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  1. Google Earth VR and the railroading game Derail Valley (demo) are good ones. Both available free on Steam.
  2. I have had trouble with forward/back tracking with the Odyssey and now O+ also. It helps to have the play area well lighted and running setup even while in game will lock the tracking back on. Not sure why P3D isn't working. I spend most of my time flying around the world in Mr. Randazzo's airplanes. In P3D 4.4 it seems necessary to press the windows key + Y to get the cursor to respond. Many people say they can barely see the screen door effect, but I can. It's not very distracting though. Also in P3D when starting VR the world is always tilted up slightly which makes me queasy. Setting the horizon level with the joystick hat fixes that.
  3. I just ordered one successfully. The receipt says it's backordered.
  4. kpan

    Black patches 4.2

    I have the black patches too. You can just use FTX Central to do the uninstall/reinstall. It downloaded a new copy on the reinstall.
  5. kpan

    PC Aviator Poor DSL Speeds

    You're not alone. I'm having the exact same issue. Downloads are very slow and fail before they are finished.
  6. kpan

    P3D V4 - "Loading Terrain Data"

    Same yesterday while approaching payware KDEN. There were also a few stutters while landing.
  7. kpan

    I made it to Antarcitca from Washington State

    I got that beat. Made it from Calgary to Antarctica in a Twin Otter using Aerosoft Antarctica X scenery. They include the real world route. Calgary is home base for the planes. South America scenery is pretty bland.
  8. The demo only has scenery from the Seattle area (I think). You might try KBFI. The default 172 shouldn't be taken seriously. There is a good payware 172 though.
  9. kpan

    TAXI2GATE KSEA and P3D v4

    I "installed" by just adding it to the scenery library and pointing to my P3D v2 existing install. Seems to work just fine and looks great.
  10. There is a typo error in the aircraft config file.
  11. kpan

    Q400 and VR

    I have completed several flights without any problems since FlyInside release v1.8. Previously there was a crash problem. It is one of the best VR planes. This with a Vive in P3D 2.5.
  12. kpan

    Windows 10 Creators Update

    Can't start either FSX steam edition or FSX dvd version. Anyone else?
  13. The NVIDIA control panel has an adaptive setting for sync. Might be worth a try.
  14. Try syncing to your monitor refresh rate?
  15. kpan

    Should I buy P3D?

    I have all three. FSX, P3D and XPX. They are all fine with me in their own way. But since Carenado, the FlightFactor 757 and the JARDesign A330 came to XPX, I find the only one I ever use is X-Plane.