwards before shutting them down again. I will have to look at the FSUIPC ini file and see if the 747 doesn't like a particular axis setting. I do have each aircraft type in fsx with it's own profile............Do you have any ideas before I start?
  10. Hi that was quick. I was using the controls in the VC to shut the engines down. Also I do have FSUIPC as well.
  11. Today I flew KJFK to TNCM with a relief flight. I use Saitek throttles and GSX for ground vehicles. So I got GSX to do the pushback fine at KJFK, I flew my route and landed ok, parked up and shut down the engines using the fuel control switches in the cockpit, all fine. However the GSX ground marshaller message kept coming up "Please shut down engines". Well I had, I even turned off all the power to the aircraft. I then wondered if this was something caused because the 747 has rotating fans in the engines, which if it is windy would slowly spin, could GSX think that is the engine still turning? I then tried F1 Throttle cut, and the throttle levers moved, mmmmm I tried F4 full throttle and the 747 started moving across the parking spot. Yes i know, all the power was off and engines stopped. So probably there is something somewhere in the PMDG manuals about not using the F1-F4 throttle buttons, but I couldn't find it..............So I am not sure if the GSX thinking the engines are still running is a GSX issue or a PMDG one.............So I will ask here first. Best regards.
  12. Hi downscc, Yes I saw the other comments right after posting mine, typical. I did see the Ctrl+W reference in the manual and set that up. However I have FSUIPC doing all controllers, and have turned off "controllers" iin FSX. I did that because something else I fly was causing issues with control settings and kept flipping from FSX to FSUIPC assigned controllers. Thanks for your comment though, I will have another look as time allows and try and get the four throttles working independently of each other.
  13. Hi all, Bought the DC6 today for FSX, I have to say it is amazing! One question which I think I might have sorted but just want confirmation. Would I be right saying that all four throttle levers work as one when working through my Seitek throttle quadrant through FSUIPC. I notice PMDG used F2 and F3 in order to get the reverse thrust working correctly, but I guess in order to do so they ganged all four throttles as one, ie just one working throttle lever not four. Not a problem if they did, just asking.
  14. Hi Moshe, Have you taken the gust lock off down the right side of the pilot seat. The large red lever. Caught me out on my first flight.
  15. Hi all, Interesting question. I did something similar to what you are asking about a while back. Using my Seitek Throttle quadrants. In FSUIPC it is possible to have an axis and assign different actions depending to the position of the throttle lever in this case and work throttle and reversers. This only worked as an axis not an axis with a button detente like we usually use. Not being on my PC as I write this I might get the procedure wrong slightly, but I think you get the idea. There is a way to assign the travel of the axis to work say Throttle 1, the axis is usually reading is something like 16300 at max throttle and -16300 minimum throttle, but if you alter that last figure to -12000 instead you then have a zone from -12000 to -16000 which you can then assign to reversers, or min throttle I think it is called and get your variable reversers you wanted. Like I said this has to be assigned as part of the throttle sweep not as a button, and while it worked well for some jets it didn't for others in FSX. In the end I got fed up with trying to locate Min Throttle when taxiing and kept going into reverse when I didn't want to, because you have no physical min throttle to pull the throttle back too, so I went back to using the button at the bottom of the throttle lever and having full reverse all the time..............With the throttle your using that has separate reversers you might have more luck. I hope that gives you some ideas to work with.
  16. It doesn't matter if you use winter or summer timetables for different airlines. It only really becomes an issue if you use a winter and summer timetable for the same airline.
  17. Hi all, Something I came across making an AI package for FedEx recently was that if you use separate winter and summer timetables for the same airline then fsx will show double arrivals similar to your picture. This is because although fsx recognizes different days of the week it doesn't recognize the months or seasons. Not sure if this helps any, but something I discovered by accident.
  18. Hi Rafal, Wow that was a quick reply. Thanks for your answer to my question. I thought there was alot of traffic at Memphis. I can safely remove the oldest timetable then and still enjoy year round traffic. Thanks for your answer once more.
  19. Hi all, I am not sure if this is the correct forum here but will ask away and you can move the post if necessary. I recently bought FSDT Memphis and thought it looked a bit odd with no Fed-Ex traffic, their major hub I think. I use World of AI packages, which I think are pretty realistic, and also has amazingly little performance loss, I thought I would try and find a Fed-Ex package, except there isn't one. I did some research and learnt how to put together my own package for Fed-Ex using AI aircraft and paints available here and some Fed-Ex AI flight plans, also available here. Amazingly when I had finished, it all worked perfectly, I was almost in shock! One thing I have been wondering about though. I have downloaded both Summer 15 and Winter 09 flight plans for my Fed-Ex package, thinking that summer flights will only show during summer months and the winter flights during the winter months, or do the months not really make any difference. If this was the case I would probably be seeing double the flights that I should be seeing in FSX. I know it is important to make sure the flight plans work on the right day of the week, but I don't know if the season is important. Thanks for any help and advice.
  20. I agree with the above. The latest versions, the one you would buy now are even better and the clouds so much more realistic. You do need to buy ASCA Active Sky Cloud Art, as well as Active Sky 16 in order to see the moving cloud effects and for the dynamic weather changes to work. AS16 will actually change the weather themes during your flight which is pretty cool.
  21. Hi, Please ignore this post as I sorted out the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling afresh, all ok now
  22. Hi all. Today after a week of flying the new 747v3 I decided to load up my trusty MD11 and take that for a spin. However after loading up the aircraft I find that all the six main screens are black with green X's across them. Now I had just flown the 747, so wondered if the sim hadn't quite shut down properly before reloading the MD-11. However no I tried three times and each time just green X's. I did some searching on Google and the best answer I can find is that it is some kind of anti piracy device within the MD-11 addon. If this is the case I have no idea why it should have suddenly just been triggered, my version of the MD-11 has been on my sim for the last six years with no issues at all. Is it possible that the new install of the 747v3 with everything now running through the PMDG action centre has somehow invalidated my install of the MD-11. So what can I do to rectify the issue? Do I have to re-install the whole aircraft again along with any addon paints I have, or is there something else the issue causing my problem. Thanks for any help and hoping to get back in the MD-11 very shortly. Regards.
  23. Hi all, Firstly thank you PMDG on an amazing achievement. I use FSX still and the queen even in fsx looks stunning. I was playing round with the cargo ERF version the other night, I believe it is the Kalitta paint, the last 747-400 made. I noticed the nose and upper side cargo doors use electric motors to open and close, and not hydraulics...............Is that a peculiarity of this version or all cargo F versions. I ask as I recall the old 747F had to have the Aux pump on to work these doors. Also I noted that this cargo version has two Aux pumps, on system 1 and 4, yet the passenger version only has the one on system 4, and i wondered why the cargo version required the extra hydraulic power.............I did look in the manual but nothing was mentioned unless i missed it. One other thing which is more of a real world question. The repaint liveries include pre-loaded cockpit set up options that replicate the actual aircraft, an example being weights for fuel being in lbs for American registered aircraft and kgs for European aircraft. I wondered in the real world if a crew from Europe took over an American aircraft if they would be able to change settings like weight themselves in the cockpit before flight, or is that something the company would have preset and the crew would just have to work out the figures themselves in kgs or lbs depending on how their aircraft was configured. Thanks for any help.
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