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  1. Using MS Store to install this morning, US Eastern time zone. Not getting very far, when I click install, select a drive, message comes up "Try again later. A problem occurred on our end". Guessing the MS servers are overloaded. UPDATE: The Microsoft Store Install service was disabled. Started it and download began.
  2. Despite the discomfort of the few sensitive souls, I think this thread is the most useful thing I've found in the AvSim forums in quite a while. My hope is that the bad actors in this hobby accept this feedback as a much-needed kick up the rear. Onto my regretted purchases: CS 727: paid full price, the -200 is woefully underpowered and struggles to reach FL250. Beautiful VC and exterior animations though. CS 757: Can never achieve proper TOGA N1, I had many, many overruns trying to get his bird off the ground before giving up on it. Traffic360: Not impressed at all. Watching two identical AI pushback, taxi and then takeoff together like they are siamese twins is painful to watch. The developer claims this is normal FSX AI behavior, and just "wait ten minutes, it will fix itself". Things I love and wouldn't be without: PMDG 737NGX: Nothing comes close. The only airliner I will fly now, everything else is so lame in comparison. Wish they'd do an Airbus. FsGenesis mesh: I too have noticed the odd plateau, but IMHO transforms FSX completely. In combination with GEX, it adds a depth of immersion close to that of ORBX. ORBX, although disappointed somewhat with England. PNW is stunning. Carenado Cessnas: delightful, and just like the real thing. RealityXP GNS500W: pricey, but totally realistic. A necessity if you're flying low-and-slow. RC4: Looks and acts dated, barks at you a lot, but the only game in town if you don't want to do VATSIM. TrackIR: An absolute must-have. OPUS Weather engine: one word: overcast. No other weather engine I have seen can faithfully re-create this most common weather pattern.
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