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  1. Decided to take up repainting the other night and this is what I came up with: It is not perfect but for my first I think it is pretty good. For those who don't know this is a hybrid livery for Ryanair EI-FEC on lease fron FlyDubai over the summer. Hope you like it. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?o2m6600571i228c
  2. Thanks Tony, I'll change that to "building:colour=white" and hope for the best in 0.6.0.
  3. The two buildings are: way: 281017239 (http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/281017239) for the one with the house in its place and way: 281018695 (http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/281018695) for the second (I quoted the wrong height for this, 55m instead of 45m).
  4. Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem with 0.5.0. Whenever I generate with it, these two building aren't accurate: In OSM, I've set the height of them to 41.75m and 45m respectively (I'm only guessing the height of the latter), but this is not reflected in the sim. They were correct in 0.4.1 so that leads me to believe it is something todo with the new beta. I'd be really grateful if this would be rectified or if it's my problem, tell what is going on as these buildings being VRP's, are important to aviation. Other than this the new beta really looks great and helps the sim even more immersive! P.S: For those wanting to reproduce this, they are located just to the south of Dublin airport (EIDW). Hope you can help. Thanks.
  5. Glasgow is definitely a very heavy area scenery wise but when I did a flight yesterday with World2XPlane and simHeaven photoscenery my frame rate stayed well into the 30's, occasionally dropping down to the high 20's. However I do have my World Distance Detail down on low so that would explain it.
  6. I should be fine, got a 770 like yourself. I use a plugin called BLU-fx if that's what your talking about, it's very similar to MaxxFX and I would really recommend it. Definitely, I'll download the British Isles chunk later.
  7. Yeah, I think I'll give G2XPL a try, especially for the Dublin area as this is the area I fly in most. Have you noticed any performance issues using ZL18 as opposed to ZL17 or 16? I suppose I'll just have to make do if that's the case, it still looks better than default. I've got one question: Can World2XPlane populate areas where the buildings in OSM have a different footprint or dimensions to any of the models in the library? For example, would it be able to place a landmark (eg. Effle Tower) if it is not modeled in the library? Thanks.
  8. Spain definitely isn't as interesting as Ireland in OSM land. Here's some shots: First of all, Reus airport seems to be sitting in a 20m ditch, this must be an issue of the simHeaven photoscenery mesh: Salou looks decent but there still seems to be something missing: Loads of trees: It does seem to just cover the terrain with trees here but that must be what is in OSM: @User72: Have you noticed in your photoscenery an ugly low resolution area to the west of Weston EIWT? I've only noticed in the simHeaven scenery and it takes away from what would otherwise be very realistic. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Tony, I agree that the OSM data in Ireland (and from what I've seen, the UK) is not as comprehensive as France, Germany, etc. It does still seem to look filled-in in the sim which is great. Currently downloading the region around Reus in Spain, I'll give that a try later! :smile: P.S: I have objects set to Mega Tons, Roads to Extreme and Trees to Overgrown.
  10. Just downloaded the Ireland scenery and Dublin Area photoscenery from simHeaven (took 3 hours!) and did a short fly around. The results are absolutely stunning! The night lighting is really good: Love the animated cranes! Something I noticed was that with both the photoscenery and the OSM data the frame rate was about what I would have normally got with the default textures + objects, if not even more!
  11. Only found this last night and I have read every post of it. I am truly impressed with your work Tony (and everyone else who has helped :good: ) and I am going to contribute what I can by adding to the OSM database (mainly in Dublin and where I live in Glasgow). Thanks. :im Not Worthy:
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