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  1. No new e-mail from you for me either ... But I try to be patient
  2. Sorry Mike! Need to read the titles more carefully After some more research I just found out that there is now a P3D V4.1 installer from RealAir for the Turbine Duke
  3. Is this also working with the P3D V3 installer or only with the FSX one?
  4. Can you please tell us where? ;) Only found the FSX Version on FSPilots for that price you mentioned.
  5. I had the same experience the during the last few months. NEVER got any reply from them even after I send them my "With this business practice, I will never buy from you again" message. Sadly now I will have to buy some planes again from another more trusty vendor, just to get the P3D V4 compatibility (Aerosofts Bronco for example)
  6. Same here with the A2A C172. Latest experimental version of CP installed. Maybe the problem is the "write-protection" of the "documents" folder? I'm still on Win7 and tried for an hour to get rid of the protection but everytime I uncheched the "write protection" box it will check itself when I re-open the settings page of the folder. And yes, I checked that I (the win7 user) do have full access security clearance within Win7.
  7. Thanks for all the explanation Mike! Just one small additional question regarding trimming. Am I assuming right that when in SW mode the Brunner Yoke will be linked to P3D in such a way that when I trim the aircraft inside P3D with the mouse (klicking on the trim wheel) or when trimming with a Saitek Trim Wheel, the Yoke will also be linked to this and moves accordingly?
  8. Got the same problem after installing some addons. The trick which worked for me was renaming the fsx.cfg to fsx_old.cfg so that FSX will create a new one when you start it. Good luck! :)
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