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  1. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/463845-05mar15-pmdg-737ngx-versions-for-fsxfsx-se-p3d-released/page-3 Brian I think the change log near the top of the link above is what you are looking for. Roy
  2. I completely agree with you......... works very well on my low end machine and I spent a couple of hours fine tuning my settings to get a smooth movement panning around the virtual cockpit. I had to give up FSX a few years ago because FSX with no addons was crashing every flight or every second flight...... it made me almost give up flight simming due to frustration. Moved over to P3D as soon as it became available and have not had one CTD yet....... a huge plus over FSX. My personal opinion is that P3D is leaps and bounds ahead of FSX....... for example flying the 737 NGX in P3D with a smooth panning in the cockpit is something I never achieved in FSX. I started off yesterday with p3d 2.5 re-installed with no addons. After purchasing the p3d version of the NGX, I installed the NGX and gave the virtual cockpit a quick test to see how smooth the panning around the cockpit was. I do not take notice of frames per second as I always average below 10 in the virtual cockpit..... the important thing is not the fps but how smooth the panning is. I saw a need to adjust my settings and moved all the scenery sliders to the left. Then changed my settings to : Level of Detail Radius to High Tesselation Factor Low Mesh resolution 2m possible overkill but looks great Texture Resolution 15cm possible overkill but looks great Scenery Complexity Extremely Dense Autogen Buildings and Vegetation Normal Water Detail Low No reflections ticked Special Effects Detail High Special Effects distance Medium Ran a test and was happy that I had smooth panning. Installed the following addons and tested the NGX after each install to make sure panning in the cockpit was still smooth - active sky next - realism mode in settings - AI Traffic at 35% - Orbx FTX Global - OrbxFTXGlobalVECTOR - FS Global 2010 FTX mesh Normally by this stage FSX would be crawling in the NGX especially with mesh installed. The result was that I had each of these addons installed and running in p3d and still have smooth panning in the cockpit. I was never able to achieve this with FSX let alone have Mesh resolution and texture resolution so far right and scenery complexity at Extremely Dense. Anyone that experiences slow panning in the virtual cockpit needs to look at the sliders in the settings and work out which sliders should be left and which sliders can be right. For example, I have Tessellation all the way to the left as Tessellation adds more polygons to the mesh scenery...... something I don't need at the moment to be anything other than far left. Once I have installed my atc software and tested my settings with full cloud cover then I may look at moving tessellation slightly to the right. Moving over to P3D and not suffering any CTDs was the best move I made..... however at the expense of not flying the NGX. I missed my NGX over the last few years. Today that has changed and a big thank you to PMDG for releasing the NGX and the 777 on the P3D platform. Happy flying everyone Roy ps I do not tweak p3d in any way as I am still not sure of benefits of some of the tweaks. I did upgrade my hardware last year and decided to try out FSX again...... but I got a CTD on my first flight so nothing had changed...... went back to P3D.
  3. With P3D version of the NGX ........FS2crew when installed with the migration tool did warn me that fs2crew would not work until I updated the NGX to the latest service pack. I figured seeing that message that the fs2crew thought i was on the fsx version of p3d and would not work in p3d without an upgrade. Will try a flight like badfinger has and report back in next 2 day when I test fs2crew out thoroughly. Roy
  4. Have you made sure that you have run as admin........ do you have FS Global installed? There is a new update for FS global (1.20) which you should install and also make sure you have the latest orbx libraries installed. If that does not help also make sure you have all the windows updates installed. Hope this helps Roy
  5. Just to comment on what Guenseli has said about proatcx......... there are people in the forum including myself who provide help to those who have questions to ask. So I disagree with the statement that there is no support. The developer is currently working on completing the next version of proatcx and hopefully we will see it released soon. From my understanding the next version will be well worth waiting for. I have personally used proatcx myself since july 2012 and have recorded voices for the pilots, copilots and controllers heard in proatc. There are issues with proatc but most of them have workarounds which are mentioned in the forum. Roy
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