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  1. I am in the same situation but I am using Prepare v4....?
  2. Fed X just dropped my Vive...... big box shipping is amazing. Here in Toronto. Anyone else? Can't wait to try it with the 1080.
  3. Hi Rob I went to their website when you first mentioned the throttles...but I can't see anywhere to place an order for them? Nice setup by the way
  4. I'm also curious.... do you guy's or girl's use any of the Texture direct other options like taxi jetways ect. When you have airport addons Installed... I'm little confused.. thanks
  5. Ohsirus you are absolutely correct. On the decision making on to which product to purchase was that I heard that the Vive will not give you that motion sickness As Robert mentioned. It's one to one is instant. Hi Robert455 thanks for the positive feedback. Have I tried it yet? No I have not, but I have been following this technology for a very long time now and its finally here. Also I agree with you as far as the total immersion, and it's only going to get better which ever platform you choose.
  6. Well I've been following the VR world since the early 90's and today I pulled the the trigger on the Htc Vive. I couldn't decide between the HTC or the Oculus. I finally went with the Vive, I think you get more for your money. Plus a lot more....I think today's children have the best tools....look into it.. you can design in 3d... electronic's. And of course it's Steam Compatible and so the sky is the limit. The only thing which is a concern........ You better have a beast of a PC. I think Oculus missed the boat. What do you think? Just received my confirmation from Htc their shipping in May. can't wait.
  7. HI Max I have the same resolution as you do with three Monitors running Nvidia Surroundthis won't work with Prepar3d Concord?
  8. My opinion the time line are to long.....I think they have the correct dev's that if they want they can push faster titles quicker now....for some reason the last three year's they jumped from leaps and bounds they found and created cool codes that can be shared in all platforms... too cool.
  9. This is exactly how I purchase. Well Done... Professor.
  10. Very informative I learned so much with this one video...great work. I enjoyed the way you explained all the procedures and then the way all it fell into place...while you landed....you should pat yourself on the back because I to will try this approach only because of your teachings. Great Work.... Do More. all the best Giancarlo
  11. Thanks Mike, this is the correct way So let it be written and let it be said. This topic is closed for me. Thank you all for the information... Let's all of us try to get the best of V3.0, and inform...each other to getting this Great piece of Software working for all of us....Shall we.
  12. Yes I will explain it to my son.... that's the way it works. I would of gladly purchased the new Version but this time it's $260.00 Cdn . Not $60.00
  13. You no I new this was going to happen in fact when people were posting that the new version was coming Out I posted on this very forum what will happen when the new version came out if they would give a Grace period for customers who are close to 60 day refund. Not... no joy I emailed Lm, and explained that I was out by a couple of days and their response was Sorry I'm sorry that is not fair..... my son now is asking why dad? Anyway...... Is their anyone else that are facing the same issue.
  14. Thank you shivers9 for clearing that up for me. Albt... So am I having a problem with the quote system.... just a heads up. This forum rocks thought... great content and people.
  15. Hi Rob, what does Shivers9 mean about goats? Or should I've directed the question to Sam. Just courses.
  16. I'm still researching for memory but I think I've settled on G.Skill DDR4 3300Mhz in 16GB as I've heard it is more stable than the 32GB option. This stuff: http://www.newegg.co...1-807-_-Product Hi Rob I have been following your post for quite awhile and you really give the best info but my question on the Ram Choice F4-3300C16Q-16GRKDOn Asus QVL the part number is F4-3300C16Q-16GRK Without the d, when I do a search for that model number Newegg comes in at $100.00 more and out of stock but when you look at the specs I can't find the difference. Can you explain this? Keep up your build its real cool all the best Carlo.
  17. You are correct when you mentioned his competence with this aircraft and I totally agree with you because I tried his methods and techniques just now and it works... Ok I'm going out on a limb here...but everyone mentions the Pmdg 737 trim functions and how well it works as well as me but...could it be that 737 has the noise factor where you also see and hear the trim wheel in action so you can adjusted your trims accordingly? The 777 will not...you have to look at your instruments to get the same feel but when you do its the same thing it just feels right... Cool Insights,...AB Just a thought.
  18. Just accelerate from 250kt to 300kt and holde fwd pressure on the yoke to prevent the aircraft froom climbing too much. But allow a shallow climb of 100-300ft/min......this would guarantee constant fwd pressure on the yoke and never going through neutral. while holding that constant fwd pressure, trim nose down....way down. Without changing the yokes deflection....with all that nose down trim added to it.....if the triminput takes effect, the aircraft would nose down. Does it? could you please show us a video of that? I for one would be greatfull! And also one in the opposite direction please, where you decelerate from 300kt to 250kt or so while holding constant back pressure but allowing a slight descned to prevent again the neutral position. Does the nose go up sky high like a rocket while trimming? This is me Giancarlo trying this experiment Fro2do... I tried this experiment everything works just fine with me ... I also have the Saitek Yoke and rudder equipment. My PMDG SETTING IS 1.0% My Yoke is Calibrated with FSX NOT FSUIPC. MY trims are also set in FSX I do not need to set the yoke to neutral for the trim to work. I followed your experiment 10 times and each time the forward pressure and the back pressure was applied and while doing this I applied the trims and they functioned accordingly. Try my settings and see if they work. thanks
  19. I have been following this topic since the beginning and I'm trying to simulate the issue. When you say fly neutral and put trim speeds up what do you mean? I need speeds and trim and height numbers...I tried the experiment but what are numbers supposed to be? I think you mentioned it on a earlier post but can you be more specific on what the outcome should be...So we can try the experiment. thanks Now this is what I meant about specifics well done I will try this. thanks.
  20. Boeing has Multiple outboard Sensor's... The two sensor's that Bothers me is the One on the rear of the plane and One on the Nose of the plane... The rear sensor will ping a signal if it hits salt water.. The nose sensor will ping if a high speed nose down velocity was breached......Boeing is very concerned that the two independent units did not do what it was designed to do. I can't get this out of my head... This plane is too smart....
  21. Wow Tom thanks for that insight great info. I'm not sure but I think the 777 was a ER model and depending on that model they don't have a monitor display in the cockpit to view the doors....So it could be possible.
  22. Have we forgot that between the USA & the British they have the best Submarines in the world, full of special equipment and they have not pick up a signal from the blackbox or the impact itself is Mind boggling,something is wrong with this whole Scene. Or are they not telling.
  23. I'm just about to install my 1313 I will let you know if I'm getting the same error. By the way what type of hardware are you using? it looks amazing.
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