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  1. On my Westinghouse 3440 x 1440 monitor, switching modes with ALT + Enter there is no problem like you describe.
  2. Go to the Community page of the game. Click the Discussions tab. On the right side panel is a button to subscribe/unsubscribe to the forum.
  3. Try this. If you suffer VR sickness ... don't do it! It's intense. https://store.steampowered.com/app/319260/NoLimits_2_Roller_Coaster_Simulation_Demo/
  4. I've had HTC Vive, Odyssey+, tested a Rift S for 10 days, and HP Reverb. The Reverb wins hands down. My plan was to keep the O+ for night flying because it uses OLEDs (better black levels), but after the Reverb it just sits in the closet. My IPD is 61.5 and works fine with the Reverb. I did like the Rift S though and am sort of sorry I returned it.
  5. VR works fine in DCS non Steam.
  6. The N2 gauges and oil temp/oil pressure gauges are not working when I do a cold and dark start. If the "ready for start" function is used they are okay. Am I missing a switch somewhere? P3D4.5HF2 with F1GTN750 installed.
  7. The non-flight sim VR games I play the most are not listed. Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Sim, Dirt Rally. They only have beta patches and aren't "official" VR. All great games too.
  8. Their Falcon 50 is one of my favorite VR planes (with quirks). Easy on frames in P3D.
  9. There is a similar app called Daily OVR on Steam that has a free demo. Also sort of related to this, if you press the menu button on a controller it brings up a menu where you can launch the MS Edge browser. Edge can open pdf files like charts and Simbrief flightplans. Very useful.
  10. I have the consumer version. The cloth face pad is very comfortable and seems well made. The Reverb is literally near monitor quality. Naturally I got mine two weeks ago long before the sale.
  11. I always thought the HD Audio drivers were for your monitors speakers. Which I never use.
  12. I have the Virtavia Boeing B-29. On a flat monitor I wouldn't even call it good freeware, but in VR it has a sense of space like no other airplane. It really feels like you are flying a big heavy bomber.
  13. What I do. Start PC. Plug in headset (Windows Portal opens). Login to Steam. Start SteamVR from a desktop shortcut I made. Start P3D/XP11/DCS World and enable VR from within them.
  14. I'd also recommend getting the Horizons Season Pass DLC, also $8.99. That will let you drive around on planets which is amazing in VR.
  15. The whole 2019 crop of new HMDs are using LED screens which are fundamentally incompatible with a good VR experience. I have used an Odyssey + (AMOLED) for a year, bought a Rift S and returned it. There are no black levels with LCD. Night flying is unusable. Games like Elite Dangerous don't look that great. Even some Oculus games (The Climb is my favorite) look better on the O+. I really want a Rift but am going to wait.
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