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  1. Going to fly around Sorrento! this is my Sunday afternoon.
  2. have you tried the aircraft converter that is available? I want to give it a go but at the moment Im too busy
  3. There is one 737 available for MSFS2020 its in Eurowings colours at a site how good it is or if it works I dont know I havent downloaded it from here yet but one exists..... FSX/P3D Eurowings Boeing 737-800W - Wizzsim.com www.wizzsim.com
  4. I have a Samsung 4k screen, its given me problems as to the right settings for the display, the fms wont show up on the Diamond twin, the prop on the default Cessna looks like there is a chunk missing and it expands and contracts as it turns. I am still juggling with the nvidia settings and have turned off the vsync as laminar suggested and nothing works, so its back to the drawing board on this one, but if you can get the rest working, the scenery looks awesome on a low level vfr flight, so much so I have a version for uk vfr and another for world flying on my pc with 10tb of space to hold it all in.
  5. I have all the Earth Simulation sceneries and very good they are too. but having said that will there be a discount for me to get the XP11 version? I will have to wait and see
  6. I'd love to know if there is a British Eagle texture out there somewhere...
  7. It looks good at 720, but You tube do have 4k playback can you put it back up under 4k that could be really awesome
  8. have you looked up the nose of this gorgeous beast - shes lovely
  9. At 57 years old and using flight sim since version one - I aint no newbie!!!!!

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