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  1. Charlie, thanks for this!!! I'll see how it goes. Doug
  2. Attempts to load results in the occasional, following results that are logged in my FSX folder: "fsx _62615_crash_2019_1_7T21_39C.mdmp" Any suggestions, please? Doug Pelton
  3. Thanks to all: After my reinstall, I had relocated my Flight Sim X - Steam folder to Programs (86)....FSX. Just realized, after reading many posts---and in Steam---that the folder has to be in : C:\users\documents Thanks for this great forum ------------------------------------------ "What is the answer to life? Knowing the questions to ask." (something like that) Gertrude Stein.
  4. To All: I realized I placed my old files under FSX/Programs (86)...moved the Flight Sim X folder to c:users/document !!!! "The answer to life is knowing what questions to ask." Gertrude Stein
  5. Since reinstall, I've only saved about 3 test flights and they show up under the Free Flights upon startup. I'll search for those three and then place my 'old' batch of flights in that tfolder.
  6. Jim, before I reinstalled both PMDG and FSX SE I saved my flights in the folder noted above. How do I get those flights back into FSX so I can select my old saved flights? Thanks Doug Pelton
  7. The location for my flights is in a folder (Flight Simulator X -Steam Edition Files) in this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX. They have Sharing rights, but none of the flights show up when I select Load and then Free Flights in my FSX: SE program window. However, they do show up in the PMDG 737 FMC as saved flights Doug Pelton
  8. Problem solved. The new install does not provide these default setups as did my 2015 install of PMDG. Doug Pelton
  9. I do believe that's the answer!! I'll stop trying to find scenarios that my 2015 PMDG install offered as default.
  10. I think I'm asking the question right (finally understand what I'm looking for 🙂 ) When I reinstalled PMDG, I no longer see the 8-or-10 Free Flight selections for PMDG, like LOWI Approach....Before Takeoff...Shutdown...etc. I wish I could be more precise, but can't find a documentation of this list. Doug Pelton
  11. Upgrade to W10, but had to wipe files/folders. On reinstall of PMDG/FSX SteamPMDG 'Missions' (?) aren't there: LOWI Approach, or Starting on Runway, for example. Doug Pelton
  12. Read the PMDG Intro: not to load into default Program/Program (86x). Unable to change the default in Steam library----I realize this is a Steam issue and I'm awaiting answer from their Forum. But it seems like my last install WAS into C:/ program (86) and all worked fine. Doug Pelton
  13. Thanks for the reply, Roger....."Tutorials" was the wrong word. My previous install within FSxSE gave me a menu of @8 or so PMDG setups. Gawd, can't think of any of them right now. Seems like they were based on LOWI: ready for takeoff; parked; cold & dark/shutdown, etc. FMC was programmed for each scenario. Doug Pelton
  14. Just upgraded from W7 to W10. Used PMDG Installer for my 737-800 base package (Also have installed FSUIPC) and extracted file into a C:\ folder---not FSX. I can select a PMDG plane in the FSX panel, but non of the tutuorial's have loaded- (??_ Thanks Doug Pelton JetLine Gravity GT-1-- FSX-SE --Windows 10--- Intel 4th Gen Core i5 4690K (4.3GHz Overclock) Quad Core---ASRock Z170 Extreme 4, Intel LGA 1151---Graphics Processor 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, PCI Express 3.0; Ev3A Geforce GT 610---System Memory 8GB HyperX DDR3 SDRAM 1866MHz--Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid Cooling/600watt Corsair Series---(4) HP 20" monitors---GoFlite MCP - Radios/Eicas
  15. Solution: I misread the dialogue box. The "8" refers to the version of Speech Recg. not OS> :) Thanks
  16. Thank you for reply. I forgot to mention that every time I try to activate Speech Recognition I get a display box saying I need to select the language. As mentioned, the only choice given is for. UK or U S ...but for Windows 8. Doug
  17. Just downloaded the software on my W7 PC. Control Panel only offers Windows 8 in the selection, so I can't set up the language to English. the Select button is not highlighted....and no Windows 7 choice. What am I missing here please Doug
  18. Mike, I've 'solved' my problem. After, many many failed startup attempts as per my posts in this thread...I read that it is best to: *Load Tryke default flite * Shut down Tryke engine & radio *Then, load PMDG . Working every time. I guess FSX must be running a simple FSX (Tryke) in background---I had been starting PMDG from Tryke with the latter's engines running,; I believe that was causing my very inconsistent engine startup. Doug
  19. Working: Load FSX....Tryke circling in window...select PMDG 737....Location/etc...Fly now THEN.. Load NGX Short panel...Start Engines... BUT... Pushing F3 starts increases N1.u..then I use the Thrustmaster. SO... I will disable F3 Again, thanks . Doug Pelton
  20. Dan and Mike: back at the sim. Will post results!!! Doug Pelton
  21. Mike, re-reading Tutorial #1: It says loading a non-PMDG plane is not necessary; on page 6: Start FSX and click “Free Flight” There is no need to first load the Cessna 172, or use any sort of custom saved flight when loading the PMDG 737NGX. Our programming sets up the sim environment properly as the aircraft is loading. You can safely load the airplane straight from Free Flight and it will load up with the engines running and ready to fly after a brief self-configuration Doug Pelton
  22. Not at my sim, but after the engines both reach 56 I was advancing the Thrustmaster throttle.....but nothing was happening with the engines. Even with F3 the VC view showed throttles move but engine N1 not advancing----none of the engine gauges were advacing. (Screen not frozen though.) Thanks for clarifying loading a Pmdg flite! Doug
  23. Mike, I've not always used a PMDG panel state when loading up the sim. I think I've gone to it more in trying to resolve this problem. I take it that one MUST always load a panel vs starting from a saved flight. Yes, I just did update during this scenario. I'll let you know what happens. Away from sim until latter part of May,. Thanks much. Doug
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