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  1. These look great. Unfortunately going through some financial hardships currently and am unable to purchase for a while.
  2. That is a good example about cargo smoke. How about having one at each gear lock mechanism and add to the emergency checklist to visually check the lock mechanism on the gear in question. You could at least be able to visually be sure that you are not on fire also by looking down the wing at the engines (or the tail). There could be some practical applications but not taken to extremes.
  3. I was talking with a friend of mine who is involved with this project. It definitely seems to be a revolutionary technology that could be used to create an entire ultra HD earth for Flight Sim. Combine this with some great weather engines and the fantastic developers we have today, we could have ourselves an awesome product.....
  4. I was stationed at Nellis in Las Vegas as a Crew Chief on F-16's. We parked our AC Nose to nose and tail to tail. I can remember recording ambient temps of 160 F in-between running jets where we would have to work. That is HOT!
  5. It used to be that I could check here every day and pick up some valuable info every day or two. But lately it seems that every time I check back mostly the same topics are still here. Is this just me or are others noticing the same?
  6. I am very interested in the upcoming Bizjet Devs. Not real interested in the Carenado entries more interested in what would be possibly closer to something like PMDG level of development. I own a few Carenado Planes and like them but IMHO I would rather pay a few more dollars and get the jet I want. PMDG said at one point that they would not build a Bizjet because it would take just as much resources as an NGX but the market was not there. Maybe that has changed.
  7. That is excellent Kyle. The massive difference in the engines are readily apparent. Without looking it up I would imagine that the -8 has a lot better power to weight ratio. Having that reserve power is a very good safety feature. Also the obvious flaps and the wing which looks like it came straight off of a 787.
  8. Please forgive me if the following has already been asked as I have a migraine and am having issues reading all of it. 1. Since the -8 is such a different AC will it be priced as a different product or as the 6 & 700 on the NGX. 2. Can we see some views of the 400 & -8 side by side to compare. 3. Just a Thanks. Been waiting on this one for a while. Due to financial constraints I passed on the T-7 because I knew the Queen was on the way!!!
  9. Do you have full voice with each other?
  10. I use to hand fly the NGX at all times except cruise. But since I now do all of my flying on Vatsim I find it difficult to hand fly, keep a solid altitude and heading, and change the radio. I still always hand fly the landing. Rarely does ASN require an Autoland. Does anyone know of a pop up for the radio panel in the NGX?
  11. I like many of you only knew Tom through the forum here at Avsim. But when I heard the initial news and especially when I saw Roberts announcement I felt as if I was hit in the gut. I doubt that Tom ever had any idea of the amount of people he touched or influenced. My prayers are with his family as I am sure Tom is doing fine. Ron
  12. Tom: I have the upmost respect for you and what you do. When I read your news it hit me like a ton of bricks. Do not worry about Avsim (even though I know you will) it will take care of itself. I am sure you are saved and my prayers are with you and your family. Cancer will not win, God WILL!!
  13. It was reported on CBNC. I was watching extended coverage. CNN is currently showing video of the debris field. Very sad.
  14. When I try to start Vat Spy I get an XML Document (0, 0). Error. I have uninstalled, reinstalled vat spy, and restored my system. No Good. Can anyone help?
  15. It was reported that the debris field is five miles in diameter. This could be the result of the aircraft breaking up in the air or striking a mountain top and flying over. It could also be terrorist involvement causing the pilots not to be able to communicate.
  16. I bought the QW757 when it was on sale and must admit I have never completed a flight due to the fact that I became disappointed in the product. I am not here to bash necessarily but would rather fly my Real Air Legacy. And of course all of my PMDG products.
  17. You are off base. If you want to look at it from a "Business" standpoint, then consider it as purchasing a lifetime warranty and upgrade when the new model comes out!
  18. SO IS VATSIM!! I flew RC since I was 14. Trust me when I say that I started simming because it is a lot less expensive. And you do not have to leave the house.
  19. Kyle: I owe you an apology. I thoroughly read the text in the updates box and it clearly states what you should do. If I had done that the first time all of this could have been avoided. Usually I am good at this sort of stuff. As you have stated before "Read the Manual".
  20. I went back to the original release post and it does say to log in and download the NGX. I will do that now but if that is the way the update is intended why have the loop when you try to use the update link in the site?
  21. Kyle: I tried that way and tried it in Chrome. I have IE11. There is no issues signing in the site knows who I am just does not want to give up the NGX. (Can't say that I blame em)
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