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  1. Even my wife is excited. Better order it now before she comes out of the ether!
  2. Glad to hear about new textures! Not sure about the sound set though, would also like to know if it could work.
  3. That's great! I picked up an Inspire 1 V2 and have a Zenmuse X5R coming for some cinematic work. Best of luck!!
  4. C'mon John, it's only a 40 hour commute!
  5. Hey all! Unless you've had your head under a rock for the past few years you've undoubtedly heard of the rise of the use of drones for a myriad of business purposes. If you're like me, your passion for flight simulation has evolved to include a love of flying these incredible machines and perhaps you may have thought that you could make some money in the process. And you'd be right, there are already quite a few companies offering drone services and there are those who are adding drones to their established businesses. Surveyors and civil engineering firms, photographers and production companies are already in the game. There are companies which have a genesis from RC hobbyists to former military fighter pilots. Let me get straight to the point, I'm starting a drone services company and I'm looking for a few motivated individuals to join me on a journey to create a world class enterprise. I thought, who better to reach out to for interested parties and advice than the community right here! I have already registered a company name as a sole proprietorship (which will of course change) and locked up a website with the company name and have a sketch up for a logo. The company will offer services for aerial photography and video, mapping, 3D modelling, building & crop inspection, rescue services and even exterior cleaning services. I live in SE Virginia, so anyone who is serious about joining me should be in the mid Atlantic. Presently I'm looking to offer services from northern VA to Nags Head NC. PM me if interested.
  6. SMH. Back to the product. Very much looking forward to this as I prefer an "as real as it can be" experience and I'm excited to see how this can/will be implemented by VA's.
  7. No. I think that members of this and other FS communities need to show a little respect to developers for all the time, effort and planning they put into creating content for this hobby we enjoy.
  8. Apologies. Since I had long ago blocked him the system didn't allow me to see his signature. That still does not excuse publicly joking about the company's policy on their doorstep.
  9. You joke about it and then don't sign your post. You know better. Real adult. This is an official forum and should be given the same respect that one would exhibit when walking into the company's office.
  10. And yet you STILL didn't sign your post showing more disrespect.
  11. You then have not read everything that I have. Further, my comment is more about attitudes and respect, not opinions, which are always welcome (unless they are disrespectful rants veiled as opinion). Any why are you so defensive, my comment was for Kyle and PMDG staff.
  12. Looking forward to this. @Kyle/PMDG I wouldn't worry too much about the rantings from the crowd who don't seem to be too far removed from their child car seats and chicken nuggets. Many of whom who probably couldn't immediately buy a new PMDG aircraft anyway. But, that's what you get in most forums across the web these days.
  13. Seen that before in 2.5 after installing freeware scenery. I'm afraid you've given too little info to receive much help. Perhaps if you help us out with some background on what lead up to this?
  14. Is anyone using the special REX textures for PTA. I'm confused. There is an install button yet it says not to install it, that PTA will do it? Not being sure which to do, I hit the install button (seemed logical), went to PTA and selected the preset. Looks like all went well, but, I noticed that the "installed" REX textures had not changed from what I had before. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  15. Revisiting this topic now that six months have gone by and I've yet to use the latest VOXATC program that I bought. After reading a bit more on how VOX worked with UT2 and the bridge, I'm not sure that I want to use it in that manner anyway. I'm using UTL and I don't want to lose my traffic board, the "live" aspect or the ability to set GA and airline traffic independently so having VOX take control of the traffic is a non starter. However, I'm wondering, if I set VOX traffic to 0, and UTL at distributions I prefer, will VOX be able to "see" the UTL traffic (not control it) and alert me of it's presence? P3D ATC should keep UTL AI away from me and would give me ATC chatter.
  16. That would be perfect. Would probably lose the "live aspect" but perhaps we could still see a live map from the UTL interface.
  17. I'm wondering if once a UTL bridge becomes available for Vox, which program would be providing the traffic? Will Vox create it's own traffic and only use the UTL models?
  18. Sorry Joeron but I've read the manual, promotions and Reed's statements and have found no misinformation. Perhaps you're not understanding all of the terminology. I get it, there's a lot to sift through, but it does make sense. Give it a minute, it will all sink in, you're a bright guy.
  19. Skyforce is a huge improvement over Texture Direct for me. AS16 open and running, SF open and running but, weather engine off, Sync on. Simply beautiful. From the manual: ALL Weather Engines - When not using the Sky Force 3D Weather Engine. (Freeware, payware, default simulator) IMPORTANT NOTE: If using another weather engine besides the one that is included within Sky Force, and you want the Sky Force 3D cloud structures to adjust based upon weather conditions within the simulator as you fly, you must make sure the “Enable real-time 3D cloud model (structures) sync mode function is enabled in the Cloud Sync settings. Sky Force must remain opened in the background for this process to work.
  20. May have missed it but has anyone tried ASN (Next) with Skyforce?
  21. If Neil is back, I'm back too. And now I suddenly feel thirsty!
  22. Jim and Rob, You guys are among the best. You're work here has not passed me by. The community should be very grateful for folks like yourselves who tirelessly give so much back to this hobby. I'm going to just give it a break for a minute. Should you see me back, it will be because of guys like you.
  23. I used to really enjoy this space. It has been going down hill now for a few years and I have reached my limit. People can no longer start a topic or ask a question without being attacked very soon thereafter by people on another platform or those who may like a different product. Un-reprimanded trolling, and complaints about pricing have ruined these forums. I suppose that I'll have to get my news from Facebook and various other sources and join more developer forums. Those of you who are guilty know who you are, I'm certain of that. You'll probably attack me here from the safety of your living room. No worries. I won't see it.
  24. This topic now needs the "Elaine" treatment complete with big red arrows.
  25. iFly 737 for P3 V4 Hotfix 1 released. Addressed performance. PS. It would be nice to see replies from only those with the aircraft in V4 respond as that's who the OP asked.
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